How To Raise A Scorpio Child

scorpioocharmHi Elsa,

What advice if any, would you give to a parent of a child who is a Scorpio, 8th house, Pluto type. How does a parent explain to the child that is repulsive to so many that it will not always be this way?


Hi, M.

This is a great question, thanks.

My first thought was that you could not the tell the child that it will not always be this way, because that’s probably not true.

Further, the child, even if very young, would probably not believe you. They may want to  believe you, but their gut would tell them otherwise. Depending on their age, this could leave them quite confused.  Why is my mother lying to me?

Of course you would not mean to be lying. But your promise of a breakthrough would not ring true, deep down.

In reality, most Scorpios are going to wind up with a small inner circle. This is also what they’re going to want, by the way. People are not going to just all of the sudden love them some day.

If you want examples of this, just look at any prominent Scorpios. Ask yourself if people actually LIKE them. Do they like them, or are they attracted? There’s a big difference.

Calvin Klein comes to mind. He has large stellium in Scorpio. Do people like him?  Or is it something else, entirely?  Matt Drudge is another example.

Instead, I would be talking to the child about their nature and the nature of other people. Age appropriate of course. But my focus would be on supporting and developing their life force.  Scorpio, at is best is, is psychologically sophisticated.

I would talk to the child about how and why people are threatened. “Here’s what I think? What do you think?” And then stand back and marvel at how much they can tell you.

It’s really no different than raising any other child. My son is a Taurus. I support his interest in art. If my child was a Virgo, there would be a lot of books around, So with Scorpio, you want to let them be themselves which I admit can be hard.

It’s hard, because Scorpio does brood. And if you want a sunny kid all the time, you’ll probably be made uncomfortable yourself!

But it’s no different than dealing with a double Gemini child who won’t shut up, or a Sagittarius child who blurts things that they think are funny, but make you want to hide under the table…

If there is one thing I beg parents of Scorpio children not to do, it’s that they do not betray their child. Because a Scorpio child WILL be betrayed.

It’s really nice if it’s not their mom or dad who does it. It’s not that you can’t make a mistake. But your kid badly needs someone they can trust, so if you can get them to adulthood without breaking their trust, you will truly set them up for a satisfying life.

Please add your remarks around raising Scorpio children.

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  1. Our younger son has a huge Scorpio stellium in 3rd house (6 planets). When he was younger I always encouraged his interests which were a bit offbeat but didn’t worry me. He loved reading horror stories. I bought entire series of books that were age appropriate for him (as I did with my other children who had other interests). When he became a teenager he was interested in psychologically scary movies and although I don’t really like movies he and I explored that genre from film noire to Japanese horror/thriller movies. He was interested in UFO’s and paranormal activity. We took a trip to Roswell NM because he wanted to go.

    Saturn through Scorpio has been a bit tough for him but he and I talk a lot. I am encouraging him to journal right now. He has the natal chart of a writer. I’m very fortunate because we share a relationship where he trusts me enough to talk to me about anything and everything. I hold no judgments about his thoughts or feelings. I was the first person he came out to and I was honored that he loved and trusted me enough to know that I love him completely and completely unconditionally.

    I think looking at the synastry between parent and child is particularly important when answering this question. My Jupiter aspects his mercury and venus. His ascendant and chiron are conjunct my 8th house pluto. His moon is conjunct my Neptune–exact. It’s a sweet and gentle and very deep relationship.

    Additionally, as an aside, my Sagittarius stellium of 4 personal planets falls within his 4th house (as it does with all four of my other children).

  2. I have 3 planets in scorpio, mars pluto and saturn and all conjunct, with an 8th house sun.
    I was lucky that my father was an avid silver and golden age comic reader, deeply into simon r green and heinlen and stephen king. He allowed me space and nurtured my interests.
    It also helped that I had a big family so I wasn’t the main child to focus on.
    Thanks for the insight!

  3. Third house stellium with sun, mercury, mars, uranus and north node in Scorpio here. I’m 38 yo.

    The third house is about mimicry. When I look into someone’s eyes, and they tell me their story, my brain and body mirrors them as they tell it. The mirroring makes me feel what they feel. I take what I feel and I love myself, doing all my techniques for self care, to walk myself and them back out of the hurt. I put needles in them, warm points with mugwort, hold points on their body, and tell them what I would want to hear if I were in their shoes.

    Without my initial traumas, I would not know how to get into the deep limbic part of my brain and then build a path to walk in and out of it.

    I know as a mom that the urge is to protect, but I needed the betrayals and jealousy and bs I experienced in my youth so that now in adulthood, I know what those feelings feel like and I have practiced mastery of process of them.

    If we lived in indigenous times, the shaman would take him aside and teach him to swim through the self/ other healing process. We don’t have that today, unless you want to send him to me ;-). But, life does lean into the light and make its way to balance. Water finds its level. Healing and inevitability are my friends.

    I highly recommend self mastery so that he can have peaceful company. Life isn’t about the avoidance of pain. (I’m not saying that your doing that, I just felt the need to say it.) Life is about owning our own pains and letting healing come to us and through us.

    Tai Chi is a very important part of my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

    1. Eloquent, and expressed from a place of experience. Self mastery being the greatest ‘victory’. I appreciate the reminder of how important physical movement – Tai Chi in your case, is for Scorpio.

  4. My parents would probably sympathize 😀 It is not easy having a kid who is very aware of the nature of life and death from young age, and very interested in paradoxical oppositions in the world.
    My mother is Sag to the core, so she was always: Why so serious? Father is Taurus, and was pretty much self-absorbed, but I felt closer to him, because he understood my need for privacy. Or at least, he pretended. He admitted to me that he used to read my diaries when I was a kid, in order to know what is going on 😀 I know it wasn’t very scorpionic of me, but it was very funny. I was like: why didn’t you just asked if you wanted to know? I have a very strong Sag in my chart, so I’m pretty open about things, even the ones I would not suppose to be.
    Actually, the whole problem with us is in having so many family secrets, and I am still not the one who is going to push them under the carpet! I still feel that I was more capable than my parents to “digest” them, so I feel that they just protected themselves, not me, from those secrets. I think the key to raising a Scorpio child is to not underestimate or overestimate them when their physical and psychological strength is in question. And that is not an easy task. But becoming an adult who feels he appreciated for something he truly is, is a reward for all the parental troubles 🙂

  5. One of my daughters is a sour-and-sweet little Scorpio. From the time she was born, I was the only one who could make her stop crying, and as a result, she cried constantly…the pediatrician said she was the worst case of colic to come into her office. Even now, she prefers me over everyone. A psychic in Casadega Florida said she was a very very old soul who has issues with trust. She is probably only openly affectionate with me, sometimes with her sister, sometimes with her father, and always little babies. But no one else. She hates it when extended family members ask her for hugs. Don’t get me wrong, she is no angel; she is a daredevil who loves to look you in the eye all the while she is doing something you just asked her not to do. But I can’t help but love her to death, even though I know she does things to be naughty. Just like I knew my eldest daughter needed music and dance to help express herself, I think my little Scorpio needs something physical, like some form of martial arts, that provides mental discipline with the physical exertion. I don’t know; my little Scorpio is so different from her Virgo sister, I never thought in a million years how two children from the same parents could be so unalike.

    My extended family prefers my Virgo daughter over my Scorpio. I think it is the repulsion thing, and it is already breaking my heart to see this perceptive child getting the cold shoulder from those who don’t understand her. She is so sensitive and I feel like I am the only one in this world who sees that. She is going to take a different path than her older sister, but I always tell her that her mama loves her no matter what.

  6. I have Scorpio and I felt repulsive(till somewhat recently). Saturn is also in Scorpio in 1st so I thought it might be that (hard on self). Cancer sun hyper sensitivity made it hard to bear. Sag moon luckily added enough resiliency to bounce back(eventually):)

    So my question is: Why is Scorpio so repulsive?

  7. “If there is one thing I beg parents of Scorpio children not to do, it’s that they do not betray their child. Because a Scorpio child WILL be betrayed.”

    Repulsive was not a word I knew to describe ‘Scorpio’ but it has been coming up a lot here so I chew on the meaning, and admit it clogs in my digestive tract, wakes me from sleep and requires being dealt with. If it means our deep-seeded quest for getting at the truth at all costs makes Scorpio repulsive, or weird … I get how young Scorpios may take to hiding their light to survive. That was my tactic. My Pisces mother transcended. My Capricorn father drank. My Sag brother escaped.

    AMarie made some excellent points about self-mastery “Without my initial traumas, I would not know how to get into the deep limbic part of my brain and then build a path to walk in and out of it.” That has been true for me over time. The blessing of time is in the accumulation of first-hand experiences to build upon as one fire lays a foundation of hardened lava. We have ancient chants to make sense of that ‘earth-building through fire’ they help me survive, and thrive.

    What Elsa said about parents NOT being the betrayer gives me cause for focus. My nephew and his wife have a two week old Scorpio with a powerful stellium in the sign. My brother, this nephew’s dad, passed away in early spring of this year. “In his place” comes this powerful Scorpio who will turn my nephew’s life on its ear! I was asked to help design a tattoo for the infant. Expectations and initiations. I asked my nephew to wait as I considered his request. Two days passed, I responded with a few questions and also asked, “How comfortable are you waiting to design the tattoo?” I’ve not (yet) heard back from him. It may take a village to raise a child. I’m glad my nephew asked for help. What comes of it … time will tell.

  8. My Scorpio Moon daughter listens and trusts only me. I have Scorpio Moon as well and I pick up her emotions without her needing to tell me. Scorpio kids love that. We share a deep bond. I’m not sure how non-Scorpio parents can handle a Scorpio child. Her Libra father would never come close to making her feel secure enough to express her feelings.

  9. Very touching post, and great advice! Thanks Elsa.

    I am a bit speechless

    (Pisces sun, scorpio rising, moon and mars in gemini in the eighth house, moon trine pluto)

  10. great post!!! i am a scorp. betrayed by a pisces mom (vanished) cancer dad w/cap6th moon (withdrew) and sag brother (became spectacularly insane) my mom and i were able to eventually make peace- perhaps because pisces is vulnerable and can’t help to show you humanity and in the end teach you forgiveness.
    a watery illusion of nothingness- a perfect trine.
    i have a scorpio daughter with a 7th house stellium- trying to wrap my mind around it. i don’t understand 7th house stelliums…
    my older gemini daughter has a similar energy- but she is able to detach quickly- flash a smile, crack a joke. both have the same degree libra moons! 🙂

  11. I have a double Scorpio son. He has Taurus rising. Elsa, I will heed your advice. I’m a terribly flawed mother but I am trying. I love my son fiercely and want him to be a happy, secure adult someday. Thanks for sharing this.

  12. Oh yeah! Don’t invade their privacy. Read their diary and the like.

    It may disturb you, but if they find out, they may forgive you, but they will never, ever forget. They will remember that you’re capable of such a thing, see? So the trust line gets pushed back, as it should.

    But what I’ve seen is that Scorpios who have trustworthy parents, learn that at least someone out there can be trusted.

    That’s the main thing to convey, before they leave home. That there are good people in the world, who you can rely on.

    1. My daughter trusts me, but I’m about the only one. For two years, from the time she was 9 until she was 11, my mom and her husband refused to speak to her. She had asked me to tell my mom’s husband not to pick her up and tickle her anymore. She didn’t like it as a small child but it was creeping her out. I told them and they literally did not speak to her. They would talk to my sons and it got to the point that I didn’t take any of my children to their house and I will never forget the look in her eyes when she asked me, “Mom, why does granddaddy hate me?” She and I may fight like crazy some days, but at 14 she still crawls in my lap on occasion and hugs my neck tight and asks if she can always do this and I always say yes. Love my Scorp!!

  13. Oh man. I have dealt with boundary issues all my life. My mom betrayed me numerous times, as did my maternal grandmother. They both read my private journals. I have to fight my upbringing tooth and nail as I raise my son. I do not want him to inherit my issues.

  14. would have been nice to realize before i hit my thirties that the reason people (eg the other kids…) were so often awful to me was that they felt threatened by me.
    also, yes, the betrayal, but i thought that was a thing that happened to everyone. wasn’t my parents, at least.

  15. i love this article, so very true!! again i’m amazed at your insights/understanding depth. my husband was super lucky to have both parents who never pried in his private life/and let him be “free” too. he is very “fort knox” about everything, right down to making new locks and keys for the house, and windows too. lol he can leave anything around and he knows that he can trust me fully.

  16. To this parent, these are the advices of a person who has 4 planets in scorpio: jupiter, venus, mercury and scorpio’s ruler, pluto (but I’m a sag sun, capricorn rising):

    the betrayal thing is SOOOO real! I remember the moment I needed my mom the most when I was a teenager, and she shouted at me “coward, go face your problems”. I was asking her for help, thats the last thing I needed to hear. Since then, I never trusted her, in ANYTHING, she’s usually the last one to know abt my afairs. It was long ago, but still, I cant forget, neither forgive her.

    Your kid will cause “something” at people, wherever he/she goes. It doesnt matter the looks, your kid will grab a lot of attention in a room, even if this kid is quiet in the corner of the room. This “something” will, most of times, be a bad feeling. Many people will hate ur kid, and a few will love them, for the exact same reasons. I tried to “fix” this behavoir of people I just met changing stuff abt myself, and that was very stupid. From the moment I just accepted this fact abt myself, life became much easier. I’m responsible for my own acts, bahavoir and words, but not abt how people may interpret them. So raise your kid in a way of “people may not like you, thats ok. Theres nothing wrong with you, it’s just that they’re bugged abt something you have, and they dont”. Never let ur kid think theres something “wrong” abt them. And dont expect ur kid to be the smiley sunshine, that simply wont happen. My mom (sun + more 4 planets and MC all in libra) failed in all things in this paragraph miserably.

    Your kid will mature fast. My mom tells me I barely cried, and that I basically stopped crying for food or whatever from the moment I learned how to speak. The sense of understanding the world will come fast. Thats the good thing abt scorpio and it shouldnt be seem as a problem, make good use of it. Of course, my capricorn ascendant took this maturing process to a whole new level, my mom never had to talk to me abt responsabilities, she never saw a reason for it.

    Your kid will always need space and privacy, because he/she will always be secretive, mysterious, and a place to hide or a place they can have thats all his/hers will be a physiological necessity. And dont try to cross this border. I find it funny, because most of times we’re hiding nothing, unlike what most people think.

    Things are either 8 or 80 (intensity). A no is 100% NO, and yes is 100% YES. When we’re done, we’re DONE, its hard to make us change ideas.

    It’ll sure be a hard thing, I’m sure you’ll feel frustrated most of the time, you’ll have the feeling you failed as mom, but dont take it this way. We know we’re tough people. And try to look at GOOD things in ur kid’s chart too!

  17. I’ve a tight 4 planet stellium in the 3rd in Scorpio, from a large female scorpionic family, and our linen closet was a book closet(murder mysteries, history, etc), our garage was full of skates, skateboards, bikes, we had tetherballs and a handball court, practiced basketball with dad before dinner, swam, played tennis, and everything else.
    I had terrible colic as a child and my sisters burned me with cigarettes, tried to abandon me in the wilderness, deep water, and far from home, and put me inside a fold up sofa bed and left me there ( yes I almost died).
    My scorpio Dad with his sun on my Neptune in the stellium would protect and defend me, of course, and they hated that, but he taught me to turn the other cheek. I was diagnosed a genius at age 7, which was a relief, because they weren’t sure what was wrong with me. My teachers helped me and rewarded me for my memory, speed, focus and logic.
    I loved my childhood! It wasn’t until I was older that the real betrayals began. I now live abroad to be away from them.

  18. This thread touches me, helps, and also makes me sad. I read here about parents who want to, are actually interested in helping their Scorpio children. I am a Scorpio woman who was raised by a Taurus mother. She committed so many painful, disloyal and abusive actions toward me while also having numerous moments of doing wonderful things!! I am grateful for all the good things she did for me, however, it was like with one hand she was holding me up, and with the other constantly hitting me. She is in her seventies with dementia, and I cannot bring myself to be with her. Even in her older years she has done really painful things to me. I miss her, yet at this point in my life with the perspective that life brings, including my own experiences of being a mother, just thinking about her brings me immense pain. She talks to other family members about how she misses me, yet she never truly valued or respected me. I wish she had taken more interest in me my uniqueness and my needs. I would have developed as a healthier happier person, and she would hve benefitted from my being more active in her life and into her elderly years. Being the Scorpio daughter of a Taurus mother has been a crazy nightmare of confusion that has left me deeply wounded, as if being a Scorpio was not difficult enough! May God bless and forgive her for her mistakes, and bless and help me with my woundedness and loneliness. To all the curious mothers who are interested and motivated to be good parents to their Scorpio children; you are doing a truly wonderful and helpful thing! God bless you.

  19. By the way, I do not mean to offend Taurus, yet the combination of Taurus and Scorpio in relationships is very tricky. These are opposite signs and two out of the three “power” signs: Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. A Scorpio child raised by an unenlightened Taurus parent can be at serious risk for psychological trauma/damage. Taurus due to being so practical and here-and-now oriented will not be able to have empathy and be able to tolerate the deep and sensitive inner world of the Scorpio child. Speaking for myself my mother often rejected me for some of my best traits, my empathy, imagination, insight and sensitivity. In spite of being a loyal and helpful daughter to her up to my thirties (I started to get tired of the betrayals in my forties) I received rejection at best, betrayal and abuse at worst. She apologized for her mistakes repeatedly but she never stopped, she just did not have the capacity to understand. In relationships, and of course, including that this was a mother-child combination, this is just a really sad and painful situation.

  20. u were right about betraying scorps my mom betrayed me and im really hurt shes really jealous of me she has never lobed me shes so insecure shes a pices stellium and im scorp stellium i tried every thing to make her feel better but she hurt me badly and i just hate her now i hate her to death.

  21. @ Natalie. I absolutely feel your pain and thank you for sharing your experience, I completely feel your pain. It is really cathartic (and I don’t feel so alone) knowing someone else went through it too. Having experienced my mother’s jealously, spiteful behaviour, betrayal, hurtful remarks and complete disregard for me as a person, I felt I never fitted in in within my family unit. My father is a Virgo, and both my sisters are Cancer; whilst I get on well with my siblings both my parents were a nightmare to be around, still to this day.
    At best I avoid them since no matter what I achieve I’m a failure in their eyes. It’s awful to say but I really won’t miss them when they are gone. All I know is I’ve made it my life’s work to choose a man I love and will ensure whatever the star sign of our child, that I love and appreciate them for who they are. I hope you find solace and your heart mends.

  22. My son is 4 1/2 months old, I saw someone said they don’t cry yes, he never cries! I am Aquarius sun with Sagittarius Moon and I have some Pisces mercury so I am sensitive to the unseeen (Sagi husband doesn’t get it lol). He inherited my Sagittarius Moon. And he is such a happy boy. He is like 50% libra on his chart so I really hope it means he will have many friends. He’s so darn handsome too.

  23. Can totally understand the above post, i too was bought up by a taurus mother she was and still is abusive, if she cant control you then she will lie about you and toss you aside. she only cares about herself and money, well she better save some of that money up coz this scorpio girl will not be looking after her when she is old..i cant stand being in the same room as her she is fake and superficial and im sorry to say that when she goes she will not be missed by me

  24. Hi Elsa! I’m a Leo mom to a Scorpio 2 year old boy. I really would like to know what I can do to male him a happy boy. He cries a lot since he was born, his cries are very sharp, to the point my capricorn husband and I feel like there is a sharp knife going through our ears and heart, because we love our son sooooo much but we get so frustrated with him and makes us feel like we are terrible parents that torture him 🙁 . He will only stop crying if he gets what he wants and if it is not possible he cries until he gets tired. This hurts me deeply to not know how to make him happy. When he is skilling, he has the most beautiful smile and his eyes light up to make me feel good. But those are little moments that go away fast. Everyone says that it is my fault, that I spoil him too much. My husband gets his feelings hurt because our son only wants to be with me when he’s home. I honestly feel like I’m going insane sometimes, I just don’t know what to do. Can you give me some advice that can help us? I’m desperate.

    Thank you!

  25. Avatar
    taurus worried mom

    Dear Elsa and all :
    Hi! i´m a mother of a scorpio moon, capricorn sun and pisces ascendant. My dear boy came in a time when I didn´t espect him, my dad was ill, I was depressed, it was not the best time. Moreover whe had several issues during the pregnancy. First month of hislife was very difficult for me, i was just getting out my depression. Now he is pure joy, handsome cutie and a half year old fierce boy. Full of strenght, attracts everyone in the street, we love him deeply . I´m a double taurus (sun-moon) , leo rising. I feel so guilty for how sad i was during the pregnancy and the bad shape i was in the first month… How can i mend the damage I might done to him subconcious mind? how can i help him be happy? love to all

    1. Welcome, taurus worried mom. It sounds like you did your best, considering your circumstance. I’d try to forgive myself and move on. 🙂

  26. My mother has betrayed and abandoned me my entire life. I still love her but I don’t think I can ever trust her, Even if she turned her life around. She has a Taurus stellium that opposes my scorpio stellium. She has no idea why Im so uncomfortable with her. I don’t like to show her anything about myself. Ive been thinking recently about a future without her in it and it brings me relief. It might hurt her feelings but she might feel relief too. I seem to challenge her being without trying. I think my rawness is offensive to her.

    Now My own son has a scorpio moon like me. It is hard to live up to his very stringent expectations but he is also very forgiving as long as I ask for forgiveness. Scorpios can be incredibly forgiving if you come to them with a stance of humility as opposed to arrogance.

  27. These comments worry me greatly. I am a Taurus mother with a beautiful Scorpio daughter and I hope as she grows she does not think of me in the light you ladies think of your own mothers. I feel so terrible for you guys that your individuality was not cherished and cultivated by your moms as that’s what I intend to do with my little one. She is only 5 months but she is the light of my life. Such a happy baby, so in love with the world and such a mamas girl. I will strive to continue this throughout our lives!

  28. In reading all the comments I was intrigued by the similarity in experiences I share with other Scorpios!

    I’m a Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon, Scorpio rising. I haven’t looked into my families natal charts but my Mom, Dad and baby brother are all Pisces. I can honestly say my relationships have varied with each of them. Growing up I was very misunderstood. I often felt like I didn’t really have parents or that my parents were children and I was more mature and aware than either of them. I spent a lot of time alone and due to changing schools often I never really connected with anyone. Which was ok with me. I loved art, writing, and am fascinated by psychology. I have always been very driven and even until now at 25 I focus more energy inward and on personal growth than I do on relationships with others.

    I’m closest to my mom but as a kid I felt betrayed by some of the things she did, especially when it comes to my father. I felt she chose a relationship with him over me and relied too heavily on him as a disciplinary. We healed after I got space from her in college and was able to later open up about how I’d felt. I could feel that she never meant to hurt me and wanted a family. (They never married) I’ve always felt protective of her it felt very natural to reintegrate.

    My father was a heavy drinker, abusive, very perverted, dishonest, manipulative, controlling and (most of all) extremely self-centered. He was extremely gifted in sports and although I was naturally talented I had little interest in sports growing up. He would assault me for not being interested. I’d also witnessed him assaulting my mom on multiple occasions. I just recently revealed it to my mom and I could tell it broke her heart that I kept the secret for almost 20 years. My hate for him was strengthened when he would bring me around women that he cheated on my mother with. Repeatedly. More so when my baby brother was born and he asked me to lie to his wife and not reveal that he was his father. From that moment (at about 11 years old) I felt a different level of responsibility to both protect and help my mother raise my brother. Even once my brother was 2 or so and my father jumped into his life (after his first divorce), I protected him as much as possible from my dad’s abusive nature. At 16, I decided to cut him out of my life and began working to take care of myself and went to live with my Virgo Grandfather and Cancer Grandmother. This was the structure and emotional support that I yearned for and I think helped me tremendously.

    My baby brother although more emotionally mature is very similar to my father. He seems to represent more of the good in my father which strangely brings me happiness. I feel that I have been able to assist his growth by showing him the things that I never saw in my dad.

    I’ve tried forgiving my father but he’s never taken responsibility for his actions. This hurts more than anything. I realize that he’s never asked for forgiveness and as a result our relationship is stuck. He’s changed a lot and is no longer physically abusive to his children. I do believe that I’m meant to experience this relationship. It’s challenged me the most and I’ve grown the most from the horrors that he brought into my experience here on Earth. I continue cutting him off and letting him back in but I believe that our interactions are a catalyst for both of our growth. So I find it hard to completely walk away, I just need him to admit to the things he put my brother and mother through. I feel resilient enough to move on from it but I feel so responsible for them that I can’t let him off easy. Such a quarrelsome relationship, but with all that said, extremely beautiful.

  29. They will remember that you’re capable of such a thing, see?
    This right here… everything you need to know. Now we know you are capable of such a thing. We are done. You won’t know it either.

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