Black Moon Lilith in Leo – Resilient Bloom

lilith leoIf you have Black Moon Lilith in Leo, the pain you’ve experienced through your Lilith placement has taught you that you shine at your own risk. Your very identity tends to draw fire, so you’ve had to learn to be careful about who sees your true self.

However your Black Moon Lilith wounds have played out (shown by the house your Lilith is in), you have become a reluctant expert in the realm of visibility. It has always felt like a game you couldn’t win. If you shine too brightly, you draw fire from those who would prefer to see you humbled. If you shrink away from the spotlight, you open up space for others to project their darkness upon you. You may have been raised with the expectation that you make yourself small, being seen and not heard. Or you may have had the opposite experience, in which you were thrust into the spotlight and expected to entertain or be the sunshine that distracted people from their problems. But either way, the choice of when to be visible never seemed to be yours.

This also made it difficult to express your true self to anyone. Your very personhood seems to exist for others’ consumption, leaving you feeling like love and approval are things you have to audition for, or like you always have something to sell. So you may have learned to display only the version of yourself you think other people want to see while hiding your true essence. You are the perfect embodiment of the old struggle between the rewards of being loved and the mortifying ordeal of being known. In this way, you buy acceptance at the cost of your own authenticity.

The same is true of your creative expression. In Leo, your Lilith wants to express herself and shine for who she is. But every time you have tried to create something, the world says, “No, not like that.” There’s no right way to be yourself! And there’s no right way to create.

But that’s the beauty of it. If we look to Leo’s opposite sign, Aquarius, for guidance, we see that society’s refusal to accept anything you put out into the world actually offers enormous freedom. If there’s no right way to do things, then there’s no wrong way either. If the world will reject you anyway, you might as well do what you want. Aquarius understands that it’s not personal. You might not fit into someone else’s system, but maybe they don’t fit into yours either! Aquarius rewrites the rules. And because Aquarius is the sign of the Sun’s detriment, they are experts in constructing their identities from scratch, knowing full well it won’t match any other mold. By incorporating Aquarian principles, you can learn to shine whether people like it or not.

Because that is ultimately your job in this life. I could write forever about this placement, but that really is the essence. Because you have had to struggle so much to be fully yourself, you are in a unique position to help others in the same way. You can cultivate a beautiful garden, with each person blooming in their own authentic way. And you’ll be the brightest flower of all.

Do you have Black Moon Lilith in Leo? What has your experience been?

9 thoughts on “Black Moon Lilith in Leo – Resilient Bloom”

  1. I have Lilith in Leo in the 7th. I definitely related to “feeling like love and approval are things you have to audition for” from the age of 10 to 45. I rarely sacrificed my authenticity for love, and if I did, felt so icky that it has helped me be perfectly happy in my singlehood now, and for the rest of my life, yes it’s that good. I am sun in Aries with Aquarius rising, which encourages independence and a love of freedom from any ties that bind, so a 7th house Leo Lilith is not as troublesome for me. Thanks Midara, great writing.

  2. in my first house with pluto there and yes i have been perceived as bigger than life or invisible and find myself showing myself and still not being seen and then it hurts more, to “fail” so to speak i am very clear within myself who i am but my path seems to be a lonely one and one where i affect others a lot, a transformer

  3. I so identify with this! BML in Leo in 7th with lots of nasty other stuff in the house (Mars, Uranus, NN, Pluto and Moon) means a lifetime of trying to figure out how to fit in. Now I live on my own, have an autonomy project to live from my own food production and gradually be self-sufficient for water and electricity. I study traditional astrology. I do my own thing. No other doors were open to me, and there has been great sadness due to rejection from family and others, but ultimately, this is a path of great freedom and self-realization. I came from a very codependent place so this is a complete karmic turnaround. Blessings to all those who share this path.

  4. So good, Midara! ? “If there’s no right way to do things, then there’s no wrong way either. If the world will reject you anyway, you might as well do what you want.” ?‍♀️ Yup.

  5. Thank you so much for this! You are the first who has completely and accurately described an aspect of myself I have struggled with but never been able to find out in the world. I had resigned myself to the same inner truth of just being wired differently and having to find my own understanding of my placement!

    Do you have any insight into having this placement (within the 12th/1st house depending on house system, I prefer whole sign for psychological and morinus for the physical world due to the resonance I have with the house cusps and planets within specific houses) with an Out of Bounds declination?

  6. Bless you for explaining Lilith in Leo, mine in the 2nd house. Wow if I had known earlier in life,your words explain it perfectly! This was why things were so prominent and pronounced in my inner becoming a personality in the outer world was so treacherous from everyone around me. So I realized I needed to just blend in and be extremely silent and be a person in the background. Now I can clearly see why.

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