What It Means To Be A Pisces

pisces fishPisces are always trying to read the signs the universe is sending them. To other people, a very bad car accident is just a moment of carelessness, or bad luck. But to Pisces, it may be a warning from the universe to be more careful, or it can be a sign to make some changes in one’s life. Like Sagittarians, these intuitive folks want to know the meaning of what’s going on around them. But they prefer meaning to come in a clairvoyant instance rather than from factual, or data analysis, like Gemini or Virgo. I can tell you, as a Sun in Pisces myself, I prefer not to sift through pages of information, trying to get the information and data to spit out its meaning to me. I think Sagittarius and Pisces has that in common; Both big pictured folk who prefer their information just drop from the sky, into the brain, and with the meaning screaming from their intuition.

The Piscean clairvoyant and intuitive gifts will help keep the fish from going towards people who don’t have their best interests at heart. For example, people who just project their dirt and use our kindness for weakness. People who only want to dump their manure onto our wellbeing. The fish needs to learn how to navigate and maneuver around others creating a possible hall of mirrors because all this projection towards them will wound their energetic body. The Piscean needs to learn not to manifest (via law of attraction or the law of mirroring) a vortex where all their energy is sucked, people project onto them, and thus a magical Hall of Mirrors is now fully engrained into their 3D dimension. We Pisces are into energy and we are sensitive souls. Sociopaths, narcissists, energy vampires, psychic attackers, and gossips may use our sensitivity against us with this rotating Hall of Mirrors. They may gossip, spread false rumors, and use their toxic energy and tongue to bring us down at the workplace, school, or in the playground. There may also be ghosts (from the past), demons, fears, depression, and darker entities, that desire to cast a dark shadow on our thin hides in this elusive vortex. The mirrors in this vortex can hold such hidden shadows, blind spots, dark figures, and sorrow, as well as positive things that are hidden from plain sight.

There can be a lot of misunderstandings if you have a strong Pisces, Neptune, or 12th house flavor in your chart. Neptune fogs things up and mystery is considered a threat, and something to quarantined, to human beings that are unevolved. The projections towards Neptunians are from a place of fear and ignorance. Us Pisceans come in all different shapes and sizes; We are the priest, the teacher, the philanthropist, and thousands of other combinations. Pisces can also come in the negative form of the sinner, reprobate, and psychopath. The reason for this dark side is because every sign has a shadow. One way to quell such painful assumptions from these projections, no matter which aspect of Pisces is being displayed, is to speak up more than you do normally. I will admit, out of all signs Pisces are most fearful of being straightforward, we do not like confrontation. Neptunians can have more than one personality in our unconscious, some can be blunt (but that is the exception). We Pisceans are like a prism, try to look through us and there’s another angle to try to ‘figure out.’ All the colors of the rainbow live there. Another way Pisces can stop the arrows of projection from shooting at them is to stop projecting themselves.

Sometimes what we Neptunians see, criticize, or project onto others, is really what is also within us. If a Pisces or Neptunian looks into the Hall of Mirrors (that holds both light and shadow) that is held up in the vortex, they will see lightning striking their dark towers, black rain clouds, and grey skies. Sometimes the particular characteristic isn’t one hundred percent exact as the other person who we Pisceans project on to, or to the same (usually exacerbated) degree, but it’s there. Projections is sometimes more subtle than we think. Perhaps sometimes this projection is just a manifestation in their reality telling them to work on a part of themselves. But, ultimately, whether Neptunian or not, it is for the greater good that we escape this reflecting Hall of Mirrors.

If Pisces wants to escape this projecting Hall of Mirrors they must learn to put up their boundaries, thicken their skin, and learn not take abuse from people. It’s good for these fishes to forgive, but it’s okay to be more discerning when it comes to who you want to give a second chance to. They grow up and learn to conserve their energy for people and things that are relevant to their life. Your inner circle (no matter how big it is) is precious, and being in it should be a sacred and respectful honor for anyone who enters it.

I think, on some unconscious level, we Pisceans just want to be in communion with God. We want to ‘swim’ in the arms of the divine and just synchronize with God’s will. We prefer not to swim against the flow of life (God’s will, or the hand of God). The Piscean sees going against the hand of God as attracting suffering into one’s life. Don’t like how the path you are on is attracting blockages and pain? ‘Perhaps it’s God redirecting you to another path,’ a Pisces will think to themselves.

But knowing all this about Pisces, we still haven’t yet answered, ‘what does it mean to be a Pisces?’ Personally, I believe Scorpios and Sagittarians may desire to come to the Pisces stage of spiritual evolution. Scorpios may unconsciously want the ego to die, searching out intense experiences and soul crushing karma. All this may be Scorpio’s way of breaking the ego until one lifetime (if you believe in reincarnation) their ego cracks and they reach the ultimate consciousness! Like the flamboyant and warm colors of the leaves in autumn, Scorpios may desire the ego death that Pisces has already achieved.

And Sagittarius? Sagittarius wants God to show his face. They desire, or even lust, for God to show them his consciousness and presence to them. Being the know-it-alls of the zodiac, they desire to know it all. The shadow Sagittarius is still connected to his ego’s desire to know every thing (with perhaps Virgo in second place) and perhaps to show off to his colleagues. Sagittarius, being the College professor of the zodiac, will want to publish a book about God’s face and God’s presence if he ever does reach this state of consciousness. He, or she, may even brag about it and show it off to everyone in the world to flex his (or her) intellectual muscle.

It is better to look at the sign, Pisces, as a step in spiritual evolution rather than just a sign. I don’t think all Scorpios and Sagittarians are these flamboyant showoffs. I’m just trying to show people why they might be limited in reaching the Piscean consciousness, or enlightenment. Scorpio might be too eager and Sagittarius is still too lustful for knowledge.

At the end of the day, there is no absolute, or one meaning to any sign. I will state my opinion, though. To me, to be a Pisces means to be in touch with the flow of life (as if like a fish), be in touch with your soul, be close to God, and most importantly be kind (within reason) to everybody!

Do you have a strong Piscean energy in your chart? What about a Neptunian and 12th house emphasis? What do you think it means to be a Pisces? What are your experiences like being a Pisces?



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  1. Pisces rising, sun in 12th & Neptune in 10th.
    Some days I feel blessed to be Neptune dominant, others not so. You have summed up the pros & cons splendidly.

    Self preservation is essential or you’ll be eaten alive. Giving is rewarding but let’s not forget/lose ourselves. Once a Piscean truly recognises their self worth and directs some of their love to themselves, life can become Beautiful.

  2. Very good read !!. You have just described my Chart. scorpio sun mercury and Saturn in 12th house. Asc, moon , venus and north node in sag.
    I am Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune. I do aspire to the Neptune energy. I admire the beauty of it.{mars in Libra conjuct Neptune}.To me the essence of Pisces are just so beautiful. They trigger something within me that is so powerful.There are not enough of them in my life.

  3. My son, 4 years of age, has a Pisces Sun conjunct Neptune.
    He’s extremely receptive of moods exuding from others. Not fond of confrontation, unless he starts it (he has 4 planets super conjunct in Aries, Sag rising).

    Thanks for this. It gives more insight to that which I only experience second-hand.

      1. Your wondering has already shown signs of manifestation.

        He asked commented the other day about words, stating that there are too many words. I couldn’t agree more and have had convo about this lately too, which is strange that my son randomly brought this up on his own.

        He even asks personal, insightful questions, akin to koans like “Who’s daddy?” in a playful manner, but the question is nonetheless valid.

  4. I have a natal Sun conjunct Neptune placement and I get quite a few clairvoyant moments myself. I also have very vivid dreams and sometimes I get psychic information from them, such as my friend no longer being upset with me while we were fighting and my brother moving to Arizona permanently.

    My Piscean type placement is in the 3rd house and Neptune/Pisces rules my 5th house.

        1. I think so.

          His 2nd Aquarian Mercury opposes 8th Jupiter, Pluto in 1st, Sag rising.

          Randomly, he groks things. It feels as though my preaching and consistent teaching is moot at times.

      1. I don’t really pay attention to how siblings manifest in the natal chart even though I’m well aware of the fact that it’s a 3rd house matter. I only have my paternal grandmother and uncle living in my area so I’m more focused on my Aquarius 4th house North Node and how that is manifesting.

        And for some reason, I can’t sign in to post comments on the blog even though I’m signed into the forums.

  5. Geez girl, triple Pisces here (born on a new moon, first house) what can I say..,wow.
    Your posts are so dense and rich I love them and read them multiple times referring back to them during the times they’re written for thank you ever so much. Amazingly beautifully weaves of deep understandings. Brilliant lifesavers! ??????

    1. Hee, I’m a guy. I’m not offended, just clarifying!

      Thanks for the compliment, it means a lot. Especially from another Pisces!

      Also, us Pisces gets our sign dumped upon, because we’re supposedly the trash bin of the zodiac! When a sign comes off so passive, it’s easy for other munsters to dirty our name up!

      I guess it’s nice to give us Pisces a nice name, for once!

  6. Hi! I really enjoyed this piece. Scorpio sun, mercury and north node in 8 th house with Neptune in Scorpio in 7 th house and Saturn in Sagittarius in 8th house and Pisces mars in 12 th house and Pisces ascendant, here. The current Neptune is going back and forth over my mars in the 12 house and ascendant in Pisces. I feel like I’m being erased with a cosmic eraser back and forth to give birth to another (final?) manifestation. It’s slow! I have no motivation to start anything new. Can’t really plan ahead. Don’t know what the end result will be like exactly, but perhaps I will be even more clairvoyant and connected to spirit?

    1. Thanks for enjoying it!

      “The current Neptune is going back and forth over my mars in the 12 house and ascendant in Pisces. I feel like I’m being erased with a cosmic eraser back and forth to give birth to another (final?) manifestation. It’s slow! I have no motivation to start anything new. Can’t really plan ahead.”

      Neptune energy can be very relaxing, perhaps that’s why you feel unmotivated as of lately. As for the cosmic eraser, I feel like you’re going through an unconscious purging.

      I hope you find motivation soon, and I hope you can get some plans ahead!

  7. Not so sure the Piscean consciousness is enlightenment. Being facile and comfortable with our darkest emotional selves has a valuable and significant place in the embodied experience. It seems to keep predators away as it moves us into a more wholesome Virgo/Piscean integration…..

    1. “Not so sure the Piscean consciousness is enlightenment.”

      I think Scorpio can be related to Buddha’s type of enlightenment too. Also, Buddha is a Sun in Taurus, depending on the calendar you use, LMAO.

      I also see that perhaps Sagittarius may be related to enlightenment, as well.

  8. Pisces ASC trine late Gem Sun and exactly opp to natal Pluto on the DESC square a Sag Moon. I attracted controlling, powerful people who overwhelmed me (Mom included!) in the past but with no abuse. I expanded my horizons through the 9th to learn how to be free of boundaries, stand up for myself and leave if I have to. Others now see me as self-possessed,well travelled mysterious and sometimes elusive. I had many “looks” over the years and my appearance morphs frequently thanks to those prism angles! I’m a good listener with a wacky sense of humour. People automatically seem to trust me, “TMI” is my middle name.

    1. “I had many “looks” over the years and my appearance morphs frequently thanks to those prism angles!”

      That’s Pisces for ya!

  9. Wow, what a great post!! I have sun in Pisces and my Neptune in Sagittarius in the 12th house.
    I have been misunderstood all my life. And in turn, I have misunderstood others too, projecting kindness and good intentions.
    I’ll definitely try to follow all the advice given here!! Thank you ?

    1. Don’t forget, not everything is spirituality, or astrology. If someone is being inappropriate or rude with you, sometimes it’s just their bad behavior. Good luck on your journey!

  10. Avatar

    There is one pattern I have had interacting with Pisces. Whenever I have been shot at (I feel unreasonably) and am basically damaged and have no hope. Then a Pisces offers a hand.

    This has happened a lot of times now. Even if it’s over the internet.

    There is now, and always have been, I feel not altogether a great thing. A natural lack of connection between me and a Pisces. It’s like, you are there and I am here and we like each other but we are on different roads. Pisces and Leo are inconjunct. I can and I have previously said thankyou for things but I can’t do much more.

    Water sign guys are always interesting.

    I do feel sometimes with female Pisces my Leonan nature that confronts and sometimes protects may be of aid.

    1. Sometimes two people, or signs, just don’t ‘click’. There’s a lack of chemistry. There can also be a lack of understanding too!

      1. Avatar

        On inconjunct sun I tend to think that the eventual soluation is just very different.

        One of the Pisces that has been HUGELY influential on my life is an online internet conspiracy theorist and spiritual teacher called David Wilcock. I absorbed his learning about science etc. But I can only go so far in his processing of wounds etc. For me the solution is just different, it is not surrending to god like that, it is finding tools to deal with the physical world. Like a hunter.

        Capricorn that is also inconjunct I have not had a great deal of contact with but I feel with Capricorns that I can’t penetrate their respect for the status quo. I just don’t understand it. I find it funny their sometimes unashamed reliance on corporate jargon.

        1. I once knew a guy that was forced to learn to surrender to the universe, but then again he had NN in Pisces!

          Capricorns rules business. Well, someone has to rule business! 🙂

  11. it easy to see why pisces/scorpio /cancer energies trine and get along; both need to get away and go into their own world; evade and evade, yet bond very very deeply with another soul then detach as quickly. a recharge basically and creativity for the soul really soothes them. ^^

  12. I have had a Pisces acquaintance for just over 20 years. I have always had low self esteem and I’ve been somewhat befriended by the Pisces, but also verbally abused many times. I have never spoken up. I’ve bent over backward to get along and I have been generous with my time and attention. You get the picture. Over the past few years I realize that I’m not happy with the clearly narcissistic behavior that I’ve been exposed to many times since knowing this person. ( Its not just me who gets treated poorly by this Pisces, I will add. )
    Anyway, it’s happened a few times over the past few years that the Pisces individual slammed their telephone receiver down while I was talking. Usually we spend a fair amount of time on the phone with me doing 90% of the listening. There was a few calls over the last several years where I needed to get off the phone and I said to the Pisces person I really need to go. That’s what triggered them to slam down the phone closing the call. Recently I was upset when that same thing happened and I happened be telling a neighbor in an anonymous way. The neighbor told me ..No don’t stand for that. Neighbor told me to block the Pisces persons calls for the time being. I did. I guess I’ve just reached a point where I dont want to respond to the Pisces calls, be around in person to be criticized, cater to their frequently high maintenance personality, and accept their style. What do you perceive about this Pisces aquaintance? I wanted to have used the term friend in this post, but I would be using a word for this fish that they haven’t often deserved.

  13. I am struggling to express my experiences of reality – psychology, astrology, spirituality, duality – the infinitiveness I can barely grasp. Certain placements resonate with my tropical while others are on point with my sidereal natal chart. I may be biased as a piscean with roots from the Indian Ocean. My sun is in my 12th house, in Pisces, with Jupiter and Venus in the same house/sign, depending on the system used. I have a scorpion moon, hanging with Pluto retro in the same house. And my Neptune is in a 1deg conjunction with Mars, along with Saturn and Uranus, all in my 9th Sagittarius house. I know what all this means. But I don’t know. I feel the certainty of the unknown but am uncertain of everything I know. How can this be? The more I follow my “feelings,” which usually means I’m one of the few if not the only one I am aware of, who perceives or believes or even does, what I do. I’ve been following your blog for about a year now, I ordered a years worth of lunar returns to try to understand my purpose, what I’m supposed to do, and I know it’s not time is money/soulless, purposeless, unequal, unfair, ungodly “work.” I left my family (black moon lillith in 4th house, probably explains why my mom is an undiagnosed psychopath) I have no idea where I’ll sleep every night but the more I do what makes me feel good, like learning, exploring, beautifying lol, being in nature, the more at peace I am not knowing how but still knowing I have security. I don’t have much, if any, money in my bank account. But that doesn’t bother me like it “should.” Idk, does this sound like I’m understanding my chart, thus me…. 🤪

  14. Not easy being a Scorpio moon. Not for me anyway. It leads me into temptation, hits hard, and must have its way when things get crazy. Will say one thing, if I feel I’m being walked on,or stepped over, my moon will make itself known. When all your 12th house and Pisces influence is making you go nuts and whether it’s of your own doing or someone doing to you, wake up your moon. Exercise,even walk if thats all you can do. Then write what you feel, harsh or otherwise, and just let what you wrote clarify what you’re feeling. Then you should feel you know more about what’s going on with you at that time.

  15. I have Jupiter in my 12th house conjunct my ascendant.I do be one of those that sometimes desires to know it all… also with Venus in Pisces, I want to help people. I don’t want to tell my whole chart, but Mars in Gemini kind of makes things click. I’ll be as mean as I wanna be, which is a trait that Saturn taught me with its transits. I’m impatient but it comes in waves . So pisces I guess

  16. re-reading this again i do notice that Sagittarius types/jupiterians want God to show their face. Having both strong influence of Jupiterian/Neptune in my chart, i have had dreams where i actually had God talk to me, but never ever wants to show their face. lol I smile at that. And the voice, sounds like poetry; of a thousand voices, soothing, calming and very very loving. ^^

    1. oh in the dream God is saying to be strong and they will always be there, but to remember to call them. So definitely prayers are the strength that keeps them alive and wanted in your life. ^^

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