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crystal ballOccasionally it hits me, there are legions of people, if they hear you’re an astrologer, they think “fake-crystal-ball-freak”.

I cringe when I realize or rather, “remember”. I don’t think about it because it’s so unpleasant (for Capricorn).

There is nothing that can be done. In this way, this calling is a curse.

Do you reveal or conceal your interest in astrology?

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I find myself hesitating that I’m into astrology because I think about all of the stigmas that may be placed upon me.

    Especially me being a Christian and having family and friends who are Christian; it gets even more complex.

    I try not to worry about it more and more. I kind of gently push myself into telling people anyway, regardless of what they may think of me. I’d just rather be myself; it’s ultimately way less tiring.

  2. There a two aversions I have noticed from people the first type are folks whom are averse to the idea that they are in any way predictable. The you can’t know what I don’t want you to know people. My husband (Scorpio rising) falls into this camp, as does my Dad (scorpio moon) I leave it alone with this first type I let them believe they can hide who they are if they want and just dont go there with them. The other aversion type tends to come from folks whom associate astrology with sorcery these folks I give a history lesson to and inform them that Astrology was considered a reputable occupation taught in university and only studied by the sharpest people because of the complicated nature of full understanding, that is up until the 1500s when in Europe when “The Church” had it abolished again due to the predictive aspects in an attempt to control people they deemed it of the Devil as they did many other things throughout time to control as at that time “the church” was deeply intermingled with politics. There was no USA and free thought or free speech if you remember the pilgramage was motivated in part by freedom of religion. This of course is the cliff notes version but the information is out there to be found and shared. I still don’t discuss astrology with people whom are uninterested but I want to inform misinformed peple making snap assessment to know what they are judging before the judge.

  3. That can of worms about the whole Astrology and Christianity thing is so complex though, as are most things when religion is involved. I’m pretty aware of the history of Astrology where Christianity is concerned. It is also believed that the Angels taught us astrology. Some say it was the fallen angels. There were the magi that knew a lot about it, and used the stars to find where Jesus was born. Some say astrology is okay as long as you don’t use it for predictive purposes. Some say it’s fine. It’s just with all of these complexities, it sometimes makes me hesitate to want to tell fellow Christians that I’m into it so that I can avoid that can of worms. I try to avoid discussing religion and politics because I’d rather not get into topics such as these. Lol.

  4. I personally am an eclectic spiritual person in my beliefs Christianity is apart of my beliefs. I don’t tell people what my beliefs are nor that I’m into astrology because those who don’t understand it feel threatened and there for jump to all kinds of ignorant conclusions. This then causes them to make silly statements out of ignorance and then they close up and will not listen to you or anyone else for that matter. I have found that if you are open and keep your own personal beliefs to your self then when people make these silly ignorant statements you can choose to ignore them and not make them feel threatened. Passive resistance of sorts and you then have the choice to be friends with them or limit your exposure to them. I have found that this is the best way to proceed living in the heart of the bible belt where ignorance rules.

  5. The priest at my parish told me astrology is fine as long as you don’t put it over God. I don’t understand how putting it over God is even possible since there is only one God. Plus astrology isn’t a religion.

  6. I am a catholic catechist and I keep my love and interest of astrology to myself. When I first became interested in astrology I shared what I had learned with others, including the pastor of my church and some friends. This was a big mistake. I have suffered quietly while experiencing the isolation that came from others, especially in my church. If I was not so gifted (blessed) and popular in teaching others (7th graders) religion, I would have stopped teaching as well. My husband does not believe in astrology as well, but he does not deter me in my interest. He has also noticed the reactions that come from others when he tells them of my interest. In my church and community astrology is certainly taboo.

  7. I do live in the buckle of the Bible belt…so I usually avoid mentioning astro stuff unless someone seems open to such concepts…

  8. I don’t tell most people about my interest in astrology. I’m a private person anyway.

    Saint Peter’s Basilica in Bologna, Italy built from 1390 to 1659 was constructed with tiles on the floor depicting each of the astrological glyphs.

        1. Yeah I know ๐Ÿ™‚ I just didn’t know that particular info about Saint Peter’s Basilica. I’d love to visit Rome someday. Hopefully one day I will.

  9. I’m a native Texan but I’m also an Aquarian with Mercury in Pisces and Uranus trines my sun and Venus. Meaning…I come from salt of the earth working class people. Born again Christians. Conformists. People who think Thomas Kinkade paintings are art and Chicken Soup For The Soul books are good reads. Regardless. I have let my freak flag fly and I have paid dearly. I do not think astrology is freaky or flaky, obviously. I’ve been interested since childhood. I graduated from a Christian school. The principal came to my home and lectured me on the evils of astrology because I had discussed it with my peers. I’ve been fighting this battle for decades. By the way. Texas is a Capricorn. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I grew up in Okla and still think about it all these years later. I don’t miss the weird weather but Okla has its own beauty.

  10. I out myself quickly or not at all. Usually men kind of turn off completely when I say it. You are the first non ‘crystal ball’ astrologer I know of and from there on the internet I’ve read others (Donna Cunningham, michael lutin, neith, etc.) In real life, people like my friends mother who say they’re into astrology aren’t professional and/or are pretty frou frou. They have a lot of other side interests like crystal healing, raw foodism, and kind of talk about being open to stuff. So astrology isn’t their main thing. Plus a lot of palm reading places have astrology. This is how its mostly portrayed

  11. I also usually out myself when I want someone’s chart data because we are having an intimate conversation and I’m curious about them or if I talk about Uranus square Pluto

    1. I do the same thing. Or I’ll at least ask them their Sun sign…then slowly develope into asking more info. Then sometimes I’ll make them go to and fill theirs out so I can know.

      1. It is easier to talk to women, water dominant women about this. It is air and fire dominant men who shut down. They fold their arms and pontificate. In my experience Scorpio men are most likely to respond positively

  12. Whoops~ I’m a little scattered right now which is why I’m making so many mistypes. My brain is info-logged with codes so I apologize for not making much sense. โœŒ?๏ธ?

  13. I reveal it and find that most people are really interested (who doesn’t want to hear about themselves?) but occassionally you get one of those scoffing types. THe other night I was out with a friend, chit chatting with the people around us about astrology. One dude got very defensive and kept saying “well, read that guy, now do him, you can say those things about anybody!” He was just incredulous (and a Capricorn haha!) finally I said “I’m not a parlor trick” “Yes, you are, it all is! What crap!” Geeze louise!

  14. My son has Jupiter and Pluto in the 10th house, Pluto conjunct midhaven. He also has Saturn in the 2nd opposed Mars in the 8th and a grand cross.

    He was being interviewed a couple of years ago for an extremely competitive college scholarship. The board asked him what brought him to the state we live in and he replied, “Astrology. My mom follows astrology and she believed that this state was best for her based on her study of astrology” (Meaning “relocational or astrocartography”). One of the board members said something about another person had mentioned something similar and so the interview proceeded to go well and my son received the scholarship.

    Now my son is complaining about how his school internship can only pay him half what the other interns receive because of a law in our state about scholarship award amounts. I tried to explain to him about his Saturn in the 2nd house placement and what it meant financially and that situations like this are to be expected.

    All I heard on the phone from him was silence. He changed the subject and so, no I do not talk about astrology with anyone I know. They just don’t want to seem to want to hear about it….

  15. Even when I was a professional astrologer, I wouldn’t mention it to most people because (a) they would always say annoying things like, “You believe in that crap?” or (b) can you guess my sign? There were those who would ask me about their Sun sign and, in those cases, I could tell them a lot and usually impress them, especially if I threw in the affects of some transits. Most of the time, however, I preferred (and still prefer) to keep my interest a secret.

  16. I had a group of girlfriends, two of whom I was very close to, who asked me to read their charts for one of my girlfriend’s birthdays. I said sure, because I believe you have to be yourself if you are going to have real relationships with people. They dropped me soon after. I had been friends with the two I was close to for several years. They knew about my interests. I won’t do that again. I didn’t even tell them the challenges I saw (it was their first time, after all).

    I’m a scientist, with a scorpio moon. I’ve been blown away by how accurate astrology usually is, especially when it comes to birth charts and relationship astrology. I’ve been studying it for many years. I have a strong faith in God, and I don’t see any conflicts with this. It all fits amazingly well. God is greater than we can imagine.

  17. Omg, tonight my husband and I were having dinner with some new friends and I started showing my pictures to a Capricorn gal– I accidentally revieled all of my saved astrology charts. Pretty sure she was horrified.

      1. Ha!hA!Ha! – she was horrified ๐Ÿ™‚
        How can you tell she was horrified? I can understand, you can see it on the body language. Still…if i am not too curious, how did the meeting proceeded further? Did the girl look at you like you are weirdo or did she accepted you and “it” – astrology – those devil’s pentagrams in some kind of way?
        I am asking, because i know the situation. There was times i was speaking about astrology, metaphysics, Maya calendar, Chinese birth year very openly at my former occupation place (coffee – shop). I could wright the book about my time at the coffee- shop and the conversations i have had.
        Some people were open and curious. If i asked to some people their exact birth time – some did pick up the mobile phone immediately and called their mothers. So it helped me to make the big list of astro – charts with exact birth times and observe those people behavior alive for couple of years i was working their, listen to their stories…I am grateful to them for that. I did it very carefully though. I did not look at them as the objects of my astrological curiosity. I wanted, i must, i was on the mission to make very clear connection between the astrological knowledge and the very real life. So i entertained them with astrological stories about them. They entertained me back, confirmed stuff or did not…Some enjoyed this.
        To some others i disapproved to their complete dissatisfaction their absolute disbelieve in any kind of the esoteric knowledge, the existence of the higher truth. This kind of group of fanatical “sober” folks – believing nothing at all have chosen to see me as a freak which have lost the clue of reality and is about to end up in psychiatric institution sooner or later. They even had pity for me,- which is also very funny thing to experience…So i have enjoyed sometimes to spook this folks to show them my wit in understanding of worldly stuff – politics, history, education, law, culture, art, music…So they avoided me at the bar, because they did not have any spare labels to glue on me.
        Some people were scared, like that girl. I think that’s because they afraid that you are looking in the crystal ball ๐Ÿ™‚ and may find out something about them.
        Some people even brought their friends to look at me : “That’s the girl…” One person looked at me, like i was a extraterrestrial cosmonaut ha!Ha!
        I am not working there any more. The coffee – shop is in the same city i am living, so i bump to people occasionally. The most beautiful thing one Virgo girl told me when i had met her accidentally at the city party – she showed me the pics of the very beautiful aurora in the sky. The pictures were amazing! She said : ” When i look up in the sky, and see the stars, the moon, aurora, anything beautiful out their – i can not help thinking about you..”
        The coolest thing is there are great special rare people – they just like you for who you are no matter if they are interested in astrology or not.

        1. ๐Ÿ™‚ It stunned her. She immediately turned her head and looked at her husband wide-eyed, as if he could save her from some atrocious witch. I tried to make her feel more comfortable by showing her more pictures. She didn’t seem interested after that. After a few minutes, everything seemed normal. We will see if we remain friends.

  18. Yes absolutely… There is a lot of resistance to astrology from astronomers and even average folks. I find that I need to be selective about sharing new moon and eclipse information with friends and acquaintances. It is easier to not discuss with some rather than try to defend why and how I use transits. Perhaps it is an individual choice as to how we handle pushback from society in general.

  19. yeah its just like the Greek mythology; Her name was Cassandra? Apollo, gave her the power, but the curse was no one would believe her. It has a similar feel. So you just deal. Otherwise, you’d go crazy (according to the legends, she went crazy because she tried too hard to prove)

  20. it’s too ethereal, not grounded in realism really to be beleived in. It’s not like science where you can “see” it. It’s the same thing when people believe in ghosts /spirits.

  21. Most people I know think it is a load of crap. Until something weird is going on in their life and then it’s all what is going on with the planets. I sometimes say this everyday astrologer says, or this spiritual astrologer says, or this nut case astrologer says. Elsa and Satori, I call you the everyday astrologers. It’s a tool for me. It has flex. It has levels. It’s a good system to work. If they really really wanna know I have them sit down with their chart and some books, so they can see what it is about. R Hand will make the point pretty darn quickly. And when people make goofy references, I just tell them I’m into it for the transpersonal.

    1. I am apologizing for ‘nut case’. Bad choice of words for what I perceive as off the wall. Astrology is an art. Who am I to judge.

  22. I know, I know. People see my head and think, “fake crystal ball”. How can a crystal ball be square, you ask? Never mind. Really, I get to know people first and if they mention their b-day I remark about their sign. That is a way to see how receptive they are.

  23. I need to make an appointment with the chiropractor for a tune up with all the fall work. I made a mistake last year some time with the front desk person there. She was giving her chicken little schpiel about ‘the world’ from her religion state of view. I made a comparison involving the planetary transits to which she snapped I don’t believe in that. Now everytime I go in she puts up the cross and professes her jehovah’s witness-ness like I am some kind of demon. I go there for a set. I like to relax as much as possible before. I am hesitating on going in. The last time she told me people are against God and people who believe. I really don’t go there for a sermon. Perhaps I am supposed to worship her for her beliefs. I dunno.

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