What’s Your Opinion Of Psychic Vampires Or Energy Thieves?

thiefThis is an old post but I’m thinking energy thieves today and I knew I’d written about this before. I’m pulling up the old post up because the comments are great.  Here it is:

s said on Using Other People’s Energy:

“Cold-blooded is all I can say about lack of reciprocity. Vampires of the spirit. Have to add that, too.”

I thought this was interesting. I’ve never considered people who do this do be cold-blooded though they may be. I’ve considered them to be foolish and short-sighted.

If someone is in a position to help you it makes no sense to take a lousy five bucks off them rather than establishing a relationship that can be sustained because it’s mutually beneficial.

It reminds me of something Henry wrote once. He said, a thief has to keep moving all the time. They can never stop because they get discovered. An honest man can stay in one place.

How do you see the energy thief?  What do you think drives them? What are they thinking when they take the five bucks?

That’s the end of the original post. Today, I have realized for myself, what some people said in the comments, years ago.  A person who does this to others may not know they’re a sink!  They just don’t realize, they are draining you; taking from you and not giving anything back.

So what if you like a person who is like this? You enjoy them but you feel your pocket has been picked after every interaction? Is there a way you can let them know? Can you fix something like this, short of amputation?

To be thorough, I have thought about this being a (my) personal problem. But in the cases I’m referring to, I can see the other person creates the same scenario with everyone. They wind up rejected.

What is this? Is it possible that some people have no internal balancing mechanism or that it’s a half-bubble off or something?  The habit is to take a dollar, give a dime. ALWAYS. 

What do you think, circa 2020?

59 thoughts on “What’s Your Opinion Of Psychic Vampires Or Energy Thieves?”

  1. Have started a new job and one of my colleagues is doing this – I have experienced it before (many times) but not in work, not in a way it is so hard to avoid. I work with this person v closely, and I am already figuring out how to get the boundaries in place. I really like them too so it makes it harder. They are interesting, fun, intelligent, energising, but most of the time they drain me to the core and they hunt me down for it 🙂
    I also sense there will be an attempt to have me suffer at their hand in some way, once I declare my boundaries, because they will not cope with the script not going the usual way. Afaik they have Libra sun, Gemini Moon, Sag ascendent, Scorpio venus and mars, and Aquarius mars – boom!

  2. Fascinating to see and read a long-range view of comments like this one. In 2008 Pluto was in early degrees of transiting my 12th House, Capricorn.

    This is long one … Deeply uncovering secrets that have to do with energy. Natally, Pluto-Saturn-Mars form a broad conjunction in my 7th and 8th Houses, in dramatic Leo; they square my Scorpio Sun.
    Energy exchanges, withholding, and boundaries or lack of them have been huge in my life. The period 2008-until now, 2020 have been times of reckoning with Energy. Before 2008, I did not see how I was the thief. After 2008, when I was diagnosed with environmental illness and sensitivities to just about everything … Energy Theft became the topic and focus for surviving.
    Learning to give and take energy in reciprocity became a living lessons for real, as opposed to theory. In the years that we, my husband and I, have lived as nomads, we have had to learn with each new move, to ask for what we need; be clear and honest in our communication and do collateral damage control when we either passive-aggressive and expecting reward/energy without giving in return. This was a slow learning curve because we were dealing with different ‘currency’ than most people we sought support from. Land-owners and ownership in general comes with values that are different from those who appear ‘homeless.’ A decade of learning how to value our values without seeming to be (as Elsa described) ‘a sink’ has been a huge journey.
    The pandemic and the world turning turtle has evened out the Energy Marketplace in many respects. Values, home-owners, currency, who is sucking on who?
    My opinion about psychic vampires and thieves of energy has changed and I have worn the shoes of both the thief and the ‘victim.’ Now that Pluto, has crossed my 12th House, and my Capricorn Moon, as well as my ASC I look to this New Moon in Scorpio (tomorrow, Friday, November 13th, 2020) and hope to reckon with what I’ve learned … in a lifetime, in the past decade.
    What a grandmother learns, and passes along, is big if she will open to all the ups and downs. It’s not easy and boundaries shift … then what? Forgive the enemy. I’ve learned I’ve been one.

  3. I see this as an issue of control, which is an issue of security. To engage in mutual reciprocity a person needs to have the capacity to be vulnerable with an other. I agree that many energy drainers don’t realise their impact on others, they might recognise they have control/trust issues but generally are not interested in resolving them until their defenses stop working to their benefit. All the things they should be feeling are felt by the other person, which is what is tiring. At the core of it is a fear of loss/death. Pluto transits can help with this.

    1. This has been my experience, Sophia. If a person lives long enough to wear the different roles of secure-one and vulnerable-one, as I am now, the fear of loss and death becomes learning a more meaningful way to die…and living becomes a different experience.

  4. “It reminds me of something Henry wrote once. He said, a thief has to keep moving all the time. They can never stop because they get discovered. An honest man can stay in one place”

    So true! Thank you for this post. I am thinking of 2 people I have known in my life. Always in a hurry; just enough time to take what they want but they have (supposedly) no time to listen just to dump. Very hurtful and not fun. Leaves me feeling empty and drained.

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