Why Are People Unhappy?

unhappy-peopleWe’re having our hail damaged roof replaced. I was standing in the front yard with the highly personable President of the roofing company when someone drove by in marked car (not police).  He made a remark about seeing these people around town. “None of them are happy,” he said. “They’re all miserable. I’ve yet to see one of them smile, ever.”

“Now that you mention it,” I said. ‘You’re right.”

It’s a day later and it crossed my mind that most people are unhappy because they want something that doesn’t even exist.  The perfect marriage for example.  The perfect vacation.

This seems a Virgo/Pisces axis phenomena to me and while I admit I just made that up, I can also back it up.  And at least I have original ideas, eh?

Back in 2007, I made a video about how I felt that all problems were resolved in the 12th house. I can’t remember what I said (and refuse to watch my old videos) but I must have confused (and interested) people because I wound up making two more videos on the topic (which I am also not going to watch).

In whatever case, I think people are unhappy because they fail to transcend. They get to the 12th house and they just can’t do it.

Why do you think people are unhappy?

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  1. Jilly – that part from St John on the Cross is really dip. Just now I came across something I wrote months (years?) ago. I sense a connection between this and your comment, and Elsa’s post.

    I see emotions as one of several types of information.

    I wrote: “information is useless if you don’t have analysis. analysis is useless if you don’t have objectives. objectives are useless if you don’t have principles. principles are useless if you don’t have faith. faith is useless if you don’t have love.”

    Acaseofsunburn: I don’t want to hijack this thread, so maybe take a look at the Boards/previous posts about 8th house, and post your question? I’d be happy to elaborate there…

  2. Maybe they haven’t defined what happiness is for them? It is hard to get what you want if you don’t know what you want.

    Or maybe, like myself, they aren’t really seeking ‘happiness’ by the way it seems described in American society, but something more along the lines of satisfaction, or contentment. For me, I’m not happy unless I’m meeting challenges (why yes, another Mars in Scorpio here). I’m sure that’s not ‘happiness’ in many peoples’ eyes!

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