What’s Ahead With Uranus In Taurus 2022-2026

metaboy planetsHi, Elsa. Agnes from Vancouver Canada. How do you see the rest of Uranus in Taurus unfold?

Great question!

First, Uranus is unpredictable, for real.  People who are thinking they know what’s going to happen, will very likely get the rug pulled out from under them.  Real information is inordinately hard to come by. I think you have go with the classic, “expect the unexpected”.

I am primarily watching the financial markets.  Crypto exploded with Uranus in Taurus. Up, down, up, down.

Outside of money, Taurus also rules good and in particular, “luxury goods”. I expect these goods to be authenticated by NFT’s, by the time Uranus leaves Taurus though I am not sure how this will come to be.

To elaborate, I was one of the very first people to use Paypal, back in 2000. This was before Meg Whitman when there were no fees.  Consequently, I watched how online payments were introduced and eventually gained wide acceptance. Jupiter and Saturn were in Taurus at the time… see the connection?

I also think stocks will become tokenized in some way and it’s possible the financial markets worldwide move onto blockchain. If so, who knows what happens to the NYSE.  Upheaval in banking and finance of any type is a given. Who, when, how? I don’t know.

Reversals of fortune continue to be a thing.  Taurus also rules self-esteem so you may see changes on that front, along with changes in the beauty standard. For example, boy/girl androgyny is popular now. I am not sure it will stay that way.

As another example, consider tattoos, which have been a type of rebellion for many years now. This could reverse now. I’m not predicting this. I’m just trying to offer something to illustrate what I’m saying.

Overall, what and who we value is changing along with how we pay for the things we want.

What do others think?

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  1. I had an afterthought. Some people are rebelling by paying cash. I’m a true weirdo, paying cash for everything possible but also looking to embrace these other things especially if they turn out to be liberating (Uranus) rather than oppressive and controlled (Saturn).

    1. I like cash too.
      They are gradually sucking me in with ever-growing “cash back” credit card offers, but I pay with cash and paper checks whenever I can.
      I may be an old fogey, but it feels good to stand outside the pressure to conform to the system.

  2. Hope there is a change in the beauty standards Kardashian influenced … no more photoshop filters and plastic surgery resembling a shell of ones former self

    1. oh i hope more ‘ natural’ looks. the 1920s (roaring 20s,) had some glitter and gold, flashy looks. In the 30s to 40s (when last uranus taurus came) it became a bit dowdier but simple. Less glitter. I think we can return to a more simplier fresher style.^^

  3. I’m gobsmacked, contemplating “what we value,” alongside “how we pay for things we want.”
    Taurus Sun, I cogitate – mull – on ideas worth churning (sorry, the real word eludes me).
    Food for thought, for sure.

  4. I completely changed my look. Uranus won’t leave my 1st until the switch to Gemini.

    Until 2020 I was a “normal” looking woman in her early 50s that passes for much younger. I got my first tattoo just after I turned 50. I now have four. I also messed around with hair color (bangs, then underside) since 2017. My hair is now entirely purple.

    This is who I really am, and I’m not afraid to show it.

  5. I’m a Taurus sun ,20 degrees, with Uranus and the north node conjunct it recently so I’m living it. First off a year ago my friend dyed my hair and I haven’t been able to get my natural color back since ! Nightmare for a Taurus walking around with blond red black hair when I’m used to my natural brown never changed it all these years til Uranus said u need a new do lol also I can’t get a job no matter what I do but I have money coming in. I mean I applied 59 places it’s just not happening. So I think Uranus is showing me u don’t need a job these days to make money. People are making money other ways now. Uber tik tok drop shipping etc. Uranus is unconventional to say the least.

    1. i was inspired of thinking what your post suggested about uranus being unconventional methods of work. But work is work, and however odd, it’s still taxed (government takes taxes from it and you earn some on your retirement) but what about mafia work? or those underground work where it’s not taxed?? criminal work? i wonder what that astrology is under? it has to be something super dark and with power too, because there’s hidden dark power in mafia.

      1. I was thinking ways to make money that don’t include going to the 9-5 job. So many different “jobs” these days from websites and selling on Amazon that a person doesn’t have to leave home but also doesn’t have to work for someone else to make them rich. Those days are going like Elsa said reversal of fortune with Uranus in Taurus. But criminal ways to make money maybe a 12th house aspect. I am a recovering addict and I have a lot of Neptune and pluto in my chart. They touch just about everything in it but Uranus was transiting Neptune when I was at my worst with criminal activity. I’d have to study my chart in the 90’s see what was going on. Maybe look at Mars also.

        1. oh thanks for the reply but oooh neptune being the culprit makes some sense. but i think pluto for the power, if the dark organization has to take hold; and it has to be fearful because people are afraid of them (saturn) the dark side of saturn. as for unusual jobs,
          working online part time is what i do, in the meantime,
          there’s plenty of jobs online so you dont have to leave home. i like it but its also isolated as you dont commute everyday and you dont meet people from work. i have a best friend that works online marketing talking to people selling products. good luck finding work.

  6. Speaking of the beauty standard… I’ve noticed the bull ring nose piercing has become quite popular. Not a fan, but it makes me laugh!

  7. So Elsa, are you saying after Uranus and Saturn let go of each other, that Uranus makes no more really meaningful contacts while in Taurus? It just coasts along til Gemini? Won’t it Trine Pluto, or is that a miss?

    1. I’m saying this is the end of the two planets impacting each other in these signs. A straight up Uranus transit is different then the wombo combo. 🙂

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