Why Is Scorpio Unforgiving?

scorpio goddessThis is in regards to this post – Scorpio Amputation – Why You Can’t Figure It Out

I was talking about this post with a gal. She thought that most of the people who commented on that post (including me) felt that the fact a Scorpio is unforgiving was some kind of asset. It was a great comment.

I told her that I didn’t think it was an asset. I thought it was a problem.  “We should all be forgiving, but it comes easier to some then it does to others…”

I compared it to someone who has to struggle with their weight.  We should all be the perfect weight – this is certainly not the case.  So Scorpio might be the sign least likely to forgive.  That’s just the way it is.

But I do agree with her. If your friend comes to you with a heartfelt, earnest apology and you don’t or can’t accept it, you can’t really hang that on the other person.

“What’s in it for the Scorpio?” she asked.

Great question!

Who wants to answer it?

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    Scorpio moon here. A person in my family who saw fit to lecture me on why I should forgive another relative after a huge betrayal turned out to have a personal stake in that relationship being maintained. When someone pushes me to go against my intuition and sense of self-preservation in the name of forgiveness, I now wonder what’s in it for them. Besides an opportunity to appear oh so spiritual and generous compared to lowly you who selfishly won’t give a malicious person an opportunity to keep hurting you.

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    Just because he/she appears to give a sincere apology. I agree it’s healthier to forgive than hold on to poisonous rage, but the person who harmed you is not entitled to a place in your life because they made nice after systematically targeting you.

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    Scorpio Risen

    We forgive but we’re not gonna give you a chance to do the same shit over and over again unless you are a soulmate or family but even then you only get so many chances before we have to protect ourselves. We are highly sensitive and cannot tolerate repeated offense. Actions speak louder than words so if you’re truly sorry show us don’t just tell us. Anyone can say sorry when they want something from you. Show us with your effort! Nothing we hate more than being mistreated and unappreciated. We know our work and will not stand for it

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    Scorpio Risen

    Scorpio knows we have been incarnated for way more than engaging in petty games, ego desires and drama! If that’s what you are about we don’t have time and will walk! We do hold a grudge but even when we get over it doesn’t mean we wanna waste time with you again. Most likely by that time we have moved on and have bigger fish to fry! People don’t understand what a Scorpio incarnation is about. So many just worried about being liked and superficial pursuits. A Scorpios life and purpose is much deeper and expansive than that. Simply don’t have time to waste on trivial stuff and child’s play

  5. So I was upset when I wrote my last comment. I and many other Scorpios do forgive but we never forget and that’s the real problem. Painful memories are written into our DNA until we learn to transform them. We will relive every moment over and over again until it has all been turned to light or dust.

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      Life is short

      Life is too short to hold onto so much anger. I understand people have conflicts, but we all do and no one is perfect. You are just holding on to the pain by not forgiving. Let it go!

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