Settling In Post Uranus Square Pluto

anchorThe last Uranus Pluto square hit my chart exactly. You witnessed the upheaval and see the result. I’m in a new land and can’t go back, even if I wanted to.  Our house in Colorado sold in less than a day!

We did not expect to not move into the house we expected to to move into. But this is what happened and we’re full of faith, there is a good reason the sale collapsed. Or rather, the sale just failed and failed and failed to close…all due to one missing document (an appraisal).

People ask when transits like this, clear out. Most astrologers would probably say a year or so…they would give a few degrees for sure. Some would give ten degrees, but I’m not like that. I’m future (Jupiter) oriented. I feel the peak of this upheaval has come and gone…even if it’s been gone a week.  What I want to do now, is settle.

I’m not in a hurry to do this. I need the right hair stylist which may or may not be the first one I choose. But I’m interested in establishing some new norms. I admit that having a bank and a doctor I like and such, grounds me and gives me some comfort.  Anchor Deep.

I was warned, the humidity here would throw me for a loop. It’s not bothering me, but I am not used to clothes not drying and seeing standing water in the yard.  We’re renting a house now, but when we get our own house, I am going to have to make sure we have good drainage.  The yard is like a swamp. I now know what people mean when they say their garden drowned!

I am going to start looking at houses (in person) next week. We paid the rent on this house and on a storage unit, 90 days in advance, so we have some time to look around. I feel more grounded each day, even though I’m not grounded yet.

I’m also aware of Saturn heading back into Scorpio.  I’m aware my energy is limited. I’m working hard to be realistic about this.

How’s your life, post the Uranus Pluto square?

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  1. I’m a completely different person than the one I was back when Uranus and Pluto were starting to link together. This square has revolutionized my Life and my person, big time. Who knows what will come next.

  2. I had a reading with you just before all this started about three years ago. The life I had then is all gone…lost my house, my career, a man I truly loved. I moved across country for a new start and now feel so lost. I don’t know where my home really is or if my career will ever get going again. This has been the worst three years . I want my life BACK but its like watching the titanic while it sinks and as my love slips into the deep ocean as I swim towards the shore. I have no choice but to keep swimming but will be glad when I find home…wherever that is. Everything has changed…simply everything.

    1. Melinda — I just wanted to say, hang in there. I have been through a very similar experience the last three years, and I can completely relate to the feeling lost, that “where am I? Where did my life go?” thing. I am still feeling the loss though starting to see land, I think. 🙂

      I am saying hang in there because actually I went through a similar thing about 15 yrs ago that totally threw me, pretty much exactly what you wrote, more impactful. I felt 100% adrift, lost in a new environment, etc. Awful, right? But little by little things started to pull together — and then more quickly I started to sort of see the map for my new path and seriously, I could SEE how good it was that things fell apart previously. I noticed that what was meant to be in my life sort of found its way back into my life. Then, that things not good for me (or even career objects that were past their sell-by date) just disappeared — poof! into the mists.

      Here’s where you are now: on a new journey. It may turn out to be more fulfilling than you can anticipate. Look forward not backwards (hard but it REALLY pays off if you can do it). I tend to think the universe nudges, hints and hopes we’re paying attention to our stars and true direction. if we don’t, when the stars are right we get booted onto the runway, like it or not! That happened to me; maybe to you too if you think about it. It was like…OUCH!!!! WHAT? OH NO. But came together. I had a real stinker of a year and was moaning about it recently then thought wait — what’s GOOD? oh yeah, that and that! And what was WORSE, that I survived? A ha! It’s about goodbye past old junk, old rages, old woes. Hello new stuff. My chart is supporting this and I see the good starting to unlock this past week. I kind of seized the reins and am looking for good. It’s working more than I expected. So….hang in there. You can get through this and I’ll bet you’ll be really glad the changes happened when you look back one day. Not saying this as some goofy Pollyanna, but I’ve seen it for me and many friends too.

  3. Like WindowLiker, a *completely* different person. I feel liberated on the inside and full of optimism and just better in so many ways- renewed. It cleared out so much garbage from my psyche. (Along with Saturn in Scorpio) I’m not exactly where I want to be, but I’m okay with it- I know I’ll get there.

  4. For me, the players are the same but the game has changed. I have Pluto in the 12th in my natal chart, Uranus in the 1st. Currently Pluto is transiting my 3rd and Uranus my 6th.

    My entire psychological landscape has changed as a result. I have said and done things I never thought I could or would. I have come to realizations and had my eyes opened in the most dramatic ways regarding my own inner persona and people around me. It has been deliberately volatile, combustable, full of heartbreak. Particularly, this past March.

    But I’m still here; I do have my bruises both inside and out. But you can’t or couldn’t escape this energy if you tried. I am trying to go with the flow, and try to actually LISTEN to what the Universe has been screaming at me to fix.

    I am glad we moving further and further away; and I agree with Elsa…I think that once the exact aspect is over, in a way, it is over completely. You may still smell the gasoline but that doesn’t mean you can get it to spark.

  5. Same as Goldie …..players are the same but the game has changed. My entire psychological landscape has changed too. I have also said and done things I never thought I would have the courage to do and a VEIL has lifted.

    I can see the people I loved without limits and supported faithfully without condition for who they really are for the first time in my life. 2 best friends, nasty daughter in law, one of my kids (that is a real shame) 🙁

    I have learned so much about detachment. I have learned so much about letting the dust settle. I have learned so much about how a Scorpio can become fixated and obsessed with something. I have learned so much about where your thoughts can take you and so much about just walking away from a fight. I have learned to say NO. What a surprise! I have learned how to spend my energy. (as much as I hate this Saturn opposite Mars transit boy what a lesson so far) I’ve had to learn these things the hard way. I had to have a broken heart. A shattered heart actually.

    I too am still here. I am beat up like an old junk yard dog. I can feel every broken bone, tear, bruise and splinter but I am here and I am standing tall. The pain pushed me down but it didn’t kill me. And, I am making sure to think hard every day about gratitude and what it means to really be grateful for things we take for granted….the love from a good man, the love from a child, a job, a roof, food, warmth and health.

    I am nothing like I was 3 years ago. But if you saw me you wouldn’t say omg!!! you look so different. You cant see it. But you can find it if you talk with me. I am so much more quiet than I have ever been although I probably appear long winded from some of these posts. I say little these days when people actually want to talk. Guess I am all talked out.

    I have been hurt badly. I am working on forgiveness. I hope to be able to be good at forgiving at some point. I have amputated so many people. You probably wouldn’t think this is a good thing to do but it was a necessity for my survival. Things couldn’t have continued on another day like they were. I was a sinking ship. I cried a lot. I was used and backstabbed in the worst way. It’s hard to imagine I didn’t see it before. I feel stupid really.

    I will get over it. And, I will be fine. They are going to miss the best friend they ever had when they realize they had such a friend. Or, maybe they wont. Who knows? What I do know is I am seeing clearly. There is something to be said about that no matter what kind of pain I had to walk though to get here.

    This time has been painful but nothing like the 10 year Pluto nightmare I went through. I was taken down to nothing with no possessions, no job, family death and no place to go but up. This has just been a slap of reality that I refused to see. It was forced on me whether I liked it or not. If I had continued on like a fool who knows where I would be in the future.

    1. That was powerful. Ditto everything you said, soup. See, proof our some of the greatest lessons come out of darkness and there actually is light at the end of the tunnel… Hooray — We made it!

    2. @soup, that was indeed powerfully moving.

      i, too am all too aware that Saturn is going to make one more round into Scorpio soon. i’m hoping and praying everything will be allright.

  6. How do I feel post Uranus/Pluto square? I feel DEAD inside. Numb. I have been through the absolute gates of human hell ‘the wringer’. I feel like I will NEVER generate a decent income via a job ever again since I’ve been chronically unemployed/underemployed, looking for a perm f/t position w/benefits since 2008. I feel like I will never find mutual physical/passionate love ‘in love’ again; lost the love of my life spring equinox 2013. I’ve been celibate for over 2 yrs & I am not connecting with any emotionally available man, nor attracted to what’s approaching (losers/abusers) me (unrequited love). Sigh. This has gone on for far too long I have forgotten what it was like to feel truly ALIVE & like a feminine beautiful woman. Yeah. Just dead inside.

    1. I was thinking about the same thing today, before I even saw this new article by Elsa and the comments below. I asked myself how I felt, and I think I gave the exact same reply as you, eva, did: dead inside. For the same reasons. This is not pessimistic – I don’t feel sorry for myself, I am not complaining. I just feel dead. Kind of like, I don’t really know who I am anymore.

      It’s amazing to how many things written here today I can relate. Truly amazing. Must be the eclipse.

      Everything is just bursting out.

  7. I lost a lot of support with people dying or friendships falling away. So I was left twisting until I could stand on my own two feet without anyone’s emotional hand to hold. I am the stronger hand now, lifting other people up but not just anyone these days. Maybe that’s why I needed help in the first place, because I was trying to be everything to everybody. That’s a false way to value oneself.

  8. Has anyone else noticed a lot of “separating” going on, both on a personal and collective level, since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008? I was talking with a friend of mine about it yesterday. Biblical metaphors come to mind… a lot of separating of the wheat from the chaff… separating of the sheep from the goats… over the past eight years or so. I too went through a period of painful “dismemberment” from people and situations that were no longer good for me. Things started getting a lot better last summer, and I’m feeling like I’m in a pretty good place now. Thank the gods, because I couldn’t stand much more.

    1. That has been it exactly. It has been a total dismemberment in every way, and the ghosts of the past have haunted me through it all. I want to be rid of them and feel something, anything besides loss. I feel grateful for alot of it nevertheless, I needed to wake up and get it. I get it now. It is funny but at this time all seems to be standing still without the slightest movement. I have never felt this way before. The wheel was spinning so fast and then it stopped cold. I have lost everything I wanted but I have what I need. It seems that the universe is trying to tell us to shave our lives down to the bare bones without any extraneous material or people. The continuous question that plays in every moment is” do I need this?”

  9. *what I mean is, noted the very pointed and “Biblical” or “Shamanic” level intensity of the separating.

  10. when we go through these type of events, its as if we’ve crossed a high, one way bridge, into another country, and we can’t go back. we don’t speak the language, we don’t know the customs, we are not in Kansas any more.

  11. I think it’s going to take me another week to answer this fully, but I never in a million years imagined myself where I am now, much less actually enjoying it.

  12. I’ve mentioned being a military family and moving our children so many times soooooooo…the first thing I thought of when you posted you have 90 days to find a house is how wonderful that timing is to get your son into “his” home and neighborhood before school starts. Going to school is a child’s full-time job. And like we adults develop friends (and even family) on the job and take self-esteem when we do well, children do that at school.

    A home you feel confident in and attached to is always nice at the end of the day.

    I’m happy for you Elsa – its an adventure…its a new life.

  13. There is still something up in the air for me but one thing did get resolved. Someone that had cheated me out of money was sentenced to prison this past week (not my doing), I guess karma caught up with him.

  14. oooov very smart about checking the drainage. There is a fun NRCS (natural resources conservation services) where you can go into the soil survey area and enter an address or draw a square around an area to check out the soils and where it is okay to situate stuff on any tract of land. State DNR sites or county sites often have topographic maps that show where the waterflow goes. It’s all out there to understand better where you are situated. I wanted to write this earlier but did not want to seem too forward. It’s all about buyer beware. Say for example some people here bought ‘beautiful’ new homes in a nice natural setting and then the floods came. The developer had built them in a riverine (where water flows when the rains are heavy). They bought in a flood zone so got no emergency funding when their homes were destroyed. What they got was a big expensive legal battle with the developer. You buy it, you own it. Same thing if you buy a home where toxic waste was dumped. It is the current owner’s problem to clean up.

  15. I’m with Cypress. In 2008 I started seeing the light about my Jekyll/Hyde narcissistic mother and “best” friend. My mother died in 2009 and I shed the “friend” in 2009 as well.

    I’m a completely different person now. I don’t get attached to people (the old co-dependence thing that tools of narcissists often fall into). I spend a lot of time alone, I spend a lot of time being friendly and talking to strangers and being friends with people other people find strange and not worth their time.

    I avoid groups (Pluto and south node in the 11th). Groups never work for me. I’ve tried so hard to make them work, and Pluto’s energy never allows it. With Ceres and North Node in Pisces 5th house, I’m now working with children, doing MY OWN thing and being creative in my own way. Nurturing myself and kids that are mine and not mine.

    I just don’t care what groups think of me anymore, and I don’t want to be involved. The Saturn Neptune thing has forced me to redefine my spirituality and my illusions/delusions. I’m in a good place now. Just figuring out the next step with Pluto on the Nadir and the eclipse yesterday on my Asc/Desc.

    A lot of this wisdom comes from suffering, from age (63-1/2) I still feel like a beautiful woman but I am celibate and prefer it. I don’t have patience for male trips anymore. I don’t have much in common with single men my age. They are SO on a different page, I just don’t relate. They are friends I meet on the trail briefly and that’s it. I don’t need sex to feel pretty and sexy! I may buy an RV and hit the road and once again start meeting people I’m on the same page with, like back in my San Francisco days (1970’s).

    Pluto hasn’t finished with my nadir, I don’t see how it could be any worse than Uranus and Neptune going over it and destroying my life for 15-20 years. I already let everything go, now I’m just coasting until the end of this life, whenever and whatever that is. Of course, I’m not trying to tempt the gods to prove me wrong about Pluto! But I feel I’ve made so much progress that I know how to handle a Pluto transit better than when I was younger and waaay more attached to the way things work out. Nothing has ever worked out for me, so now I just coast. (Uranus on Midheaven natally.) With Saturn on the ASC, I always bounced back and forth between the ASC, M.C. and Desc (Jupiter) I don’t think with my chart anything can be figured out. Other people can make plans and stick to them. I can’t. I gave up! And that feels right, and good. 🙂

    1. I relate to this so much! I have Uranus natally on the MC also (and Pluto)! So I’m constantly having to redefine my “career” and life’s purpose

      I have NN in the 11th but I also struggle with groups! Always have, I’ll get involved then I do or say something that alienates me…

      Uranus and Neptune transitting my IC pretty much wiped my “life” out…I just flow a lot now…I’m kind of glad I’ve recognised this fairly young (47) and yes the whole thing about the men and feeling beautiful too …although I do miss a bed partner 😉

  16. I made 2 major moves w/ the Ur/Pl Square. The 2nd was totally unexpected and on the heels of the 1st. I like where I’m at now, finally, but work a major issue.
    W/ Uranus transiting your Ascendant, you make the changes or the changes happen to you. I figured I’d try to “cooperate” w/ my fate as much as possible…nudge, push, fly.

  17. Avatar

    Stronger. Holding onto my foundations better. Able to withstand heat, criticism at work better. Basically better able to go say “eff the haters!” internally, and keep it together and stay calmer. As a packed 6th house-er with Scorpio, I don’t think the heat at work will ever truly go away, but post-Uranus-Pluto, at least I can say I went through the fire and am stronger for it. I can say to myself: I can do it, when the Capricorn in me used to cower. I believe in a higher power because of this period in my life too, that there is more consciousness than we can see, and there is a right and wrong.

  18. Elemis, totally agree! I don’t mean to alienate, but the freedom and justice nature is so strong that I can’t help myself. I do try to be diplomatic since early on in my studies (1977) I was warned about the Mercury/Mars septile from Scorpio to Virgo. One must be incisive and discrimination AND diplomatic!

    As for further thoughts about the Uranus Pluto square which has been activating my angles and conjoined planets for quite a while, I don’t feel like the dust is settled yet but that’s OK. I feel shaken up in a good way. Acceptance without the deflated resignation and resentment that was true in the past. The trick for me has been, as I said earlier, to flow and not count on expected or hoped-for outcomes.

    1. I still get deflated at times but getting better. Studying Buddhism, meditating and yoga has shifted this a lot for me.

      That’s interesting about the sextile! I have one from my scorpio Neptune to my MC/Pluto/Uranus it forms a minor grand trine (not sure the astrological name) as sextiles my Cancer Sun/Merc too ..astrologers have likened it to Edgar Cayces set up…it does make it difficult to stay the distance in a corporate career as I’m eventually found out as the “witch” lol

  19. Elemis, did you mean sextile or septile? Probably true either way, but the septile has a way of making things come out of nowhere especially with Mercury/Mars. The septile can make things amazingly wise or cuttingly sarcastic when filtered through Mercury-Mars. I’ve had to work on that my entire life. One quality I’ve found with the septile is that it just flows out of us so one has to put the brakes on and use discrimination (my Mars is in Virgo).

    By the way I just got off the phone an hour ago from a consult with Elsa – Elsa you are the bomb!!!

  20. Oh sorry I’m not familiar with the septile! Mine are sextiles Scorpio to Virgo same degrees
    Yes Elsa is great!

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