What Is The Chart Ruler?

ascendantTo determine the ruler of your chart, you have to locate your ascendant. I’ve circled the “ascendant” on the sample chart. You can click the image to enlarge.

In this case, the chart shows a Scorpio ascendant, aka “Scorpio rising”.

To determine the “chart ruler” or the “ruling planet” check the sign on the ascendant. The planet that rules that sign is your chart ruler.

Aries rising or ascendant = Mars ruled chart
Taurus rising or ascendant = Venus ruled chart

If you don’t know what planet rules what sign you can refresh your memory here: cheat sheet.

Most astrologers feel the ruling planet is enhanced in the chart. Play close attention to the transits both to and from your ruling planet.

For example, if you have a Mars ruled chart, the position of Mars in the sky (and the affairs of the house in your chart where it’s transiting) will be particularly important to you. Same for transits to your natal Mars.

Cancer risings (moon-ruled charts) are sensitive to the moon’s moving through the signs and houses in their chart. This is worth noting. Capricorn risings and Aquarius rising do well to mind Saturn, etc.

When I say, “mind the ruling planet” I mean in every way, shape and form. For example, if the chart ruler is under duress in the chart, this gives information. If the chart ruler is well placed and well-aspected this gives different information.

Familiarize yourself with your ruling planet in front of any other priority you might have, even if you are initially less than interested or affectionate towards the planet and what it represents. This is because to deny the ruling planet and it’s expression is to deny yourself the same.

What planet rules your chart?

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  1. This thread is old I realize but holy cow, most amazing thing I’ve read anywhere about astrology.

    Thank you Elsa and everyone who contributed in comments! Wow. Explains so much. And now i’m off to play with my chart time and see if it looks any better… lol

  2. I have a question, I’m a scorpio rising and I got that Mars and Pluto are my chart rulers but more so Mars. What happens Mars is opposing Pluto in my chart? What does that mean? I can trigger at any second?

  3. Moon ruled. Cancer rising. My moon is in the 10th house.

    Then I read this…and almost had a heart attack! Because I believe its probably true.

    The 10th house is a very sharp double edged sword. Does it bring fame, sure mostly, though it can simply be famous around neighborhood instead of world fame, but it also brings many problems with it. 10th is angular, a planet there is a visible planet so to speak.

    Usually, fame indicators are sun, moon, jupiter and venus. How would you feel having these planets out there for all to see? If you crave fame then woohoo, if not however, with personal planets there you’d run to somewhere and hide.

    Not to mention, bad publicity is still publicity. What I mean by this is when things go nasty you may get the blame for it especially things related to career which is pretty much what this house is about. If you do your job right and things go well, you get a grand applause moment, do a mistake and the booing is just as loud…..

    Then I also read that if your moon is in the 10th
    Moon there can mean mother is famous or is a mother figure to the public. Or a connection to the masses on an emotional level

    My oldest sons moon is in the 10th…. and I am a local mother figure and connect daily on an emotional level to many people….

    And…back to make a mistake…its out there for all the world to see and the booing is just as loud as the applause….

    All of this is very scary true…

  4. F F F F …. makes me want to quit my job in the morning. I don’t need any booing…public booing… I am so careful and all about safety…one wrong accidental move and I will be hung in the town square…. F F F …this makes my Scorpio-ness ill ….

  5. We are having an ice storm here… schools are already closed as my business will be tomorrow too…. and here I sit learning astrology at 2:21 am… gotta get it in when I can…

  6. I am cancer ascendant,so moon chart ruler in 9th house.after reading 9th house descrptions..this isnt me at all.I have pisces stellium in 9th house .but not a world traveler(would love it though)..not a scholar or religous. maybe I missing something about the 9th house.

  7. My Ascendant is in Leo, so my ruling planet is the Sun – which is placed on the Virgo/Libra cusp in the 3rd house. I’m not sure yet how to make sense of that… but, it makes sense that I moved across countries to a place where the sun always shines and its summer all year long. heh. This post was very helpful and so were the comments, thanks!

    1. …and my Sun is conjunct Mercury in the Virgo 3rd house and squared by Neptune – which makes a lot of sense. Soooo interesting, this information!

  8. Scorpio ASC, soo 9th house Mars in Leo and 1st house Pluto in Scorpio conj ascendant. Both make a lot of sense to me, although I don’t really feel much fire energy in my life which is probably why of the two I feel more connected to Pluto. Nice to finally have it cleared for good!

  9. I have overlooked Saturn as my primary chart ruler of Aquarius. Oblivious to a very important part of my chart. Haha! Capricorn rules my 12th and depending on which chart I use, my Saturn is either in my 3rd or 4th house. More studying to do on this.

  10. I loved this post. I’m Mars ruled and Mars having just been in Aries had me feeling so agressive and assertive. I will definitely start paying attention to Mars transits more. Thanks!

  11. “…how Mars is faring in the sky (and the affairs of the house it is transiting) is going to be particularly important to you.”
    Which house is impacted by the transit of the ruling planet?

      1. Thanks! So the transit position of the ruler affects whichever house it is currently in based on the fixed house configuration in my natal chart?

  12. Aquarius ASC, therefore a Saturn/Uranus ruled chart. Saturn is on my 10/11 House cusp and it forms a separating trine with my 7H Uranus. Saturn also squares my 7H Venus. Yes, personal relationships are difficult (Saturn), and usually quick and short term (Uranus). But I like my original style and thinking (1H Aquarius).

  13. What if your ruler is a slow mover outer planet. Uranus rising, how do you or I navigate that? Ps I see Uranus a blessing not a curse por que soy loca haha

  14. Capricorn rising. Saturn in Sagittarius. 11th house. I like to feel free, but Saturnine restrictions have been placed. ?

  15. Capricorn rising. Saturn in Sagittarius. 11th house. I like to feel free, but Saturnine restrictions have been placed. ?

  16. @Elsa- Scorpio Rising (27 degrees) and Sun (22 degrees) (and Mars 4 degrees) but I have an overbite and rather generous thighs…lol Also have Merc and Saturn in Sag in the first…so is Pluto/Jupiter my concern or just Pluto (also at the top of my chart in the 9th?).

  17. Hello,

    if I was a female Scorpio rising with Mars in the eight house in the sign of Cancer, what would that make me? And what if Mars was also conjunct Chiron by 0°09′ as well as Pluto conjuncting the Ascendant by 5°27′ from the twelfth house to add to this?

    Just to be sure: Mars and Chiron being in the eight house in the sign of Cancer. Pluto being in the twelfth house in the sign of Scorpio.

    Thanks in advance,


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