The Downside Of Sun In Aspect To Jupiter

Jupiter bust LouvreIf your sun is aspected by Jupiter, you tend to be confident.  You’re often larger than life in some way.  Sun Jupiter types have a healthy ego and are generally entertaining.

A person has to have a healthy ego to be able to put themselves out there.  It’s easier to be a big deal when you think you’re a big deal!

On the downside, I’ve noticed that people with Jupiter aspecting their sun (especially the opposition), tend to over-promise. They may do this with the best of intentions. But I’ve learned to check my beliefs around a person’s ability to deliver something that seems over-the-top or excessive.

If you’re a Sun Jupiter type, you may have a tendency to make huge, sweeping promises that you really can’t or won’t fulfill. I see this a lot when it comes to online dating and more specifically, long-distance love.  The person has everything to offer along with the willingness to share it, but.. but then something happens and the Jupitarian leaves.

What do note to be the shadow side of the big figure at large?  Also, if your sun aspects Jupiter, can you see yourself in this?

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  1. Well,folks, my belly will always be larger than yours. Sun square Jupiter. In serious now, this aspect makes it harder for to stop eating sweets, carbs and snacking. Then I go again, disciplining myself, as soon there are results, I indulge in again. But it’s also somehow easy to lose belly fat if cutting down what’s unnecessary (virgo jupiter). In synastry, people with their jupiter square or opposite my sun will always promise lots but forget it later so I learned to not expect anything and keep it easy breezy with them but it’s mildly annoying when you don;t ask for anything and they promise the Milky Way. To counter that, I never had anyone saying to me that I didn;t keep my promise, so must be using that square right in one way or another, or that’s just saturn influence, guess it tones down this square, like oil and water but they help each other.

  2. I have the Jupiter Uranus conjunct square my pisces sun. It’s the closest aspect to my sun. I use to just leave jobs or have them suddenly taken away. I equate it to large expectations suddenly deflated but usually works out for the best. I’ve changed/evolved my faith and beliefs, almost overnight. It was like an epiphany.

  3. My sun is semisquare Jupiter.

    I can get in my own way. I can procrastinate after showing zeal about something initially. Just get bored if my enthusiasm for whatever I’m doing wanes due to whatever cause.

    Doesn’t happen much anymore (thanks to Saturn). Since I’m completely focused on what my self desires, and keep abreast of my own plans and goals, I haven’t had issues of jumping off a path .

  4. Overindulgence, of one’s self and loved ones. Gluttony is not cute, and neither are spoiled kids. I’d note that as a major shadow.

    I also suspect that Jupiter people experience higher highs and lower lows. That may be more of a moon thing rather than a Sun thing, but I’m not sure.

    I see myself in the bit about over-promising. I worked with an organization whose motto was “under promise, over deliver” and
    I struggled with that personally. I often need to commit to some big plan in order to get myself motivated. It seems easier to deliver when someone else believes in me. I may have watched too much Peter Pan as a kid, ie the Tinkerbell effect.

    My husband, mom, and brother all have their suns in aspect to Jupiter. Mine is not, but my chart ruler (moon) is in Sadge, trine Jupiter in my 9th house.

    1. CocoPeaches – remember Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and mutable Sagittarians loves to do things with other group members; they are not like their solo-artists Cardinal Aries and Fixed Leo brothers.

  5. I agree CocoPeaches – I have Jupiter in Aries at 13 degrees, 10th house, opposite Sun at 21 Libra in the 4th. I need the big plans too. I’m considering now if I over promise. I have an inkling it is true. Squirm. I’m trying to reign in the tendency to feel bigger too. It has made me uncomfortable for a long time. Generally, I’ve learned to re-frame that there is a pluriverse – many worlds within this world. I actively set my mind to realization that every one has an expression that is valid and true and necessary.

    1. a bit of research: William Yeats poet had Jupiter 10th house and Sun 4th. Sting has Jupiter Aries, Sun Libra. I think both offered and delivered large.
      some hope? is it ultimately silly to base my life on those so well known.

      1. I think it’s grand to reckon with the brights like Yates and Sting! Delivering big and lasting.
        Jupiter is conjoined Venus in the 11th in Sag and trines my Mars-Saturn-Pluto stellium in Leo. Without the Jupiter affect my actions would be dour and darkly dramatic.
        That Leo stellium squares my Scorpio sun so the effect of Jupiter does stir things up & I have been known to fly away.

      2. And again, as Jupiter opp. Sun insists… progressed Jupiter in the 8th is now Trine my Sun which is still 4th. Apparently this is a very good and possibly prosperous placement

  6. anonymoushermit

    When I think of Sun-Jupiter, I think of Justin Bieber. I believe he has Sun trine Jupiter. I remember around four/five years ago, he peed in bucket during a meeting with Bill Clinton, or something like that!

    I think of someone who likes to push the envelope.

  7. I’ve got Jupiter sextile my Sun and trine my Moon… so yes, I definitely feel its impact.

    I do often (want to) “promise big” (“shoot for the stars”) but Saturn square my Sun tends to keep me in check, or tries to.

    My Sun is also part of a major stellium in Libra, so Libra, seeking balance, also tends to (tries to) keep me in check.

    As for my Moon, it is in Cancer, whereas my Saturn is in Capricorn, so this opposition by sign is another “check” on my Jupiterian tendencies.

    Funny coincidence, this post. An example of this tendency to want to “deliver big” played itself out in a conversation with my manager yesterday. We have launched a new program, and it is my responsibility to deliver the goods. It is already a bigger success than anticipated and I was offering to put in a few more hours a week on it, on top of all my other responsibilities. My manager astutely saw that I am already stretched to the max (breaking point) and reined me in (“protected me from myself”), saying: “We need to manage your energies.” He was right (and I am grateful). It is a very demanding project, physically, and I am no spring chicken no more, and my back is on the verge of “breaking” (again).

    Thinking on the rest (all areas) of my life, I do have a tendency to “bite off more than I can chew”. Now I can see why. Jupiter!

    Thanks Elsa!

    1. Tango
      Thanks for your story. It helps me see how I stretched (Jupiter) my Mars – Saturn when I worked a corporate life … and often did the impossible because ‘ I could’ while sacrificing family & health.
      Your ‘no springchicken’ reference sheds light on a project my Jupiter infused 70+ self got sucked into until my ghosts (my ancestors) showed up in dreams and oracles to say NO More … karma old chicken, karma

  8. Oh yes, here goes the ups and downs of having jupiter CONJUNCT Sun and Venus no less – in the 9th house, which is Scorpio.

    “The Jupiter is strong in this one”… It amplifies EVERYTHING. It’s even tied to Chiron in Taurus.

    The good stuff:
    Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it – that’s the corner of this planetary constellation.
    I’ve often seen my wishes come true (albeit a bit delayed) – kinda like the intense Scorpio energy can manifest it physically. I don’t know what it is, but I just KNOW that somehow I WILL get my hands on whatever I need or want. And then it manifests. This require that the wishes/dreams/ambitions comes from the highest place possible (aka integrity). Jupiter gives grace, charm and the ability to lure your opponents to your side. I have Moon in Libra, 8th house, so talk about deep stuff and the people will follow…
    I need a bigger vision to commit, but I have also learned that perfection is something almost never obtained. This brings me to the possible downsides…

    Sun-Jupiter with Venus can never have enough! Material stuff, love, life, fun, happiness, hedonistic hobby pursuits. This makes me somewhat cocky to others, who then thinks they can judge me and tell me what they think I should do or what is wrong with me! I think this is what leads to ‘bugger off, I am better than you’ – a kind of defense mechanism, as critique hits hard. I have Saturn/Pluto conjunct which squares the Ascendant… I am my own worst critique, but these two also keeps my promises in check. I would rather underpromise and then overperform.

    The challenge or the development for the Jupiter constellation is to develop gratefulness for what you already have. To remember you do have enough already and you don’t need to buy this or that thing for it to be perfect. It is vital to remember that the imperfect can be perfect, and in reality…. The longing is only a longing for the longing itself, because this or that item will not make you happy inside.

    While Pluto and Saturn has transitted my 12th house, this has been some of my important transformations. To pay my dues and to not over promise or take my mouth too full. Else my body will pay for it as well as my psyche.

  9. My BF has a huge stellium in Sagittarius – Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and his Sun. Early on, I learned to put my hand over his mouth when I needed to disrupt his running monologues. I know this appears to be an aggressive move but he doesn’t mind!
    He has big ideas but tends to gloss over the details. That’s where I come in – my Virgo Juno, Venus, Mercury, Pallas Athene, Ceres, and Pluto fill in the blanks. It works for us.

  10. I only have a 4th house Gem Sun inconjunct a Scorpio 8th house Jupiter. I tend to blow the household budget and have the habit of sharing my personal information/feelings a little too freely, just to keep friendly conversations flowing. Saturn opposing the Sun keeps my ego in check in relationships.

  11. Honestly, I don’t see myself in that. Jupiter trines my sun, and I try to to “underpromise and overdeliver.” But my Jupiter is retrograde and in detriment, so it’s obviously not functioning at full strength and maybe that’s why.

  12. Overinflated ego, having a too positive and bloated vision of one’s own qualities and capabilities. Basically foolishnes in big font. My sun square jupiter.

    1. Also there are other sides to my chart, as being so earthy/saturnian would deflate this aspect more or even a bit. I’d want to see a divorce between my sun and my jupiter. They don’t need to go on like this. Good thing that it’s a separating aspect.

  13. Sun conjunct Jupiter.. and Venus. And Mercury. In Leo!! ?

    Yeah, there’s nothing small about me. Quite literally, even ? So I do recognize myself in the descriptions above, but I’d like to believe I have a healthy sense of my own limitations even as I carry this feeling that things always will work themselves out. Which is a good thing!

    But in my teens and early 20’s I made the mistake of believing that this feeling alone would protect me from any and all of life’s troubles, which um.. super arrogant? And predictably, when I during a few years got hit by setback after setback I was completely deflated. I felt like I had lost my way when in fact I was just being checked. Harshly! And that Jupiter optimism was what made the pill so hard to swallow – of course life is going to be a mixed bag. Of course things don’t always work themselves out, no matter how hard you try! And no, you’re not always going to be the hero of your own story. It feels ridiculous to type out but realizing I wasn’t all that special changed everything lol.

    But like I said, today I have a much healthier sense of my limitations, talents and options in life. I lean much more on my hard won Saturn lessons, and you bet I actually get things done! So I consider myself more balanced than I ever was. Silly Jupiter, trying to run before you can walk..

  14. I have Jupiter with Lilith opp Sun + Venus-Juno-Mercury in Sagittarius lol. This overpromising was present maybe until early 30s, I was always on some mission impossible at a personal level, and then I just switched to mission mode of using it to teaching a global shift in consciousness around the rise of the Divine Feminine. I replaces overpromising with overdoing and overdelivering content, and clients tend to catch up with it as they go. I also can not hide my big energy, I am going to use that for the stage – Divine Feminine takes over the stale r’n’r world. Big ideas with 20 years preparation behind them, works!

  15. My 3rd House Sag sun trines my 7th house Jupiter in Aries, physically, nothing about me is large. But romantically, get out of my way, and it would be so easy to over promise, but I don’t. Instead, I live up to my promises. Are my children spoiled? Well if I don’t spoil them, lift them up, remind them how beautiful, intelligent and wonderful they are, I worry no one else will. In their late 20’s now, they’ve proven me right.

    In romance I give my all…and will take it away if I’m not appreciated, and if promises are not fulfilled.

  16. I do have Jupiter conjunct my Sun which I sort of contribute to my father. He was a very optimistic person without self doubt and always was telling me that my reach should exceed my grasp. So a little of that rubbed off on me.

    And thank goodness for that because I also have Saturn conjunct Moon which I interpret as having had a rather poor relationship with my Mother. This led to feelings of inferiority and insecurity. It’s like I didn’t really flourish until I hit middle age.

    I think you also have to take into account the Sun sign. A Leo Sun conjunct Jupiter or a Sage Sun conjunct Jupiter could really be a little bit too much of a good thing.

  17. Jupiter opposite Sun here. An abundance of self confidence, ego, optimism, and overindulgence. Not sure if I can corroborate the empty promises, I’m rather generous and loyal to my promises—but Leo is strong in my chart.

  18. Sun trine Jupiter here. The excited everpromising declined as I got older, thank goodness. Now it’s more that strangers trust me. Like when a lost 8 year girl crying alone in very crowded mall allowed me to hold her hand while she found her mum.Another time an older gentleman asked me to put his pin number in for him to withdraw his cash….odd little things like that. I’m helpful but harmless

  19. Avatar
    Sag with Cap rising

    Sun 0 Sag, Merc 2 Sag, Jupiter 10 Sag; a wide orb stellium in 10th house.
    When I was younger and just learning astrology, I thought my Cap rising,12th house Saturn in Cap (my father was a n’er do well Cap sun), and Virgo moon Pluto were the lead in my Sagittarius balloon, so to speak. As I’ve aged, I’ve realized they’re what’s allowed me to achieve my Sag dreams.
    I’m an extremely hard worker at work and unique in that I can see & understand the overall vision & strategy and also the details to execute it.
    At work, I’ve learned to under commit and over deliver. The thing about this conjunction (for me anyway) is when I’m really excited about something, I’ll underestimate the time and energy it takes to do it. I’ve learned to always add a week; if there’s a Merc Rx in the timeline, I’ll pad it by 2-3 weeks.
    As far as being over confident, people do see me as confident but I’d say my Virgo moon, Saturn in Cap, Cap rising really tempers that quite a bit (at least from my internal perspective).
    Romantically, one would never know I have three Sag planets. Based on my parent’s relationship and my own experience, I basically watch someone for a long time and throughly vet them before jumping in but, again, that came with age, too. That’s basically been since 42. But my Mars in Scorp is very “All or Nothing” so I’m not a fly by night there, either. When I was younger, I didn’t really date, I’d just fall into relationships. Since my divorce, I’ve fallen in love but my boundaries are so high now; and they tend to be cheaters like my father was. It’s a case of intellectually understanding it but unconsciously still gravitating to early imprinting. (Which all means I work a lot and have no romantic life.)
    Been wondering if that’s going to change now that Pluto is transiting my ASC and I have so many planets transiting my 1st house. Idk ??‍♀️ but do know time is not on my side. I’ve never done online dating due to things I’ve seen & heard from people directly related to me.

  20. Not really but mine is square sun/moon opposite mats so that may make it a whole different ballgame. Pluto loosely opposite sun/moon included. I usually deliver more then I promise actually. Pisces in first (Neptune in Scorpio)
    Anyone relate?

  21. I have Sagittarius Sun square Jupiter Mars in Virgo. I think I am cautious to ever promise anything. However, I almost always bite off more than I can realistically chew. I overextend myself. I am very driven. I hardly ever can accomplish all that I set out to do, and I’m left frustrated much of the time because of it. And yet, people comment to me about all that I do accomplish, how they are in awe of it. They don’t know how I do it. It doesn’t really make me feel any better, I’m just left feeling alone in my aspirations. And they see what I did but not how I struggled and still didn’t reach my goals.

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