Why Is Scorpio Vilified For Doing The Same Thing Other Signs Do?

scorpio dollThere are a lot of passionate comments on the Scorpio freezing people out post. It occurs to me that if you’re boring, a Gemini will lose interest and they’ll be out of there. They’re not going to hang around with you when there are endless other options to explore!

I like Aquarians and they like me too, short term. I turn out to be way too dense and intense for long term association. I was dumped by many of them up  until I learned how important it is to give these people space.

Sagittarians also tend to leave me behind for this reason: I can’t keep up! I don’t want to run all day. They don’t want to be bogged down so bam! Left in the dust.

I could go on but you get the idea. Since all the signs leave relationships when they don’t suit them or meet their needs, why do you think Scorpio is (widely) singled out to be vilified for doing the same thing the rest of the zodiac does as a matter of routine?

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  1. This is just my immediate take on this — need to dash out the door to go to work and have not had a chance to read all of the comments, yet…

    I think Scorpio is a VERY powerful sign. If Scorpio is dominant in the chart, it all depends on the person’s current level of spiritual self-awareness, consciousness, and sustained effort toward sincere introspection and self-development.

    If this awareness and effort has been minimal or nonexistent, you are generally going to see very bad/evil effects.

    These “freeze outs” or abrupt and unexpected (but actually really premeditated and planned) betrayals are simply the (currently) un-evolved Scorpio’s decision to follow his/her own base nature in a particular instance because it seems easier or serves the ego in a direct way.

  2. You can’t be serious give me a break lol it’s your loss to when you cut and that has a far greater impact on YOU one you can’t see but you feel it and you don’t know Wat it is
    I will tell you 🙂 we are all one and what you Do to a brother you do to yourself be still let people come and go as they please don’t cut and a “whole ” other world will come into ur mind 🙂 xxxxxxxx

  3. Scorpio people are very self centered, they only think about theirselves, the emotions and everything. They always telling that people around them sucks everything they have without knowing and understanding that all your actions also are affecting people’s lives and they’re also adjusting to you (scorps) in every aspects of life. If you don’t learn how to adjust in your surroundings/ and don’t learn how to forgive without hurting others back.Remember that no one is perfect in this world.So good luck for looking for those type of people. You all scorps won’t experience the true meaning of happiness and life. You all will end up the very very very sad people on earth continuing to figure out why all of you were here on earth and continue to make things complicated.

  4. I’ve cared so much in past relationships that I turned my stinger upon myself just to stop any more poison changing hands.

  5. I think with other signs, its easy to rationalize that maybe it was just not a good fit, scheduling conflicts, etc. With a Scorpio you know that they are rejecting YOU.

    Also, the energy they give is very palpable (but usually taken for granted) so when its gone, it hurts. Breaking those energetic ties causes pain. And when people feel that they are somehow entitled to that energy (because they think that they offer so much), the pain is somehow attached to that concept. And these are the ones that Scorpio usually cuts off.
    Ideally the other party realizes that it was the Scorpios energy that was sustaining the thing all along and see that it was a gift. But its hard to admit that someone could have that much influence over you.

  6. It is a very painful thing that a scorpio does. And it hurts the person a lot. A very difficult viseral kind of pain that eats you alive. Im at the receiving of this kind of amputation. But I guess I will survive. Scorpios also should know that other people also have invested themselves to nurture the relationship. And he will pay for it one way or the other later on in life.

  7. It is my opinon that Scorpio is legendary. People who know next to nothing about Astrology flinch when they hear someone say they are a Scorpio. The reputation of a Scorp arrives long before they do. There is mystery and depth with this sign and I speak of the true archetype of Scorpio when I talk about them.

    They are intense and just put out vibes of “Do not mess with me.” They can be just as dramatic as a Leo and just as cold as an Aquarian, but they do it all with gusto. And when some other sign gets blown away by their full force, yep, the Scorpion gets villified big time!

    I think Scorps would want others to understand that one does not cross them without bad consequences. Sort of like the puffer fish, it sits there small and looking defenseless, but when it gets upset, it blows up into a deadly creature ready to poison you to death.

    The rest of the zodiac knows this instinctively or learns the hardway. Aries is about the only one that would foolishly want to push all the buttons on a Scorpio and then be shocked when the stinger plunges home.

    Scorpios are fascinating to me. Must be my Venus [Love] in Scorpio.

    But with the legend behind the sign, no wonder they/we get villified.

  8. You wrote something in a post called Scorpio – the most misunderstood sign in the zodiac” once, stating that the Scorpio energy keeps you alive. It’s energy, transmute of energy, and instead people should focus on what the Scorpio DID for you… Like, keeping your sorry ass up and not let you hang when you were at your worst point in life etc.

    I think you are right about that.
    I think that would be a reason. It’s an energy vacuum, and with Scorpio they know there is NO going back from the door slam. People fear pain and they fear rejection and they don’t like to experience their own pain in the powerlessness vacuum left by Scorpio.

  9. I think all signs are vilified, in some way or another, for doing things that all people do, at some point.

    Scorpio is visible because it’s the sign of extremes, and draws extreme reactions. People often say that Scorpio has no effect on the them, they don’t like Scorpio, they’re this and that and the other, etc. While that may or may not be true, what is true is that they are still engaging in an extreme reaction due to the Scorpionic energy they’re denying. Lol. That’s what makes the Scorpio hate so funny. It’s not really funny, just obvious, and Scorpio won’t attach through hate anymore than it does through love, if it doesn’t want to spend the energy. Something Scorpio haters might be able to learn from.

  10. As many have stated, Scorpio amputates because of wounding that is consistent and runs deep. I look back and see that I have foolishly allowed people to overstep boundaries and when it’s time to correct it becomes an extreme abnormal reaction, thankfully not violent. It sucks, we hate it but the wounding is so deep and real and the scariest part is that the story behind it could be a complete illusion. We love more than anything, our loyalty is unwavering until multiple violations set in. I never want to cut ties, Scorpio fears loss a great deal. Unfortunately at times it’s absolutely necessary, it’s ultimately about survival. I’m Scorpio moon, Mars, Pluto, south node all tightly conjunct. I’m finally accepting that I will never be understood and I don’t care. My purpose is to evolve and I’m completely dedicated to it. I really have no choice lol

  11. Probably because Scorpio showed such intense interest in you in the first place. They don’t do things by halves. Personally I would rather a Scorpio sliced the cord in one clean blow than the Virgoan death by a thousand cuts or the Cancerian emotional blackmail, which leaves you feeling you have done something terribly terribly wrong – and you don’t know what the hell it is.

  12. anonymoushermit

    Because not everyone agrees with their (the Scorpio (s)) reasons for cutting someone out of their lives. Add to that, they are more intense than a Gemini or an Aquarius.

  13. With Scorpio deep criticism seems to go along with their dis interest. The other signs in my experience tend to own their feelings more so. Scorpio feels more kill them before they gave a chance to kill you

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    As a Leo, I think you Scorps suck. Stick by loyal people in your circle through thick or thin? Total BS. My roomie, a gorgeous, kind, funny, etc., etc. Taurus sun was with a Scorp sun guy for two years. She went through he** with him: never cheated on him, forgave him when he did, stood up for herself when he tried to insult her, all kinds of crap, but boy, he was stuck like glue to her. We all tried to convince her she needed to dump him and move on. Then, she was brutally attacked by a friend of a friend and that Scorp boyfriend was gone in an instant and hooking up with a mediocre Aquarius within two weeks. Texted my roomie this “wasn’t healthy for him and he wasn’t feeling it anymore”. This after telling her, just days before the assault, that he was going to marry her. Douche through and through.

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      Hildegarde's Noviciate

      Wow…even my megascorpio best friend would say that was douche-y. But hes 51 and he has owned up to doing some pretty douche-y things.
      I chop it up to protecting themselves. What may hurt you hurts a Scorpio 10 times as much.

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