What Planet Dictates The Beauty Standard?

planetsBelen writes:

“Super shallow topic, but I just read an article on how millennials in their 30/40s look younger than the next generation (because of fillers, heavy makeup etc). So – I hear Venus rules personal beauty but what about beauty standards at a given time? Thinking about the difference of growing up with 90s supermodels vs with social media filters.”

Hi, Belen. This is not my area but I’m happy to tell you what I think, and start the conversation so others can weigh in.

First, I think think fashion trends are created by the media, as outlined in the blue sweater scene in, The Devil Wears Prada. Outside of that, I tend to think Pluto has something to do with it. I’ll explain.

When I first got back in contact with my husband, post a 23-year separation, we spent a lot of time, catching each other up.  He told me how he was on a mission for three years… away from home for three years.  He came home, and said he was stunned. “All the women looked like bald squirrels!”

I asked him to explain this. He said the women looked emaciated.  “They look like Dachau victims!” He was also greatly disturbed by the lack of pubic hair.

Calm down, if you don’t agree; it’s just one man’s opinion and I am making a point. The point is, does this not sound like Capricorn and more specifically, Pluto in Capricorn?

To check the theory, consider Pluto in Aquarius. What are the trends now?  Androgenous? Transgender? Machined?  Also, Trad Wife, for the Saturn-side of Aquarius.  Counter-culture in this day and age.

Pluto in Libra was about being pretty and feminine.  Farrah Fawcett?

Pluto in Scorpio, underwear as outerwear?  Dita Von Teese?

Pluto in Sagittarius – Ethnic inspired design.

Oh! And with Pluto in Virgo, clothes were utilitarian. Practical.  Also, workwear as fashion – Levis!

This is all I’ve got.

What do others think?

18 thoughts on “What Planet Dictates The Beauty Standard?”

  1. Wow this sounds really interesting to delve into. Saw a bunch of music videos from 90’s and the tube top/bralette with sweatpants was definitely a trend.

  2. I would say the everchanging Venus, which is frequently conjuncting with the Sun and Mercury. Beauty is ephemeral and, as you put it, shallow. Pluto is the opposite. Serious and deep stuff. Too boring for the profane 😉

  3. I think Pluto in Aqua too, will be the advocate/activist is in vogue vs this superficial fake homogenous look/crap from Kardashians and Instagram photoshopping that does nothing but make people feel like shit

  4. Avatar
    James Slattery

    I thought Neptune had more to do with long term fashion trends (being the higher octave of Venus) since Pluto is more psychological in nature. Neptune is the music, arts and culture that we find attractive or soulful. Pluto is dragging up deeply buried collective memories and complexes. Societal crises.

  5. I think it’s more Neptune, as it rules trends, advertising, putting a glossy spin on a product. Neptune also rules the artificial.

    Giving the Kardashians as an example, although they launched their family fame empire when Pluto entered Capricorn, it was when Neptune entered Pisces was when their popularity really took off. Neptune is in the sign of Venus exaltation.

    Notice the trend since then for women to have the dead straight sleek hair, the thick bushy eyebrows (that looks like caterpillars having sex on your face) and the blow-up sex doll style overly puffy lips. And the abnormally heavy filters. It looks laughably unnatural, and calling it out, stupid. But it’s the Insta look!

    Why this is deemed attractive, I do not know, but hey that’s Neptune

    I hope things change when Neptune enters Aries. For one, I hope military blazers make a comeback. It’s hard to find those anywhere.

    1. “I hope things change when Neptune enters Aries. For one, I hope military blazers make a comeback. It’s hard to find those anywhere.” Gaaah, well right you are. I have neptune in 1st house and love military blazers. I have seen some but can’t fit in them anyway, usually made up for someone thinner and taller. Gain a few pounds and it’s ugly sack dresses, unfitted everything with the most possible ugliest materials and prints. That’s why one wish for the future is to learn how to sew because I have the cutest sundresses ideas in my head with good materials. These people have no freaking vision or respect for different body types.

  6. I always thought Venus and Neptune dictated beauty, but Elsa’s Pluto synopsis was spot on.
    This is difficult because beauty is really in the eye of the beholder.
    I know Venus conjunct the Sun is supposed give you dimples. I have a deep one on the right cheek of my face only when I smile and 2 more, one on each side at the bottom of my lower back.
    Would like to know more about this.

    1. James Slattery and Mermaid are correct. Neptune rules fashion – this is accepted.

      I just forgot about that, in the moment and wrote my actual answer. Or rather, that was not the question the person asked (as I understood it).

      The beauty STANDARD is set by people in power. Pluto. God, if you had any idea how much I new about this end of it.

      We’re talking about two different things, basically.

  7. Would’ve never thought about that but it makes sense that it’s pluto? Born later but I am set in pluto in virgo mode. I’ll hold onto jeans for dear life. And whatever the thing that is the new thing that they are doing lately, what is it called buccal fat removal? I like my baby fat cheeks.

  8. This is also when kids clothes started being sold , mix and match. All shorts go with all tops. Fewer pieces makes up more outfits. Frugal. Shoes as well.

    Pluto in Leo was Hollywood glamour.

    1. Super interesting. Pluto in aquarius doesn’t sound very encouraging, well for the taurus venus part in my chart. I dislike the artificial..what are we gonna wear, AI wear? Are people gonna have calves fat extractions? At this point nothing is too surprising. And I received a comment undercover in my email haha. Don’t worry, I absolutely won’t. I don’t follow anything in terms of surgery alterations and dressing trends except maybe when it comes to earrings. I did jump on that dainty earcuff stuff. 🤷‍♀️

  9. i saw AI beauty pageant. lol or rather they’re gonna start generating AI beauty standards. I didnt really read much into it, but i like the different candy rainbow colors of hair and styles and wild looks. I like beauty in different ways, and if i were younger i’d wear my hair blue or pink or platiniumn white. I saw Megan Fox wear her hair all pink and pretty and then recently posing with techno blue long hair wearing a cowboy hat and shorts i think with thigh high stockings? or was it boots. it’s kind of funky but cool lol
    for some reason i saw that in stellium Pisces singer “Grimes”who had in her videos lots of rainbow colored hairs and strange grungy yet AI looks. She does have scorpio rising. Uranus exaltation showing off. I like to see change but in a good way. i think thats very uranus.

    its nice to see how beauty changes over the decades, but beauty is beauty and everything always changes. I love the 70s look of long long hair, wavy or straight and bell bottoms and fringes. They are so nice!! and 60s mini skirts and white thigh high boots with heels. the rather bold makeups and even beehive strange hairsytles. I’d never wear it but i like it. it looks kind of cool.

  10. I am with you on the Pluto in Virgo attire, it being in my first house, along with Virgo. As a 14 year old, I worked and saved up for a pair of Red Wing carpenter boots because they protected my feet and ankles(Uranus conjunct my ascendent by 3 degrees; out of sign at 29 Leo)as I explored the redwood forest and beaches surrounding my home. Tennies didn’t attract me in the least. I may have worn some army pants, but only with frilly feminine shirts. Another thing to note is that I was at the tail end of a generation(61) where moms designed and tailored their kids clothes. When my mom stopped sewing, I was 10, and had no expertise in choosing store bought clothes. As a child I often spent time standing on a chair with my arms out as my mom fitted everything to me, and that was after we would hit the fabric store together to peruse the massive pattern books, find the right fabric prints(cotton of course), buttons, zipper, thread, interfacing, etc. I was extremely relieved when an older sister would swing buy with a plastic bag full of hand-me-down store bought clothes from her and her friends, and I could pick up some pre selected fashion that they had grown out of. If my boss gave me a sweater that didn’t fit him, I loved it because someone had liked it enough to purchase it, and that was good enough for me. PS if I find some article of clothing I like now, prosperity to me means I can buy 3 of the same item in different colors, or 5 of the same jeans just so I always can have one ready to wear.

    1. Thanks for this. My mother sewed our clothes as well.
      It’s amazing what is spent on children’s clothing in this era. Stunning, really. The marketing is powerful.

  11. Pluto in Virgo here as well! My Mom, Aunt, & Grandma made my clothes. I have great memories of the fabric store, all the buttons, zippers, and thread. I loved the “notions” dept. I also remember Simplicity & Butterick patterns. My aunt was an amazing seamstress & tailor so, I always looked great. Sadly, I never learned to sew. It didn’t interest me but, what a useful skill it is. I agree Pluto is the power but, Neptune all about fashion and the glamour aspect.

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