Charts Of Compelling Media Personalities

I have a client who aspires to be a public figure in her field.  She’s got the chart to back it up, that’s for sure…

I write…

“…To understand, think of Judge Judy. Boy is she successful. But she’s got to express her personality and make judgements in front of millions of people. She would not be able to do this if she took things to heart, too deeply.  So your moon in Aquarius is an asset, if you were to pursue something like this.

Pluto in Scorpio / 10th is another indicator. It makes me think of Tony Robbins. You can’t dismiss the guy, you know?  It doesn’t matter if you like him, hate him, project on him, feel jealous of him, he’s going to have a powerful public presence…”

To be clear, the celebrities mentioned do not have these placements. Judge Judy has a probable, Aries moon. Tony Robbins has Pluto opposing his Sun with his moon in Aries, trine Uranus in Leo.  It’s their energy, I’m remarking on.

It’s inordinately hard (and rare) to do what they do. But when you’ve got it, you’ve got it and no one can take it from you.

What astrological markers do you feel indicate, Star Power?

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18 thoughts on “Charts Of Compelling Media Personalities”

  1. My son has 10th house Pluto in Scorpio,trine Sun and Saturn.
    He also has a crazy grand cross, grand trine and a wedge.
    Fortunately he has a heart of gold, great ethics and loves
    school. He is biracial, but looks like his father’s race.
    Identifying more with that race he feels frustrated at being
    “feminized” as a male but at the same time his women’s studies
    professor has made him her assistant and class liaison. Uranus
    is conjunct his Ascendant. He has black hair and dyes a white
    streak so this fits him beautifully.

  2. I think any of the luminaries on any of the angles is hard to miss. Angelina Jolie has Venus on the AC and Jupiter on the MC. That to me indicates she wasn’t going to get through this life as anything other than a famous beauty. Trump has Mars on his AC and he’s definitely going to make his mark on the world.

    My youngest has Sun in Aries in the first and Pluto on the MC. He’s always been such a ham and he’s determined to be a famous showman one day. I believe it. Especially since he has an exact square from Uranus.

  3. I have a YouTube channel that now only has two videos featuring Ken dolls. Someone reported the video of me sucking a candy cane so it was removed. I went ahead and deleted all my other personal videos but still have videos at Instagram. When I hooked up with my Capricorn ex again last month I was surprised to learn he had been following my online activity. I have Mars, Jupiter, north node and vertex in Capricorn in the fifth. Moon in first on my ascendant. In the progressed I have sun, moon and Venus in Aries in the seventh. I have had brushes with fame. Dreamed this morning that I was married to Evan Stone, my favorite porn star. We’ve flirted at Twitter and Facebook. Woke up to message from an artist whose work I adore. She wanted my address. We’re going to swap art! 🙂

  4. With Jupiter 2 degrees from my MC–Im a well-known artist regionally. When I meet people, they already know my name. My adult granddaughter’s Venus is in 10 on MC– she is known for her beauty and sweetness.

  5. 10th house Taurus moon. Known locally by everyone. Small business smack dab in the center of town. But with a moon on the MC you know that this will come….and it will go. It doesn’t stay! And, right now, its going….and surely will soon be gone.

    What’s funny about this is at my very first reading I was told, you treat your business like a family and your family like a business and that couldn’t have been more true!!!

    In the beginning of my life I was supposed to be a nurse but things changed rapidly causing life to happen….and me never able to complete school. But, I still found a way to publically nurture by going back to school later in life and learning how to work with animals….when the time was right I opened a business and it was successful almost immediately. Here I am 8 years later….Saturn and Pluto playing with my life….I am no longer able (due to illness) ….continue what I loved. Now, I have to do it at home and on a much smaller scale. (which by the way is breaking my heart)

    Moon success comes and goes. And mine has …..

    1. Wow! That “treats business like family” so true with me too! (Moon in 10th). And the coming and going…yep!
      Best of luck though Soup!

  6. I wonder if I have this stuff or not. I do have Sun/Chiron conjunct on the 7th angle. I don’t think anyone IRL would say I’m charismatic, though.

  7. anonymoushermit

    Tony Robbins had one hell of an abusive mother. I wonder if he has aspects to his moon. He transcended his childhood, that’s for sure.

    1. @anonymoushermit, it looks like his sun in the 5th shined really nice, aquarius in the 4th (unstable family life) he has a 7th house moon aries, so he fought for freedom out of that instability maybe.

  8. I second planets conjuncting angles, AC and MC mainly. Maybe most planets above horizon. Below the horizon might make the person shy away from the public and work behind the scenes no matter how charismatic otherwise. Capricorn gives authority but you’d have to grow into it.

  9. What a fun subject! I know when I have looked at celebrity charts, I notice the angels too, but find mostly its is definitely the ASC or MC, BUT it has also been shown their Sun is in thec12th,like Madonna. That little fire cracker of a performer? Yes!
    I know when I was young I wanted to be a rock star and I did perform in my 20’s around the Bay Area in the 70’s and met celebs galore. ButvI broke up the Band to follow a love interest to Berlin. Boy where they pissed because we had a couple of record producers interested. Anyway, I have Pluto/conj Moon in the 10th, Sun in the 12th. The thing is it changed signs from Leo to Virgo when I was 20 something, and that’s when it all changed to “Serb or suffer” but in a more mundane work a day kind of vibe. I’m glad too. The money would fun but I would not want to be famous now for anything in the world. I can’t to be alone, as the famous Virgo Beauty Greta Garbonused to say.

  10. I think strong Jupiter and or Leo aspects could help. Planets on MC. Strong emphasis on North Node…?

    I have Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Leo MC. I should be rich and famous or at least ruling the world LOL. But y karma (Saturn in 1st square Jupiter Pluto) has prevented it till now. Im past my second Saturn Return now. Maybe I’ll be a late bloomer.

    In Evolutionary Astrology you look at the Pluto polarity point… which in my 4th house puts me at home, which I have been raising three kids then later due to illness. And squares to the Nodes show what you have to integrate before you can step fully into your destiny.(NN)

    I do get noticed. People remember me or notice me all the time. Even walking down the street, complete strangers act as if Ive said hello to them. I think it must be the Jupiter on MC.

    I have no desire for fame and fortune… but I do want to do something worthwhile in this lifetime. Be of service(Jupiter is in Virgo just a few degrees from Pluto in Leo) .

    Moon conjunct North Node in Sag says I have a strong emotional need to do something with meaning and purpose.

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