When You Find Out You’re A Weirdo

uranus squareToday I left the Asian store and as soon as I hit the parking lot, I broke into a run heading towards my car. Damn!

My husband’s son is observant. He’s a storyteller himself and maybe you can imagine my surprise when he shared some of his impressions and observations of me. He told me that at times I spontaneously ran places.

Now just think of that. I was on my honeymoon and we were traveling in a trio (my husband, his son and I) or at times in a larger group and every now and then, P, just breaks out and runs. Runs into the restaurant where we were going to eat dinner. Runs from the car to the store or the store to the car or runs through the aisles in the store which I of course did… unbeknownst to myself.

The astrology is easy. Mars conjunct Mercury in the 9th house has no interest in going slow but this is somewhat embarrassing, at least to Capricorn. I fear ::smiles:: I will be sprinting through the grocery store when I am 80 and then it hit me…

My grandfather, Henry used to stand on his head in the grocery store as a matter of routine. Yep, he’d talk to people about eating health food and then stand on his head to demonstrate his health and prowess.

Turns out that running through the store is just about as odd and I’ve been doing it all my life. I was a Frito Girl, yes? Well I didn’t get paid by the hour. I worked on commission so you know I was running down the aisles.

This is embarrassing but a good illustration of how you think you have to put up with someone but really they have a job having to put up with you. I mean I didn’t know I ran around all the time and now I wonder how many men lost interest in me over the course of my life due my sprinting around. It boggles the mind.

I have Uranus in the 7th and always thought (think) it is the other who is strange or eccentric. Gah.

Has anyone ever informed you of something about your own characteristics or behavior that you’d have never noticed otherwise?

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  1. My child does this to me all the time. Sometimes she explains what I’m doing, “Momma! I do NOT like it when you don’t want to hug me…” (I love to touch and be touched but my parents would shudder when touched so here I am…) Other times, she does things that are eerily familiar until I realize I do them, then the light comes on. — OH! THAT’S why other people look at me like I have five heads when I do that!

  2. I break into a run randomly too. Usually while I’m thinking about something either delightful or embarrassing. Usually embarrassing. Or if I come from a meeting or just seeing someone that was either one of those two things. I’ve got Aquarius Rising, though so sometimes I don’t care what the people around think of me.

  3. No, no one ever calls me weird least of all my kids.

    *falls over laughing* Nearly got through that with a straight face.

    They are kinda proud of my weirdness most of the time though. Except that time I started singing that gay eskimo song loudly in Walmart to stop them fighting.

  4. Hahaha I totally run at random times!! Although actually I just do it at home. I gallop around in my home because getting to where I am going is just not happening fast enough. So weird.

  5. I do this to, I also have mars- mercury…I love to run…not jog because I never work out, there are so many times I catch my self running/it feels like flying… 10 meters in the middle of a mall ect. … but it happens more when I am happy. I always run stairs, I think it is impossible to walk stairs, and of course jump a step or two if I am light that day.Don’t think it is weird, unless it happens to be in a setting where people follow, when they think it is a purpose to my running and start running to and then get all perplexed when I stop. I think it is the eccentic that sometimes makes you love people more.,the odd stuff they do …

  6. I learned from my husband and daughters something I’ve apparently always done, more or less. We had been strolling through an Arts & Crafts Show, my husband kind waiting patiently in the background as I’d step over to a table to get take a closer look or ask a question. Once I turned from a table and was walking toward him and the kids, and he had a grin on his face…and so did my girls. What? I wanted to know and finally got it out of him after a couple “nothing…just like to watch you browse” comments.

    Apparently I had been strolling around, purse hanging from inside elbow, and limp-wristed. I was shocked, said no way! but the girls confirmed it. They said, Mommy, you do that a lot.” Suspicious, I asked, Well how come you’ve never told me this? He just smiled, said it was cute. Ugh. Talk about mortified – I was ready to boycott walking in public.

    I too have Uranus (conjunct Pluto) in the 7th. But for some reason when it comes to limp-wristed “runway” walking, I feel–viscerally–like its BOTH me and the other that’s strange. Learned from a quick Google search that this is supposedly one way men know a woman likes them, as its a sign of submission. It’s attractive to men because it makes them feel dominate. Aries moon and Uranus/Pluto in the relationship house say, “Barf”.

  7. LOVE this post!!!! Weirdness is my life….I have all kinds of “interesting” ideas and interpretations on just about anything and everything you could imagine. I think my perspective is just very unique and doesn’t usually match up with other peoples’. I’ve had to learn to censor myself around most people and only have a couple friends who I can REALLY be myself around. I’m still trying to figure out exactly where the weirdness resides in my chart….(I also have Uranus in the 7th). I just read something about it too: “Hard aspects from Uranus to Venus or Mars indicate difficulties and separation in your relationships.” I happen to have Venus AND Mars (conjunct my Taurus ascendant) in opposition to my Uranus (conjunct my Scorpio descendant).
    I feel SOOOO out of place being “weird” in Los Angeles…which I would have thought would be the opposite… I live in/near Hollywood and I was doing fashion photography and working for a beauty company before I became disabled, so I was always around “perfect” looking/seeming people, (the ones who get dressed up; heels, completely accessorized and in full makeup to go to the grocery store) so it’s been very challenging to feel GOOD about myself wearing comfortable clothes, no makeup, without people constantly judging me (they don’t exactly hide that they are doing it either; the old once-over, pursing of the lips-eyebrow-raising, “oh you’re SO cute with your NATURAL look” BS). Yes, not wearing makeup or always looking just so/put together IS considered “weird” where I am…. Imagine if I actually started talking;-)

  8. Thank you. I saw the inside wrist thing too via Internet search. Now when you say ‘tactic,’ I presume you mean it’s conscious….or not? Do you think the unconscious walk thing has anything to do with why sometimes weirdos seem to “randomly” make a move, like: hey buddy, where did THAT come from? I’m always shocked when a man makes a move on a married woman–I don’t expect it and never see it coming. Maybe it’s the priss walk.

  9. Absolutely conscious. Total mating tactic and I have a lot more where that came from.

    Yes, you are probably drawing men to you… attracting attention like a bobble in the water, the dicks will come, 😉

  10. All. The. Frickin’. Time, dude!

    Sun-Neptune, man. I often can’t see myself, so people point out the weird things I do and usually I think it’s perfectly normal. 🙂 Even better is when someone tells me something subjective and I have to decide (ugh!) whether they’re right.

  11. Well my husband wasn’t sure this stuff existed until we went to the gym and I showed him live. 🙂

    The stunned shock on his face betrayed his Scorpio Moon. 🙂

  12. Er.. remember the Love tips and tactics? I have STUDIED this – mars mercury in the 9th – and I mean I have studied it my entire life.

  13. If you turn your wrist out so the inside shows when you are talking to a man… or simply want to bring him to you from across a room, this will work. If you show a man the back of your wrist, it has the opposite effect.

    One invites, the other blocks the man. Works like a charm.

    Show inside of wrist – dick up
    Show back of wrist – no invite.

    Not that he might still not come to you but if he does, you have information – he can’t read nuance OR he doesn’t care what you want, he wants what he wants.

  14. Oh… so when you turn your wrist out and the man responds, this tells me will probably be a good / responsive lover.

    Not that he is conscious of what he is doing though he may be. It’s one of those things you don’t discuss if you’re smart.

  15. Oh my gosh that is so interesting. I guess i was (still am?) in the habit of walking/talking whatever limp-wristed. I didn’t even know i did it, till he made fun of me, and got on my case to stop. But i always did it with the inside of my wrist, Down. And yes, it was also when i interacted with him.

    Elsa, when you said Uranus on the 7th, did you mean right on? Or in? I have Uranus in the 7th (22) as well.

  16. I DO use my wrists!! How funny – I use certain hand gestures to attract a guy, but never before noticed wrist involvement. So, Elsa just told me I do something I wasn’t aware of ( don’t think that’s exactly what you meant by your question, but still a funny revelation…. )

  17. The one time I thought my kids (and their friends) would think I was odd it was not so – unless it was oddly funny.

    I didn’t know my teenage daughters were within earshot when I was with my husband poking fun at a television commercial. It was advertising laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR) to strengthen and tighten that area…and it struck me as funny, so I was telling him, “Yeah, that’s just what I want…how would you like me to get a bionic vagina?”, “Our luck, they’d tighten it too much and we’d be stuck together like dogs.” and “Maybe I could work uncover with law enforcement – you know, vice – and beat the perps up and handcuff them with my bionic vagina.” Just being silly with my husband.

    Well turns out my 17 y/o overheard, told her frlend who told her boyfriend and so on, and she later tells me this because she mentioned her friends all think I’m so funny, and I said, “Oh, why would they think that?”

    Talk about walls having ears….you can’t hide from Uranus in the 7th in public or at home.

  18. I stand on my head alot,like Henry anywhere, was shown how to do this when i was 21, could’nt believe that i could do it so easy!
    I dont only run round shop’s i jump on trolly and see how far i can free wheel down aile, once i did it on very light trolly and it tipped and i went skidding down aile on chin.(he he he he he )
    Dont worry iv never crashed into anyone.
    Planning on doing this well into old age, only baby at mo 48.

  19. Body language now there is a fasinatating subject, yes women show there wrists when they like a man, people toe point aswell , you can tell who likes you in room full of people the way they position them selves and where there toe point, the obvious one is when they dont and everything gets crossed,legs and arm’s.
    Eyes, wana attract a man build up the eye contact.

  20. yeh, lots. took me awhile to figure out who to pay attention to though. i picked up some weird ideas about myself from some people.
    i only walk slow when i’m with the elderly/disabled. but i avoid breaking into an actual run most of the time. avoid attention that way. pisces mars likes to choose when to be noticed 🙂
    although i’m always telling my kid to hurry up. he doesn’t have my aries.

  21. Yes, i caught the crossed arms straight away, lol.
    Sometimes you can try things, like say…removing your jacket. Sometimes that works. Things get warmer if they like the view.

  22. Ha- some people have it backwards. With Uranus in the 1st house (me) you think you’re weird but really you’re not.

    And I understand Mars in the 9th- sitting still- walking everywhere= ugh.

  23. This topic has generated an interesting revelation and conversation chez-Griffin. It has given me plenty to think about for a fact!

    I put the question to the Mister.

    He said, “You cut a wide swath”.
    After much de-obfuscustation, this was his way of saying that I am the poster child of “odd duck”.

    “Sh*t, C. You do keep ’em guessing. Do you not know that? Anybody else who tried to keep so many contradictory ideas or actions in play would be a crazy sh*t-house rat. But not you–you always have a rational reason for doing or saying or acting the way you do…and so everybody else wanders off scratching their heads. There’s no predicting or pigeon-holing you, C. You are one seriously odd duck in just about every way.”

    He said this with such blatant honesty and affection that, for him at least, its true. I’m kind of tickled pink. Still a bit unclear, though as to what he’s talking about exactly. His examples weren’t particularly illustrative. But he says that is exactly what he’s talking about.

    According to him, I’ll be going about my business just regularly like breathing air…except that maybe I’m really breathing water…and people are naturally surprised and amazed to see this.

    He thinks I don’t see it because-well-I’m an odd duck who breathes both as a matter of course and doesn’t everybody and why wouldn’t they? if they want to they should just give it a try.

    “More like an ‘odd-swan’ though, C. ‘Duck’ doesn’t really capture how pretty you are…or that you might break someone’s leg with your wings if you thought you should. Yes, I think you are my odd-swan”. Awwww. 😉

  24. Avatar
    curious wanderer

    Hey, so what are the signs males put off that show they’re interested?

    (I was in the same relationship for most of my adult life, so my dating skills are rudimentary 😉 )

  25. @Elsa
    “Show inside of wrist – dick up
    Show back of wrist – no invite”
    Didn’t realise the solution could be so simple… I’ll let you know!! 😉

  26. @CP Griffin: Oddly enough, I understand COMPLETELY!!!!! Neptune dominates my chart….My best guy-friend has said something similar about me;-)

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