The Neptune Sextile Pluto Generations and the Pluto conjunct Neptune Transit

May Fourth Square in QingdaoWhen I was 23 I lived in a crappy little rental house with my then boyfriend. He was also a Libra in case you were wondering. Yes, we were two little Libras happily co-habitating until his mother came to visit. Don’t get me wrong, she was an awesome lady. We got along smashingly at first. It was the day she noticed someone left a light on in the closet and discovered our makeshift grow room that everything changed. So that’s what that smell was! We only had eight plants but I guess that was enough to boggle the mind of a little 65 year old Chinese lady. She went berserk. At first she blamed me, then she blamed the town we lived in, then she blamed rap music. I should mention this was not the first time that her son had attempted to grow marijuana, he was what you would call a hobby horticulturalist.

After everything blew over she went home and cooked up a scheme to rescue her son who through no fault of his own kept falling prey to these American evils! I should mention that he was 11 years older than me, so we’re talking about a (technically) grown man. She was starting a “business” which would require his assistance and he was to drop everything and come at once for an undetermined amount of time. I should mention this “business” was to be located in her hometown of Qingdao. For those of you who don’t drink Chinese beer, that’s in China.  (Qingdao is famous for being occupied by Germans, nice beaches and its namesake beer, TsingTao)

He refused to go without me and she eventually caved and said I could come. So off we went to Qingdao. The three of us moved into an apartment on the fourth floor of of a large building with no elevator. Thus began the most surreal year of my life. I should mention, his mother was also a Libra.

In 1942 Pluto formed a sextile with Neptune. The two have stayed in this aspect since Pluto has been on the fast side of his cycle and will continue on like this for another couple decades. What this means is that the vast majority of you reading this have/will have the experience of transiting Pluto conjunct your natal Neptune sometime in your 20’s.  As a result it has become the coming of age transit of our modern times.  It’s the stuff that movies about lost and lonely, dare I say disillusioned twenty-somethings are made of. It is a time when our dreams, ideals, and illusions become deepened or destroyed. Either way we come out transformed with long, and I mean loooong term effects.

When someone asks me about this transit I begin by couching it in the phrase “transformational dream ______” What’s in the blank depends on where this takes place in your chart (i.e. sign/house.) My trip to China happened during this transit to my fourth house in Sagittarius. It was my transformational dream journey. It took me far away from home and redefined my concept of home and family.

So, heres my question for you: Where were YOU during this transit? Fill in the blank… “this transit was my transformational dream ______” note: if you had a crappy time (its been known to happen), feel free to substitute “nightmare” for “dream.”

Not sure when yours was? Post the degree of your natal Neptune and maybe someone will be kind enough to help you look it up.


55 thoughts on “The Neptune Sextile Pluto Generations and the Pluto conjunct Neptune Transit”

  1. This post is awesome. I just had this transit. I have a transformational dream Filofax (Neptune in Cap in the 6th). Or a fantasy death Filofax 😉 Either way, I think it’s helping me prepare for first Saturn return. I just looked at the chart for that, and there’s more 6th house emphasis.

  2. Wow, first time looking at ephemeris, can’t believe how Pluto dances around, two steps forward and one step back.
    And Oct 1982 was just about exactly when I started Med school, if you use 3 degrees each side of natal Neptune in 1st house Libra. Danced in and out, mostly in, until Sept 1985.

  3. In september 89 I started working as a teacher in the big city after having passed a decisive,civil-servant exam in june.Neptune at 20 scorpio 12th house. I had a small appartment, alone. Started dating a pupil 4 years older than me.Things went awry, somehow ex-girlfriend was in the background.Later I was told she was into black magic. Case is, I got manic,and by March 90 I was in a psych ward for a month.Welcome to bipolar illness. I was 24.My uncle died of AIDS in august and in September I was working again, closer to my family, but in august/september 91 manic again,etc. A lot of ups and downs during my twenties.A turning point in my life. But I managed to keep on working.I have a sextile from neptune to venus and a trine to saturn.

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