Why Did Scorpio Cut You Off?

scorpio moldThere is a good discussion going here – Scorpio Dead Zone, which I really should have called the Scorpio Kill Zone. I’ve written about Scorpio amputating people over the years (search). Typically the person who is cut off is left in a tremendous pain. They’re often bewildered as to why it happened.

I know this because, people have come on this blog for years after being cut by Scorpio or a person like me with a packed 8th house.  People hate Scorpio for this. They loathe them. They swear them off for the rest of the life and beyond, if they believe in such things. But I’ll tell you what they (virtually) never do. They never get it. They never understand.

This is not because they are stupid, or insensitive or anything else. You don’t know, because the Scorpio is not going to tell you! They are not going to tell you about their feelings. They’re not going to tell you a damned thing and they’re not going to care what you tell yourself.

I’ve said many times (Scorpio – The Least Appreciated Sign In The Zodiac By Far), people just don’t realize what they’ve got until it’s taken from them.  And I know that Scorpio gets tagged as “vindictive” and “unforgiving”…but only by a certain kind of person.

If you question this, just ask yourself – who doesn’t know a vindictive, unforgiving, Gemini/Virgo/Libra/Cancer, etc. See?

Frankly, I’d rather have a Scorpio on my ass than a Virgo!  Death by 1000 paper cuts, lol. Please, please, just cut me off! Scorpio Amputates…but How Would You Prefer Your Lover Leave You?

How do you feel about Scorpio? How does Scorpio feel about you?

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  1. In regards to dating Scorpios – my experience is when they are done, they are done. No sad sentimental lingering conversations on the phone or “let’s be friends” drinks, coffee, or walk in the park. DONE. !! That’s a good thing to know about Scorpios and it’s important not to take it personally. It just means when they were with you, they were with You- not thinking of the last love. And now they are with who they are with. I don’t think that’s bad. I think that’s a positive trait .

  2. I’ve often heard about the when they are done, their done thing, but haven’t seen it personally. My dad is a scorpio sun and moon, and he’s gone back to the same woman over and over for the last 25 years, after swearing he’d never speak to her again, and cutting of contact completely for (at one point) years.
    My son is also doing the same with his gf. This is their second go round. After their first break up (which he did) he did not speak to her for 2 years and removed all traces of her existance. He’s sun conj venus scorpio.
    And finally my ex… he’s sun in scorpio , when we first got together he broke up with me after 4 months of being virtually in each others faces every day, to go back with a girl he dated while in high school. He did that twice. Then after he and I broke up he started seeing after other lady, and broke up with her several times to go back with me. They are together currently and i am in his amputation because I refused to have sex with him while he’s with her. So since I rejected him, he hasn’t spoken to me.

    1. I think there is a dance that goes on with Scorpio love relationships. I have been told by a Venus in Scorpio (to my Sun, ASC, Mars and Neptune in Scorpio) “I will NEVER trust you again!” Only for him to turn around and be sweet the next day and I don’t amputate due to hurt or self preservation. I try apologize for what I did. We go back and forth all the time! There is pain and then growth.
      I have had to amputate several times due to being deeply hurt by friends who are so insensitive over and over, I couldn’t take it. Or just selfish, cruel etc. One stalked me and I tried to talk to them but they kept it up. Another cat and moused me until it broke my heart and with Elsa’s help, finally got the message and amputated them before they could do one last bat at me.
      They can

  3. Over this Saturn transit, I had to cut people off so I could save my energy to heal myself. Most of the people in my life come to me for care and healing process, and I knew I couldn’t be there for them. And if I tried, I would have suffered.

    Everyone is coming out of the woodwork this week, though. Folks I haven’t seen in almost 2 years since I went into hibernation. What a damn mess they made of their lives while I was gone!

    I think my Leo ascendant and Venus/ Neptune in Sagittarius allows me to forgive really easy. So, despite all the amputating my Scorpio sun, mercury, mars, uranus and north node exhibit, I let everybody back in with open arms. I just want to feel the love!
    (Well, almost everybody…)

  4. My first husband was a Scorpio with five planets in the sign. He used to say, “we’ll be back when they memory fades..”

    He might have been talking about my bad memory, but anyway, I cut off for a year or two…and if it happens again, for five or six years…if it happens after that…ten or twenty years.

    My memory gets better, when there is repetition. 🙂

    I do have some people I will never deal with again, under any circumstances. But that’s a very rare situation. That means you screwed me over so many times, I’m bored. 🙂

  5. Sometimes it’s for self-preservation, not necessarily something you did wrong. You might have triggered something in the Scorpio!

    1. Most definitely. But they’re not going to tell you what. And that’s what causes the angst. But in my experience, the person doesn’t care anyway, so there’s no point.

      It’s a feeling of a person caring about what they want (your energy), and not caring about something vitally important to you. That’s the usual cause of death for me.

  6. My suggestion is that amputation comes when the other person is fed up with you and your “Jedi mind tricks”. The relationship leads to nowhere and therefore it’s useless to sustain. This is actually what I do.

  7. I admire scorpio and I think they like me as well. Have had two longer relationships with scorpios which were beautiful, deep relationships. Appreciated their depth and I think they felt nurtured. I have cancer asc, venus in capricorn and jupiter/Ceres/juno in pisces. After breaking up I recognize what you write, Elsa. Over is over, basta.

  8. Scorpio rising here, with mars and moon in the eight house and moon trining pluto (yep, my mother is also scorpionic – learned good and bad ways of being/relating ftom her growing up)

    I’ve mentioned before in the site how I have amputated and how I’ve been amputated. Nowadays I try to talk things out with the person, or work internally against the temptation to amputate when the desire is not fully well-founded.

    Yet still got the skill to discriminate (scorpio skill, not only virgoans skill) and will leave or not further acquaintance if person is not trustworthy or respectful. As I get older (38) I embrace my leo MC which is dramatic in expression and use it at work to state a sentiment or boundary with domeone who needs telling! (Used to be horrified and intrigued by leos’ expressions – now I used them)

    I digressed!

  9. Sometimes Scorpios don’t understand the amputation any more than the amputee! My Saturn return in late 2012 has been brutal and the resulting feelings of being wrong, not good enough, and generally out of gas caused me to drop both my Gemini dad and my Pisces BFF. I think about my BFF every day and still love her to pieces. I keep feeling like I need to understand why I dropped her in order to reconnect with her. I suspect that there were several situations in the past where I felt badly hurt by her behavior but did not tell her. There came a point when I could no longer keep it in but I also could not tell her, so I went dark. If there is a moral to my story I suppose it is that your Scorpio may be in as much pain as you are about the situation.

    1. I think that sends the message home better than anything I have ever heard. It really is like you are money, some kind of inanimate object to be used as a tool to the others wants or needs. To be used and spent without any regard or respect for the value. These people it seems are overspenders creating a huge debt. That has been my experience anyway. There comes a time where their credit has to be cut off.

    2. Yes, again! I resonate so much with this, thank you for sharing. I have been in the same situation a few times and normally they were really close girl friends. Just thinking aloud here… but this is worth exploring more in depth.

  10. I can really understand this. (I’m scorpio in 1st, with mars and saturn)
    I’ve been in a relationship for almost 4 years. And we tried, I think we tried it all.
    I woke up one morning with my inner Scorpio telling me to just cut it off.
    It felt like all communication options became obsolete.
    So i just cut it. I never seen her since, never called her…
    Sometimes i feel bad about it but she just couldn’t get it.
    It doesn’t mean I don’t love her though.

  11. (continued) When it all went down, the cutting off, it felt mutual because I DID explain to each of them (my ex, my mother, my friend) where they had crossed a line in their own behavior toward themselves (self loathing) that was spilling into my world. They didn’t hear me or weren’t ready to and, instead, projected it on to me and “let the door hit me on the ass on the way out”.
    They’re all back. And still don’t see what I was talking about, no apology or remorse, instead suffering consequences of their failure to transform on the emotional level so having to transform on the physical plane. And, I am aware, again, of how life can be ambiguous and uncaring at times. I am okay with it and always have love for them. I don’t have to build a wall to protect myself from it happening again. Things never happen the same way emotionally, there are just more layers added on to wake up to. More songs to dance to…

    1. I have mercury in my Scorpio stellium and it all sits in the third house, though. So, that must have the verbose influence. I often play the role of interpreter for people trying to communicate their depths, either to each other or themselves.

  12. When I say its over, I really mean its over. I dont expect for there to be a continuation. Thats why I am often surprised at the shock others have when this happens. Equally, when another says its over I expect them to mean it. Mind you it happened to me one day when my ex left – it was a big shock to me at the time – but then again I did not chase her, as i expected that that was it.

    There’s a meeting for scorpios tonight, but I cant tell you where it is. I’m sure you know why. So I wont have to tell you.

    1. Yes, who wants to hang around with people who don’t appreciate you? It doesn’t mean I don’t think about them and agonize over the loss though. I think about it inside myself but never spill the beans or tip my hand. On the outside it really does seem abrupt but it takes a long time to get over because I am also heavily invested.

  13. I’m not a scorpio and at key periods of my life the plutonian side to things emerges. I have sun in cancer trine a scorpio pluto so at times I am forced to bear deeply emotional and traumatic events. Normally I like to give energy, but most recently I faced a dangerous side of me. Maxed out emotionally I needed time to replenish. I felt like the bumper of a car scraping the grooves of the road, being dragged along. Trapped in a toxic environment emotionally. No one would stop or consider their actions; they only continued trying to tax my strength or my position without giving back or considering the fact that my behavior may very well be what I am clinging to in order to just hold on. That I am doing my best. And they continued to push and with nothing left to cushion my interactions, the result was that I cut quite a few to the bone and left a pile of stunned individuals who were shocked that I have limits. I am not proud of it. After many pluto teachings I manage pretty well and don’t have to go there but reached a totally dead low. I was hanging on by a thread and when I would verbalize my needs people couldn’t stop while they were ahead. As a result the relationships have permanently changed. It usually does. If I didn’t have to work with them they’d be permanently buried. I do forgive in time. I recognize what motivates behavior like this and am mending and healing. My sun quincunxs moon, I love my buoyant moon but I also have the other part that can be hurt rather deeply. Everyone has a breaking point and I don’t think you can fully respect the space and needs of another until you have reached a breaking point yourself.

  14. I can’t even tell you all how true this all is. Amputation…I never thought of it like that but that’s what I’ve been doing. I recently cut my mother and her side of the family off because of something she did that triggered an apparent deep wound she inflicted on me from growing up. The family was cut off because I grew up keeping my moms secrets, letting the family believe how perfect she was. I kept it hidden to not set her off, I was a scared child. I couldn’t handle for one more second my family sticking up for her gold plated statue. I felt alone but realize it’s my fault for never saying anything.
    Today I had to call my mother for help. We just received a letter from the mortgage company saying if we don’t come up with october, November, and Decembers mortgages by December 3 the house goes in foreclosure. (December 3 is the last direct hit of pluto trine my MC, astrology your so funny). We have Octobers about ready to send but that’s without paying a lot of other things, just lost my car insurance but rather keep the house. My job just closed for two weeks because the owners went to China. I haven’t even begun to think about providing a Christmas for my 9 and 5 year old, im more worried about feeding them. Saturn is about to go over my ascendant and I’m definitely losing weight. I can’t eat thinking that food my kids will need later. My sheer desperation led me to fall on my sword and call my mom and beg for help. Im literally thinking about taking a very sexually demeaning job and don’t feel as bad about it anymore. (Think tea leoni in Fun with Dick and Jane when he tells her they are gonna take the house). This was NOT what I was thinking was going to happen with this new moon!!!

    1. Lol, when I called her I said I was falling on my sword. She said, “why are you falling on it and why do you have a sword?” Isn’t it obvious….oh wait, I’m a scorpio rising!

  15. A great post, you can learn so much from Scorpio, especially with the unspoken and their cut off points. Their actions (or inactions)get you thinking, they know how to hit a nerve. They are great teachers in that they teach you (if you are willing to learn) to see value and depth and reality in all things, through reality – pain, loss, hurt, suffering. I have time for a scorpio.

    I have sun and merc in eighth house and Pluto transiting there at the moment and I’m guilty of amputating, especially this year. I’ve really trimmed the fat with people and it’s true I don’t care, they didn’t get it, they didn’t want to learn – they didn’t want to transform….scorpio is all about that…so they got chopped off!

  16. I am a scorpio sun/merc/north node square pluto, uranus in 8th house (wide square taurus moon). I know that I have done this a few times in my life, but it is always after enduring years of things getting worse and worse. I can’t stand the pain any longer and I have to blank the person out because I know there will only be more pain if I don’t. In several instances, it has been because I have felt very manipulated and think that if I keep these people in my life then this will only continue.

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    I am an Aries, Cancer Rising, Cap Moon, and Venus in Pisces. Scorps love me. It is scary and awesome at the same time. I am upfront with Scorp friends about my alpha personality and I give them full permission to throw up a boundary if they need to. As a result, I do not have a problem with them anymore. During my childhood all of my friends were Scorps and it was helllish. lol.

    We had to breakup with each other for 6 years. They were apologetic for their transgressions towards me and I couldn’t remember anything about that period in my life. Aries selective memory comes in handy.

    Though, I still do not ever want to date a Scorp. I don’t want to get too close to the Poseidon like energy. I have one trying to slow roll me into dating him right now.

  18. The energy thing is it. I can take more crap than others, but the realization comes- why should I? Do they even realize what a pass they have been given? They don’t. They’re shell-shocked and feel like a part of them is gone. Well, I do feel sorry for an idiot, but I can’t undermine my well-being any longer. See ya!

    1. ” Do they even realize what a pass they have been given?”

      Someone made a remark on facebook, “they know”, meaning the person knows why they’ve been amputated. But I don’t think this is the case.

      I would say, less than 1 in 10,000 might realize they were given a pass, but again, it’s not because they are stupid, but because the Scorpio does not let on.

      That’s the crux right there. The other signs will whine / warn / plead / whatever, before taking any extreme action. It’s one of the reasons, people are knocked for a loop.

  19. I do see what you’re saying. I also wonder how “real” the other wants it, deep down- I think often a Scorp will spare you the pain of a completely obliterating analysis- which is another facet of why they’re really not explaining it.

    1. Another good point. It is often a kindness, which Scorpio is never credited for.

      Here again, is rather have someone just leave then feel compelled to berate me or list my fault according to them, for hours or days on end!

      This is why the phrase, “don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out was invented.

    2. I’ve tried being real with my mother a long time ago but she shuts down, doesn’t listen, and refuses to look at me. I’ve stopped getting totally real with people at times because I don’t want to hurt them and just use the real for self analysis. If someone asks me for honesty I still only go about 75% and gauge from there if I should give them the last 25%.

      1. “If someone asks me for honesty I still only go about 75% and gauge from there if I should give them the last 25%.”


        Few people ask me for honesty (in circumstances like this). They may be afraid of what I might say.

        I’m glad by the way. My life so often, so, so hard, I just don’t have time for psychodrama at all.

        I think this shows by how I get along with my family, with satori, with Ben and others in my life. I am too a point where I want (NEED) solid relationships that mutually supportive…otherwise I opt to be alone, or keep it very light.

        1. Out in the world I keep it light. People would actually tell you I’m a goofball. I only recently started muttering on your blog because I see people who are interested in astrology(really interested not just a sun sign horoscope reader) as people I can show some of my deeper layers to. That and I felt some of my pain is pointless unless I share my experience with others who maybe want to learn all the ways things can manifest in a chart. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years and all the sudden felt selfish for soaking in and not sharing. I don’t know, saturn is really working on me I think. I’m getting real and I don’t know if I can hide these layers anymore.

  20. I’m Aries asc moon Gemini sun Leo partner Scorpio asc, sun cancer, moon Pisces, yep hard work, kicked out of our house, he says my house, silence, no communication, returns as if nothing’s wrong, my hearts being hurt, try to talk but no just a blank stare, carrying on as if its all good. Tired of being
    Told to go when he feels bad about what I don’t know, very exhausting living with Scorpio ascendant. Time to move on.

  21. LOLOLO. I am an 8th house Virgo. Don’t cross me. But after years of meditating and working on myself and working with astrology clients I have come to the place in life (60 years old) that I no longer have time to be nasty or deal with nasty people. I am currently dealing with a Sadge “friend” of 40 years who is a first house Sun with zero degree Mars in the 4th house. It seems like since I have tamed my demons I am constantly dealing with other people’s antisocial behavior. Off with their heads!

  22. Scorpios do the best they can here. I have more Plutonic energy than I know what to do with (I don’t know much). Borrowing from the Aquarian archetype has been very helpful to me, as it is expert in filtering all sorts of relationships. This expertise is a boon to any Scorpio who feels amputation is the only option.

  23. I love Scorpios, no one else ever matches their capacity for depth. I have a couple of female Scorpio friends, I love them but a little wary (possibly in awe) Scorpio men spot me and zoom in a mike off, they were my first in everything in life ( first kiss, etc) although I didn’t marry one, I should have.

    They’ve cut me off but always “return” or at least look me up. I have pushed one further than I’ve ever pushed anyone (just through frustration bad me), he is still there.

    I love them, I appreciate them, I admire them, I feel sorry (genuine) for them

    But a bad one is worse than anything!

  24. As a Scorpio stellium sometimes I tell, sometimes I don’t. It depends. But then again even telling doesn’t mean people will believe it. Nothing more annoying than a fucker who don’t get it and here they come with deaf and blind selves all in my grill.

    I had to wish the sadge dead so that he would finally leave me alone. I’ve never wished that on anyone until now. And that’s cause he believes he’s in love and I should stay but I don’t want to because he’s so full of hot air, intentions and his words don’t match his actions. Plus he doesn’t go so no respect of my boundaries. He’s a Scorpio Venus, obsessed in the worse way. I need the police soon enough.

  25. I have been amputated by a Scorpio and I knew exactly why it happened. It also wasn’t particularly painful. I was almost relieved, actually, because it was clear at that point that our mutual trust had been violated and perhaps wasn’t that strong to begin with. The drama leading up to that was much worse, to be honest, albeit short-lived.

  26. . . . This is not because they are stupid, or insensitive or anything else. You don’t know, because the Scorpio is not going to tell you! They are not going to tell you about their feelings. They’re not going to tell you a damned thing and they’re not going to care what you tell yourself.”

    That is exactly true, Elsa. I have Scorpio Moon, Saturn, Mercury and Venus. I just amputate. If I can’t totally amputate, I will tolerate them in a group setting, but thats it.

    “Frankly, I’d rather have a Scorpio on my ass than a Virgo! Death by 1000 paper cuts, lol.”

    This really made me laugh, Elsa. I’m at odds with my two Virgo sisters right now and thats exactly what they do. Thats why I cut them off. I’m not putting up with that crap. I will have to see them on Thanksgiving though. They can’t believe I’m coming. I’m really going to see other members of my family, but its nice to be in their face and make them feel uncomfortable.

    No words need to be spoken, my vibes say it all.

  27. I do not like the word amputation, so harsh but it is true that after a while because things do not get better a Scorpio will just get tired and will cut off. This may sound mean, but I think that Scorpios do not get loved, we get used. I think that pretty early in life we get that people like us, like to be around us, like to be seen with us, but they don’t look into our hearts, they do not care about our vulnerabilities. They are not curious. After all, who would want to see a God/Goddess cry? Their world would be obliterated. People have trouble with compassion as it is, and are less likely to show it toward those who are supposed to be “strong.” Vulnerability in someone who is supposed to be strong is more likely to elicit contempt. Scorpio might put up with this for a while, maybe years, maybe decades, but it gets old, and then one day something happens and “snap” it’s over.
    Scorpio will not necessarily stop thinking about that person, stop caring, but it just cannot be the same again.

  28. I am Sun in Scorpio. We are deep feeling, intense and always digging around for clues to solve the mysteries in life. At ten years of age I dressed up like a private investigator and played FBI, then later delved into Sherlock Holmes and eventually the occult, studying astrology and becoming knowledgeable about the psychic world. Fascinated with life after death and death in general. Always positive about it although not as positive about life. Scorpio also rules money from other people and skill in handling it. It will make you a favorite with the banks and insurance companies. (Taurus opposite sign). Positive Scorpios don’t usually cut people out of their lives but feel that they will always be there for those that matter to them. We may forgive but we will never forget and thus, will never go there again. We shine in crisis situations and real life and death issues and are bored with the mundane. Many of us have psychic/occult talents of one kind or another and may try to contact the dead and enjoy what transpires. We are very private and don’t like the spotlight – we would rather retreat to our little corner and have lots of quiet space.

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    I have a Scorpio moon and feel quite peaceful about every amputation decision I’ve ever made. If I cut you out of my life, you earned it.

  30. Two persons have amputated me. And actually both have immature personality traits, which I recognize… but emotionally or energetically I am still drawn to them. Dealing with it is my problem to solve, of course. But I know from personal experience that people who amputate can also have skewed worldviews, they can project like crazy etc… and the amputation can be a method of preventing personal change. People who amputate are not automatically superior beings because of the fact they amputate.

  31. I’m seeing a Scorpio now and I like him a lot. I don’t understand him but I like him a lot. That said, I have Uranus in my 8th house making a lot of aspects so when I’m done with someone, it’s done. and I like it like that, then you know where you stand.

  32. I amputate when someone begins taking my energy. If I don’t have time away to recharge from someone who is needy (needs advice, needs support, needs attention), if they keep trying to butt in and command my energy when I’m trying to take care of other parts of my life, I will amputate to self-preserve. I need that energy to survive and guess who wins in that situation. Those situations are salvageable in time. The other amputation scenario is when someone deliberately screws with me. Not because we were playing and I got a little roughhoused, or because I had it coming or because someone had an outburst or whatever. If someone (as Elsa once wrote, i think) ’empties their gun into me’, deliberately, coldly, and knowingly – we are done. Goodbye. Goodluck. I’m not going to go back and forth with someone like that because they have proven to be a colossal waste of energy.

  33. I so love this post. If you’ve wronged me in some way, the last thing I want to do is help you more by telling you what you did wrong. There’s some pride there. Because I’m not going to beg you to change for me. There’s also some love there because I’m not going to beg you to change for me. I’m just going to go away.

  34. Depends on the currency involved. Easier to excise someone with lesser value and exchange rate, with less skin in the game. I can easily dump an acquaintance playing games with me, but my tolerance increases considerably for friends, and even higher for family. Repeated deception resulting in loss of trust is my prime mover. Me: Scorpio Sun, Mercury, Venus all conjunct.

  35. Very intriguing thread!
    Also interesting b/c it’s so different from my interactions with Scorpios– they hang on and on, obsessively and compulsively and won’t let go, in my experience– e.g. My ex, it took ten years to get a divorce, and he’d leave me mssgs nightly even tho we were both involved w/others at that point.
    And I have no Scorpio, yet I do exactly what the scorpios here feel and do. Is it b/c I have an 8th house sun, Pluto in the 1st, mars-Pluto trine? I’m patient until I’m Done. Then I’m done– if you don’t understand me now, there’s no point and I’m not wasting your energy or mine explaining!

  36. I have known a lot of Scorpio moons and ascendent people (not sun Scorpio – strange, although I had a sun Scorpio boyfriend for about 3 years, a long time ago).

    I cut them all off at some point. My ex Scorpio boyfriend was devastated – he cried and begged me to stay even though he knew neither of us was in love any more. I felt very guilty.

    I still have some friends with Scorpio asc or moon – but the others I’ve cut off as I found them petty or insulting to me or to other people. I care about manners!

    I really don’t care for people who play emotional or mind games – so boring – yawn.

    Me? Sun Sagg, moon Cancer, Libra asc, Jupiter 8 house.

    1. reminds me of Gavin Rossdale, 12th house Scorpio sun/Capricorn moon/sag mars who didnt really want to break up/divorce with Gwen Stefani (libra sun/cancer moon) even though he cheated lots. I guess some of them dont want to let go despite them sleeping with other women. since they have chldren and history.

      i’ve known a couple as friends though, and they are great friends. the one i’m with now is perfect in my eyes, just for me. we are both family type/homebodies.

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    Candace McGinnis

    OH My. I have six planets in Virgo in the house of Scorpio. When I’m done, I’m done. I just walk away. No regrets. No grudges. I’m just done.

  38. Scorpio Moon/Saturn/Pluto . If I give my body , heart and soul to someone and they somehow disrespect, betray, take for granted or not reciprocate the same intense feelings or devotion, then I’m out the door. I don’t care how many times I want to beg or crawl back to the one I love…I must burn the bridge before the bridge burns me! My Scorpio Saturn will attach like glue and so will the pain. If they had any ounce of love for me, then they will come. If not, then I made the right choice.

  39. I’m amputating now. I have 3 planets in Scopio. Cut off a Libra friend, his wife, and another friend. The Libra I have known since 2007. I was the godfather of his son. This has been coming for years now. The cutoff began 2 weeks ago officially.

  40. Wait a sec, let me get this straight…you are saying that no explanation for the amputation is necessary? Right? The only planet that I have in Scorpio is Chiron. And if I don’t get an explanation of that woman’s behavior, then I too want nothing more to do with that her. In my case(s), these women want to leave, but then they come around wanting to still be a “friend.” Gee, let me think about that … no thanks, “friend.” Amputated once is enough. Allowing it to happen a second time around is unforgivable.

  41. I don’t know how Scorpio takes me? People tend to be careful around me.

    I know I’ve got Pluto in aspect to like my whole chart including my ASC/DSC & MC/IC (leave Saturn and it’s only “sharing a house” with Uranus). I amputate, that’s that. When you tell me you’re done, then I amputate. So when my hubby says: “sorry I can’t be what you need me to be, I’m done”. Then I’m done, don’t think a few months or years will go by and I’ll be like, “oh you didn’t mean that? ok let’s rekindle”. No! For one, that’s flaky and I’ve got pluto, so no flaky stuff ok!

  42. I didn’t understand, as a Gemini, why I was always attracting Scorpios socially since it’s not an easy match. Then I saw Pluto right on my Descendant along with my two chart rulers (Neptune and Jupiter in Scorpio in the 8th.! Even the non Scorpios have the sign predominant in their chart. I love the psychological depth, loyalty and amazing sensuality but in the end you are left exposed and dissected by a partner who can’t share their own fears, hurts and dreams because those are private to them. You never feel like you know them the same way that they know you. Very frustrating. Better for friendship.

  43. l have never been cut off from a scorpio/8th h person. l have just been cut-off out of someones life who has a Pluto square Moon transit now..yep. it’s ugly and it did not make sense indeed. No Scorpios /8th people cut me off. Actually l don’t feel like going into that zone it’s way to dark and painful so if l can help it l will try to stay above but if you push me there byebye..l can also cut you off for self protection mostly. If you push me into the no return terrain l will be done with you for sure.

  44. don’t think you can change their mind once they’ve made a decision like this. for whatever reason.
    given time, they might. as circumstances change. but usually they won’t.

    most of my best friends are scorpios. some have been more evolved than others. their reasons vary, as well as self awareness levels.

  45. This cutting off or amputation is, to me, immature Scorpio and is both self-destructive and a sign of intense vulnerability. I have learnt that its better to try to work things out and keep conversation open. It doesn’t mean you won’t end up separating but it is a better way to deal with the rage/anger, trust, vulnerabiligy issues which are behind amputation. The Scorpio person may think they’re OK with it afterwards, but they’re not and it actually creates more vulnerability long term because feelings are hidden rather than worked through.

      Elsa said
      “Frankly, I’d rather have a Scorpio on my ass than a Virgo! Death by 1000 paper cuts, lol. Please, please, just cut me off! Scorpio Amputates.”…

      Ive experienced giving my all to a Scorpio friend. I was there for him and literally prevented him from falling between the cracks. Yes I hurt him a number of times. He REALLLLY hurt me a number of times too. How many times I wanted to ice him out. But I really tried to take my share of the responsibility and realized my part in the friendship was anything but perfect. I didn’t always act right but neither did he. But I always felt it would be unjust to just amputate.

      I dont know. I feel Scorpios have to remember there are two sides and then there is a middle ground where the truth and ownership lie.

      No no… Im sorry. I prefer the Virgo way. Call it the death of a thousand cuts. But at least Virgos will tell the person why they are walking away if it needs to be that way. And We don’t give a shit about keeping it a secret either. Why does it have to be a secret unless I want to hurt you by leaving a big question mark over your head.
      We Virgos may guard our feelings like a Scorpio but we are not interested in not trying to communicate and clear the air rather than scampering away with hurt feelings leaving the person bewildered and terribly hurt. I don’t think its a sign of strength in being that way. To me, its meant to hurt. And it gives the Scorpio the last word in control over the relationship. .
      SIGH! I understand. I really do. Its not that complicated.I see the onion and the layers. And I know everyone is different in dealing with hurt feelings. Just don’t expect everyone to admire the Scorpio for it…

  46. Well knowing a birthdate might be opening paragraph but far from the body of work
    The scorpios in my world
    Obsessed with jealousy and back stabbing
    I was the one to amputate

  47. anonymoushermit

    I’m not trying to be snotty, but it’s usually me that’s cutting out the Scorpio. I just find some of them so insecure, manipulative, and have a hunger for control! They want their feet on your head, if you know what I mean.

    Well no, thank you. I’m going to go sit at another area of the lunchroom, okay?

  48. I know how to amputate. Like I’m a master at it. I just wake up one morning and realize how you wronged me and it starts. I devise a painful and slow amputation. Like the last person I amputated. He wronged me in a relationship, and although he spent the entire day apologizing, it would never make up for what he did. I sent him a message telling him that on that particular day I died and no longer existed and that if he saw me on the streets he should look the other way because he just saw a ghost. I told him don’t look for me and don’t ever speak my name again. But, I did allow him to remain friends on my company (I own it) Facebook page just so I could torture him. He would never see any of my personal posts on it but I knew that everyday, on the hour, he would be looking to see if maybe I posted something.
    Scorpios aren’t bad people. We just don’t put up with stupid shit!

  49. I don’t think I have much Scorpio (um, looking at my chart which I don’t really know how to read I have a True Node in Scorpio) but I will sure cut people off. I notice that at the moment in the current polarized state of society, I’m doing it a lot more too, given how disrespectful and unthinking I find that even people who are long-time friends are being.

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