Can’t Get Diagnosed To Save My Life – Episode 1,100 – Plus, Life, Death The 8th House

taco-bell.gifI mentioned my 100% oxygen in the comments on the last blog and decided I had time for this other Saturn Neptune story. The thing is, I am one of those people who can’t get diagnosed to save their life.

Even when diagnosed, I can’t get treatment, at least not readily and it works the other way too. People frequently think I am dreadfully ill (if not dying) when I am perfectly fine. People (Like Me) Who Have Trouble Getting Diagnosed With (Or Without) Illness

Now the soldier is beside himself about tomorrow although he is quiet about it for the most part. He just went to store to get some cigars… he says he can’t survive the day without them, sitting in the waiting room and all, pacing. In whatever case, we were talking about the last time I had general anesthesia which was about 14 years ago when I had an ectopic pregnancy.

“Yeah, that turned into a fierce emergency,” I said. We were discussing the fact I can’t have any coffee tomorrow. “They wound up having to operate and I had just eaten and I mean, I had eaten like an hour earlier, Taco Bell no less and I ate a ton of it. I was full to the brim with tacos and burritos, both. And they told me that was bad news and I said what’s going to happen?”

The soldier was listening.

“They told me how easily I could die,” I said not mentioning the part about how I would choke on my vomit because we were eating. “But apparently I was going to certainly die if they did not get in there and get that out of me. Thing is, they knew about it days before. I was in the hospital and same thing. They couldn’t figure it out. They had the pregnancy test, they knew something was going on and I had not one but two ultrasounds and they still sent me home. I was home for 2 days like nothing, next thing I know they were cutting into me in a fever with my stomach full of Taco Bell. I mean, I went to this doctor and ate Taco Bell on the way. He… well I got some blood on his glasses if you can believe that and when that happened he made me leave his office and go straight to the hospital. Can I go home first, I asked. No! So I drove over there and he was right behind me. I think they had me in surgery within an hour, maybe less. In whatever case, I didn’t die. They always seem to overstate that…”

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