Voice Of A Marsy Taurean: Bucket Of Cement Take Two

buoy.jpg“Did you know I was going to wind up looking like this when we were kids?” the soldier asked when I admired his muscles.

“Yes, I did. You were already going to go in SF and you started working out. You started bulking up then.”

“Yeah, but I wanted to look like Rambo but instead I just turned into this big barrel thing.”

I laughed. “There was no Rambo back then.”

“Yeah, but you know what I mean. I wanted to have a body women like the way Rambo has but noooooooooo. Instead I turn into a bucket of cement. Look at me, P!”

“You look good.”

“I look good, my ass. I look just like a bucket or a barrel and you know it. If I were in the Navy, I’d be a buoy. Yeah, I’d be a buoy just out there bobbing up and down, stopping ships from running into things.”

P snorted. “Well that’s an important job.”

6 thoughts on “Voice Of A Marsy Taurean: Bucket Of Cement Take Two”

  1. Elsa, the soldier’s so blessed to have you!!
    I wonder if he knows how much he’s liked by so many of us on this blog. And we don’t even have a visual! It’s just pure… liking the guy.

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