Saturn In Virgo vs Saturn In Pisces

Saturn in PiscesPsychopath Mind Trick concerns oppositions which fascinate me. After writing that post, I recalled Saturn’s transit through Virgo roughly fourteen years ago.

If you were reading at that time, I went on and on about “guarding your mind” and “learning to discern”. I talked about mental (Virgo) boundaries (Saturn), and taking responsibility for your mental health, ad nauseum.

I’m a dog with a bone, or maybe I’m just a yapping dog. Point is, I covered this exhaustively, imploring people to take me seriously. You want to be dealing with solid, real (Saturn) information.

Now here comes the opposition. At this point we’ll see how we managed Saturn in Virgo. This is another thing about oppositions. You can see 360 degrees. What’s behind you, what’s ahead, and the point at which you committed to a path as well at as your current position.

My goal, with Saturn in Virgo, was to do exactly what I was preaching about. It’s like tightening the nuts on the wheels of your car before you go driving around. It’s not fun but it is important.

With Saturn in Pisces, you’ll be able to see how you’re doing in this regard.  If you did poorly, it will be your chance to sort it.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac. This is when we consolidate the entire Saturn cycle. Pisces is unbound, allowing you to take any position and view reality from that point. Will you make the effort?  Or just float along, allowing the lessons of the last 28 years to escape you?

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  1. This transit will be interesting for me I guess. It will be opposite my Virgo/Pluto Moon conj from the 9th house to the 4th and Fifth house. So Jupiterian themes will be in play as week! Oh boy! 🤓

  2. Perfect. Just what l needed to hear, thanks Elsa.

    My niece who l haven’t seen for years knocked on my door last night at 2am with nothing but her lovely smelly dog and dragon ( pet lizard). She was delusional; hearing voices and scared of electronics. Sun/ Merc/Uranus/Mar/ Nept in the 12th, Cap Asc. She is mixed up with bad things and bad people.

    She has Saturn in Picses. You can guess.

    She was/is (?) beautiful: Venus Aqu and talented.

    Getting caught and locked up ‘might’ save her.

    I thought she was having a lovely time working with hair and makeup in film and television. She had won awards.

    Trans. Saturn conj. my Chiron in Aqu 27 makes sense now.

    History repeating with parental stuff. My parents were both Leos.l am Taurus.

    So much emotional pressure and emotional dishonesty. Lies. Lies. Lies.

    My sister, her Aries mother … let’s talk about nacsisstic traits has done nothing won’t even take the dog. Her dad also an Aries, has worked on himself and has tried to be there for her.

    My niece has taken off again. Leaving a messy trail behind her.

    It is all terribly sad and such a waste.

    So much pain and sadness

  3. My daughter has Saturn in Pisces and has been aware of her Saturn return, since she was a little girl. I hope she does well. I don’t think it will be easy.

    1. I will hope for the best for your daughter and my niece, Elsa.

      I am learning about what l can control and what l can’t.

      The term ‘designated patient’ has come up for me too…that 12th house.

      This is generational.

      Just read your Pluto/Uranus post. Yes!!

  4. When Saturn gets to 11 degrees Pisces, it will conjunct my natal Mars. I forget what it’s called (T Cross?) but my natal Mars squares my sun & Saturn. I guess this will all be reactivated. SIGH

  5. Pisces 1°, 2nd Saturn Return.

    I don’t feel all heavy and responsible at the moment–’cause lately I’ve been leaning finally into the 12th House aspect of the Virgo Sun stellium?

    In fact, with my natal Saturn in the last degrees of the 5th House, I’m kind of expecting to finally know how, in old age, to have long-deserved fun.

    Aging backwards.

  6. Avatar
    Jildegardes Noviciate

    Me too Gabriella. Same house positions.
    My Saturn in 5th was leaving me feeling a bit …sad.
    But it comes to all of us. Turning 60 and finding, despite the makeup and hair dye, we’re getting old. My 86 year old dad says I am young, My 70 year old friend says Im young. Im sure I will quickly feel that way. The rest of society and the world looks at me as growing irrelevant. But…
    With my Leo north node,for no reason, I find myself giggling like a hot spring bubbling to the surface. I love my family and friends so much
    I realize now I’m not becoming irrelavent. It’s just a new kind of relevance. I feel bad how the world is right now. But I have faith in my son’s generation will swing things more back to the middle. And Im looking forward to the change.

    1. Awesome attitude! I’ve returnevebed to my spiritual, creative roots–certainly why I can have fun again and worry less, because I have learned I don’t, in fact, control it all. Or even have the responsibility. Take care!

  7. Saturn in Pisces will transit my 2nd and 3rd houses. When he was last in Pisces I begun a relationship with my husband (begun through Snailmail before online was a thing) and my values were in flux after divorcing ending a 25 yr marriage.
    Addressing your question whether I’m applying the lessons of all these Saturn years: With the New Moon in Cancer coming tomorrow in my 7th House, and my husband being Cancer Sun I’m experiencing the growing up ness of my values as a grandmother and the legacy of what to BE and how to communicate those characteristics.
    Now that I’m a real, & not just imagined elder , Saturn’s lessons (natally in the 8th house tight conjunct Mars ) is all about that self/regulation quality vs. power struggles which is in my natal chart too … squares to a Scorpio Sun,
    So yes, I’m aware of the work I’ve done , and powerfully grateful I’m alive to grandparent my real legacy … a grandson

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