Moon Aspecting Uranus – Shocking Family!

Ah yes, what a nice, normal, non-murderous family.

When Uranus is tied up with the Moon, you can bet on having a few surprises when it comes to family. The Moon rules your family/roots, and Uranus rules all things shocking. With Moon opposite Uranus natally, I know this all too well. Sometimes my family might as well be a three-ring circus.

There’s the time I discovered that my father’s distant relatives run a mafia-like scheme involving marijuana, moonshine, and mail fraud, among other things (they did offer to let us use their land for any bodies we need buried. At least they’re polite??). Or the relative who decided to move across the country and establish her own mini swinger commune. Or the one who was expelled from school for threatening to disembowel his teacher.

It’s so bad that I, the weirdo astrologer who still plays with Legos and has never worn matching socks a day in her life, am considered the normal one!

This is hardly a position the Moon likes to be in. The Moon is dignified in Cancer and exalted in Taurus. It likes things soft, fuzzy, and stable. Family, ideally, is supposed to be soft, fuzzy, and stable. Uranus is anything but.

There’s so much to say about Moon-Uranus connections and I’ll definitely be back with more. But for now, share your Moon-Uranus stories!

Do you have Moon-Uranus in your chart? Tell us about your crazy family!

15 thoughts on “Moon Aspecting Uranus – Shocking Family!”

  1. Not in my family but in that of a friend: the mother (my friend) & her son have Moon square Uranus, the kid’s father has Moon opposite Uranus.
    She has a normal life, his a bit more crooked (his parents) but both had unstable mothers – one in depression, the other a high-level Diogenes syndrome hoarder).
    The kid’s mother (my friend, again), is chronically depresssed. I’m not sure that this is stabilizing for him.
    Alas, no mafia, no swingers, no crazy adventures.
    Does it HAVE to be crazy, or can the above also qualify as a possible Moon-Uranus manifestation?

    1. Maybe it has to do with the house and especially the sign uranus is in? Saggitarius = life philosophy? My moon uranus oppose by sign but orb is way too wide (12 deg or so). Even so, my approach to life is quite different from my kind, to the point where i always felt out of place.

  2. I have Uranus opposite my Taurus Moon. Good stable Moon, right? Lololololol ?

    Mom has a super stellium in Aquarius. Both men she married are Aqua Moons. My birth father’s family? Don’t get me started. I’ve heard some whackadoo stories from them. (I used to keep a mariachi hat my birth dad owned, after he died. There’s a naked story behind it, lol.) Birth dad and brothers had some sort of bootleg moonshine operation going at some point before I was born. As for Mom, they had a shotgun wedding, then divorced a few years later and now Mom is married to a computer geek/musician (very stable guy though, very good dad). She’s always had a funky avant-garde sense of style and their house has bright paint colors (yellow in living/dining rooms, cranberry red in kitchen, downstairs bathroom is purple, etc.)

    It’s not bad, it’s just interesting. I don’t really relate to Taurus Moon descriptions at all, apart from loving good food and comfort plus the lazy streak.

  3. Lol my daughter has it loosely conjunct in her 4th house (by 10degrees) but we have a big crazy extended family…it’s always something or another. No mafia, jail or swingers but on xmas eve there are over 75 close family members and something always happens. Fights, injuries or too much booze …Merry Christmas! lolol

  4. Moon opposite Uranus. For me it’s actually the opposite- I’m the one who’s regarded as the odd one in the family- the black sheep. I will say though that quite a few of my ancestors had interesting (Uranian) lives/ deaths. Two of my great great granddads were murdered- one by being stabbed by his own spiked policeman’s helmet and the other was accidentally shot by his own brother while he was examining his gun. My great granddads sister was institutionalised and then threw herself out of a third floor window- and survived. A great grandma who died before I was born was a psychic medium. Another great grandma (who lived until I was 18) was on a sinking ship and refused to get off unless my great grandad could come with her- (very much like in Titanic!) Luckily there were enough lifeboats!

  5. My 1H Pisces Moon quincunxes my 7H Leo Uranus – others are too busy roaring to hear me! This is a real oil and vinegar combination; no cohesiveness.

  6. I have moon Uranus conjunct in my first house. Pluto is conjunct all that, too. I don’t know….I was the scapegoat as a teen. I feel like the oddball in my husban’s family. When I get together with my own family, I feel like I’m back with my own tribe.

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    Southern Cross

    Oh wow!!!! I have moon-Uranus in conjunction. In Leo. My family are interesting, to say the least. My cousin is descended from the Cameron clan, for starters. My mother had situations where she demonstrated telekinesis. Apparently, this phenomenon is still occurring beyond the grave. (The conjunction opposes my 8th house sun).

    But don’t get me started on my husband’s family. Do they hate my guts? (apart from his Mom who has an Aquarius stellium). Do possums crap in the outback? So I’ve drawn up lines. I have nothing to do with them. Uranus=Freedom.

  8. Transtiting Uranus is opposing my Moon. my son has just come back from the Marathon in Antarctica.I like reading your post, Midara.

  9. Moon/Uranus conjunction in 7th house Leo squaring Juno in Taurus. I’ve fallen in love with men who are unusual or unconventional in some way. Soon to be ex-husband of 32 years is a very closeted bi/gay man. I’m very close to my mother, who has a Sun/Venus conjunction in Aquarius, and she’s always been forward thinking.

  10. Uranus was conjunct my boyfriends moon the past couple years (4th house) Stranger than strange things happened with his kids and the mother of the children. The mom being jealous of our relationship tried to interfere and started keeping the kids away but they had joint custody for over 10 years. We figured what could she do. Well we had to go to court and she shocked the hell out of us saying all sorts of crazy stuff crying putting on a show just to get back at someone for finding a new relationship… but then she blackmailed the kids not to come see us anymore. Keeping away phones and privileges if they sided with their dad. I’m hoping now that Uranus is in Taurus she gets her karma. It’s been a horrible experience.

  11. Moon conjunct uranus in 1st, neptune in the mix. I hope to God they aren’t? ? But sometimes I wish they were doing something unexpected (not mafia stuff) like my aquarius uncle who’s smart. I like to imagine maybe whilst he was working in other foreign places, he joined a white hat team called white wolves whilst he pretends to know nothing about computers. He also knows too much about making killer pasta ? suspicious.

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