Pluto Transit Through The 12th: Snakes In The Grass

snake in grassLast week I walked by a snake in the grass. It startled me but not that much because it’s a familiar symbol. A few days later I walked by another and laughed. It’s the season for this, see? I always see snakes in the grass and I don’t mean, slithering.

I walk on the trails here and the snakes when I see them are always, always half in the path, half in the grass. In other words I can’t miss the snake.

I have really only had one lover in my life who truly betrayed me. It was a total slaughter but I have to say I saw it coming albeit a little too late.

We were in bed one night and I was dreaming of a snake in the grass. This was years ago, I have become incredibly desensitized, but at the time I sat up in bed with my heart pounding. I mean my heart was beating right out of my chest and I had a scream stuck in my throat. My energy alone woke him. He asked over his shoulder, “What’s wrong?”

“Bad dream,” I said, relieved he was there and awake. “Very bad, I saw a snake in the grass.”

He looked at me.

“It’s you,” I blurted. “You are the snake in the grass!”

He had a pure poker face. “Go back to sleep, Elsa,” he said.

Well I wasn’t going to do that. I knew I was screwed. I just didn’t know when, how or why. I found out within 48 hours.

I survived and I have never seen anything like it since, thank God. I learned a lot from that, like to mind the snakes you see in grass.

I have seen at least 20 more snakes in the grass since that happened 15 years ago, most of them in real life (rather than dreams) but the snakes are always apparent to me and I think this is symbolic.

Do you know a snake when you see one or can you be sneaked up on?

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  1. I think the answer would have to be both; I know one when I see one, but I was duped for a long time. Though I wonder if I was just in complete denial and that allowed me to be duped. I think it takes bravery to see the snakes in the grass.

  2. I usually see them. I do not hope snakes in the grass will be good ones but I try to wait until they’ve revealed themselves because no one listens when you say “look there’s a snake”. That little lesson has improved my life dramatically at work. We just got rid of a snake last week and I came out smelling like a rose instead of becoming the scapegoat. The snake attacked me via my boss and boss cut off her head via immediate firing.

    Who knew dog grooming was so dramatic. Well maybe people are onto us now that we have a reality show along with everyone else. *laugh* 🙂

  3. similar to both entries above: I know it in my gut without the shadow of a doubt, its visceral. But my head wants to believe something else.

  4. Snakes to me are Rahu(NNode)/Ketu(SNode), they eclipse the Sun and the Moon. This is how I got into vedic astrology, they make a lot of sense (or non-sense). The churning of the ocean. I love the mythology.

    Rahu is about to transit into Capricorn, Ketu into Cancer, tropically. Sidereally they have been there for some time.

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    I think some of those snakes I’ve met are pretty darn charming and I think I might just charm the fangs right off of them, or at least have myself a pretty entertaining snake charming show for a little while, but I try to never forget that they’re a snake and proceed with the utmost caution, but baby, I’m gonna make that snake dance for my entertainment first before I decide to let it slither off, or help it off with it’s head!

    After that first sorry snake experience I’ve been much more adept at snake handling and 99 times out of a 100, I sneak on the snake first.

  6. I saw a 4-foot black and yellow snake last week – eastern garter snake – in the yard. It was a snake in the leaves then a snake in the rock pile not snake in the grass though. 🙂

    I’ve seen black snakes and mole kingsnakes in the yard before too.

    Sometimes I’m oblivious.

  7. I’m pretty good these days at spotting nasty snake like people…but it has taken years of training to hone these skills.

    On the other hand, real snakes in the garden, here in Australia, is a life threatening experience.All are poisonous and most can kill you with one bite.
    Fortunately hospitals have all the anti venom serums under the sun…that’s if you get to a hospital in time.

    So this is how we manage snakes here: when walking in the bush stomp loudly as you walk, they feel the vibration thru the earth and it gives them time to wriggle away from you. If you do happen upon a snake, stop, limit any fast, radical movements and step back away very, very slowly.

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    I usually see the “people” snake in the grass. Not right at first but usually with enough time to do something to get out of the situation. My problem is that those around me often don’t know how to help me get out of the situation or don’t believe that I see the snake and I get bitten or my loved ones get bitten anyways. It’s tiring.

  9. Pluto is also transiting my 12th, but transiting Neptune is opposing my sun and pluto, and conjuncting my moon, so I really don’t know which end is up. As far as I know, I could be the snake!

  10. ps I think it is how well my neptune intuition is functioning whether I can suss out the snakes in the grass – scorp neptune sq 8th house jupiter.

  11. I had this before too – woke up in the night next to someone after a horrendous nightmare about a snake and knew he was the snake. He was!

    Hope I’m getting better at seeing them but pluto will go over my moon at 1 degree of cap again twice before it gets off for good and the first two occasions it did that were nasty so could be still more to come.

  12. Fuck, i dreamed about snakes last night. Lots of snakes. A room full of people and snakes. Your story made me remember.

  13. Hard to say. I can tell if someone Has Issues right off, but if I am forced to put up with them closely for a long time, I’ll kind of have to be inclined to overlook what throws me for the sake of the relationships.

    For example: my friends who have/had abusive husbands. Or my friend who later married a compulsive liar: the guy gave me weird vibes right off, but since I had to be in close proximity to him for a year and a half if I wanted to see her, I kind of had to put up with it and ignore it. Then guess what, he turned out to be a compulsive liar and I got bit, and the friendship ended when she took his side.

    So, I can tell a bad egg when I see them, but if I can’t avoid the bad egg, yeah, I’ll probably get bit like everyone else.

  14. I have an inbuilt radar that can be awkward as I can be introduced to someone one minute and be outta there the next, not good in social situations. Once around age 21, shook a guy’s hand and blurted out something really so’s truly embarassing to admit.. “oh no, you just killed someone”.. the words leapt out and I regretted that forever.. he went chalk white and said..”the charge was manslaughter.. I was driving too fast”. Now I keep it zipped but I usually feel like I “know” people, I just sense their essence and likewise sure people can sense mine, warts and all. Pluto on an angle, hooked up all over the place.

  15. Oh was mine once I’d allowed my brain to catch up with my gobby mouth..and realised actually he could have been a psychopath and I might well have touched off a slightly (ahem) raw nerve..ah we live and learn..hopefully! I expect you’re a lot more sensible than that Jilly.. at least you have the dark glasses on..that can be a big help with the getaway plan..

  16. lynne-i’ve blurted stuff out like that before, too. not quite as dramatic as “you’ve just killed someone” but i know what you’re talking about. the realization shocks you so much it just jumps out of your mouth. very hard to backtrack at that point.

  17. thanks Goddess, actually I was feeling a bit embarassed about owning up to that one..but it was the memory that the picture evoked.. you made my blush subside there, whew..

  18. …but i _like_ snakes.
    the real ones.

    but, eh, as far as your question… see them? usually. nowadays. deal with them? i dunno… mostly i try to avoid them. other than that… i’m working on it.

  19. I usually recognize the snakes – more often as a child, than I do now. I find that I’m more aware when they’re hanging around somebody else, than when they’re with my. My protective instincts kick in.

    The last dream I had about snakes was three years ago; I had a series of them, and when I awoke from the last one, I realized that they hadn’t been trying to hurt me, so there was nothing to be scared of. On Friday night, I did dream that vampires kept feeding on me – I was surrounded, and trying to protect the wound they were drawn to. As soon as I awoke, I knew what they were connected to. No snakes, but fang-related, all the same.

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