Why Is Scorpio Vilified For Doing The Same Thing Other Signs Do?

scorpio dollThere are a lot of passionate comments on the Scorpio freezing people out post. It occurs to me that if you’re boring, a Gemini will lose interest and they’ll be out of there. They’re not going to hang around with you when there are endless other options to explore!

I like Aquarians and they like me too, short term. I turn out to be way too dense and intense for long term association. I was dumped by many of them up  until I learned how important it is to give these people space.

Sagittarians also tend to leave me behind for this reason: I can’t keep up! I don’t want to run all day. They don’t want to be bogged down so bam! Left in the dust.

I could go on but you get the idea. Since all the signs leave relationships when they don’t suit them or meet their needs, why do you think Scorpio is (widely) singled out to be vilified for doing the same thing the rest of the zodiac does as a matter of routine?

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  1. Maybe because the Scorpio is linked to power, and when they ice up, it makes other people feel powerless, which they generally don’t like. It could also be that in their way, they hold up a mirror to the person when they reject them, and again, people don’t necessarily like what they see?

  2. I think it is because they RELISH the freeze out so.I’ve never had it done but have witnessed it and kinda dug the whole drama.But I have Pluto conj. asc.,so maybe that’s just me.

  3. I think because they can be sneaky and no one sees it coming. And they do it extra harsh in case you want to return rather than simply leaving.

  4. Since all the signs leave relationships when they don’t suit them or meet their needs, why do you think Scorpio is (widely) singled out to be vilified for doing the same thing the rest of the zodiac does as a matter of routine?

    “Why does Jesus love the Corps? Because we kill. Everything. We. See. We keep Heaven filled with new souls!”

    Naw. That ain’t it. I think it’s mostly because of Pluto (which is rather overrated to begin with); for all intents and purposes Pluto has been syncretized with SATAN! even though Pluto (going by the actual myths) resembles not the Goaty One. (Hades and Tartarus are basically identical to the Sumerian House of the Dead.) Anyways, so astrologers come along and tell people that Scorpio is ruled by Satan and essentially everyone takes an already Martian sign (not the most popular of planets) and makes it ten times worse.

    So of course, Scorpios everywhere have to be smartasses about it and mock people by yelling ‘Hail Satan!’ in crowded churches and crap like that.

    [‘At least the PR department is on its toes.’]

  5. probably because scorpio is singled out for being “evil”, anyway. easy out for the rest of the things people don’t like about humanity.

  6. Great question Elsa. One that I’ve wondered about myself before.

    Could it possibly have anything to do with jealousy? I’m just asking. Because, I’ve had folks say to me, “Man, I wish I could just walk away like that, that’s some powerful mojo you got working there.” and other things of that ilk.

    I also believe like one of the posters said in the other thread, it’s once the powerful Scorpio focus is lifted there is a real vacumn there, where with other signs shifting focus you might not get the big void.

    All I know is on the two separate occasions when I detached I had gotten PHYSICALLY very tired of being sucked into other people’s sinkhole of draining my energy and had to swim back to the brink to make it out alive from the vortex.

    Swirly me baby, and I’m outa there!! I’ve left for very good reasons and they were difficult to leave, not joyful or RELISHY at all.

    So, the one who has been the support system leaves and their brace is kicked over and so we blame the brace for giving way under the weight, instead of the needy, narcissistic whack job who was all leany???

    Seems wonky to me.

    1. This Scorpio on the cusp had a situation like this, I realized I was an enabler, my granddaughter suffer with undiagnosed narcissism, she’s hates her appearance yet she stays in the mirror all day even my car window, for 5 months I lived with her paying the rent all bills including cable, Netflix etc food, Huggies, chauffeured her around in my new car, I bought her a brand new washer and dryer, this adult,at least that is what she says she is, and feels as though we’re equal, called me names that I would never call a person who’s helping me out, because the sperm donor was a cheat.A narcissistic person will drive you crazy with their gaslighting and not taking responsibility of their actions, I left that house of horror and she had the nerves to say that I didn’t give her 30 day notice,smh I love her and the baby, I have asked her to get therapy no action, hey thanks for letting me vent.

  7. I think perhaps–and I’m incriminating my own Scorpio Moon in this–it’s because Scorps tend to be brutally honest. They tend to tell people, in no uncertain terms, exactly why they’re ending their association, where other signs might just stop returning calls or emails and let the relationship fade into the background.

    There are people who appreciate the clue-by-four brand of honesty of Scorpios, but I find they are few and far between.

  8. Kate- yes, but it’s a strange sort of honesty. Not direct, like Sagittarius, or apologetic, like Libra, or an axe to the foot, like Aries. Personally, I’ve done my amputations by letter, being very direct, by aversion (the worst route, I think) and by drip, drip, fade…
    What I know about the amputation is that I have caught people by surprise and I feel actually guilty about it. Then again I spent most of my life feeling like the world ‘got my signals.’ Turns out they didn’t and I have to speak up after all. You’d think it would be easy for Sag ASC/Cap Moon/Scorpio MC. In fact, I’d rather die than tell people that they are hurting me. I HOPE THIS CHANGES, ASAP….

  9. Some signs “freeze you out” by just drifting away, some with a straight-out argument, some clearly move on…
    Scorpio, in my experience, just has to make sure that the “freezed-out” person KNOWS they’re being frozen out. They find a way, even if it’s by sheer, silent force of will, to let a person know they’ve been judged and are now considered to be beneath contempt.
    Other signs don’t have that kind of harshness, and, as asanamama mentioned, don’t positively relish the judging (and subsequent punishing) as Scorpio does.
    Other signs can be just as cruel, but it isn’t delivered with that sudden & decisive drop to 100 degrees below that you get with Scorpio.
    At least, that’s in my experience, and that of my husband, & a couple of astrologically-minded friends (including one very wise Scorpio).

  10. I was “frozen-out” by a Scorpio. It happened 8 months ago but I am still working on defreeze myself. Although he is a wise and educated person, his action was completely off and as cruel as it got. What an experience! So here I am, still wondering what was the lie he accused me from. (I wish I could lie, I would be better off today). Some Scorpios, besides their sting, have big ego especially if they are familiar with the organization for Scorpios called: One for all and all for one”.

  11. As a Scorpio, I strongly disagree with asanamama and liz. I’ve been forced to freeze people out people I really care about and I’ve never done it lightly nor have I ever enjoyed it. On the contrary, its probably the most drastic thing I can do and is very painful on my part.

    That said, I’ve only amputated when a) a relationship has gotten extremely unhealthy and the other person hasn’t responded to previous warnings or b) someone has betrayed my trust. I’m incredibly loyal and will stand up for my close friends through the worst of times. That said, if someone I’ve trusted turns around and uses that trust to hurt me, I won’t hesitate to swing the axe.

  12. Upon reflection on kashmiri’s comment, I think it may also have something to do with the fact that the lowering of the boom seems to come out of nowhere with Scorp. I disagree that Scorpio’s honesty isn’t direct, but I think it’s that there is frequently no prior warning that the amputation is coming. From the perspective of the person being cut off, everything is fine, and then all of a sudden, you’re smacked in the face with all this hurt, and then it’s over.

    At least, I tend to work that way. I don’t usually completely cut people off, but I do get brutally honest with them. Frequently, they cut off contact with me after that, and usually, that’s just fine with me. The friendships that last through it–and especially the ones who can be that honest right back at me–are golden.

  13. I agree with Marc. In my experience I have put up with loads of stuff till one day I have had enough and freeze/amputate. On my part it has always been followed by the person keeping trying to contact me till I tell them in my terms why and to then get the hell away. But It has always been so severly painful. There wasn’t anything dishonest or a lie involved…it was just too much and too painful to stay with that person in my life.

  14. I don’t think Scorpios relish punishing, I think it’s more of a way to ‘share’ the pain. Once you’ve forced a Scorpio’s hand, it’s like: ‘Here, mofo…you want to see my hand? Here’s the flesh and bone, too.’ I get it. I understand it. Don’t like it, but what are you going to do? There’s lots I don’t like…

    I agree with Marc and Maheggo (as a person who’s amputated). It sucks. But not as much as being crapped on by people who don’t respect/love you. You got to be cruel to be kind sometimes.

  15. So any time someone turns their back to you they are freezing you out? You’ve never turned your back to someone? even innocently?

    No, I didn’t watch the debate, but, did no one else turn away from one of the others? Only Hillary? Only Scorpio’s know about group dynamics and effective use of body language?? Doubtful. Most politicians are well versed in the usage of such tools. I’ve watched other debates and witnessed men doing the same to the other candidates.

    Besides which the original question here I believe was about Scorpios freezing out or amputating someone from their lives as in a personal context. While these politicians may be cronies or associates, I doubt that many deep friendships were represented on the stage.

    I will certainly agree that many times I will close someone off from my life before they even get started too deeply, and 9 times out of 10 its that I’ve seen cruelty to friends or loved ones or gossiping in them or a perpetual need to play victim, and I want no part of that for my life and my family.

    I will be cooly polite, but No More.

    If they are a total blatant jackass to the world, then I’ll likely lose that politeness as well and tell them exactly how the cow ate the cabbage if they approach me or my loved ones w/some of their bs.

    Most Scorpios are way more observant than you might think, and while they may appear to be paying no attention at all to you, they are strictly tuned to what you are doing and saying. And then, YES, folks may find they have been tried and found wanting and there is no port of entry for them.

    “But I never did anything to you,” many say, and all the stoicism & coolness aside, most Scorpios are very emotional beings and they will not be allowed inside the conclave to hurt us.


    Think full time double guard duty watchful, with security cameras kind of ON ALERT. We are watching and making note.

    I don’t take joy in any of that, it is deep down tissue, muscle memory deep as a matter of fact, and making the walls come down in order to interact more is a major effort in my life.

    In fact I believe that for myself I do wait too long to tell people LOUDLY — “HEY BUDDY, you keep stepping on my toes, and I ain’t gonna take it any more.” And, then when it does finally come out they are getting a boatload of information all in one spewing.

    Generally I’ve given warnings, “hey, things aren’t working out on my end over here”, and if over time they ignore those warnings, I don’t want to be hurtful, that is why when I’ve amputated I’ve just walked away later w/o a word, in an effort to be sparing of their feelings because I’ve generally got quite a load of acid built up by the time I get to that point. It wouldn’t be pretty if it all came out.

  16. Scorpios are forced to cut deep to separate because the energetic cords or ties that connect them to others are substantially thicker than the norm.
    It’s the difference between a vein and an artery; and life force flows along it, usually from the scorp to the other but in well balanced relationships both ways.
    A casual dropping off of interest or contact, doesn’t work because that energetic cord still exists and energy continues to drain from the scorpio regardless. Only complete severance brings blessed relief.

  17. I agree with Kashmiri and Kate, but I want to add anote to dreamsareality’s blurb. Because for the most part I don’t run with scorpio’s. I don’t have the depth and I don’t like the analysis. My insecurities and neurosis are mine thank you very much.

    However there is one Scorpio in my life and they would be either #2 or #3 on the can’t imagine my life without list. This despite her opting to cut off contact twice. Both times over my family relationships. Both times she made it very clear that she had nothing to say to me until I did what she thought I should do and both times I got a load of scorpio projection. And it was heavy. Because she had the facts and the evidence and they were right, but, the resulting conclusion was wrong.

    Both times sent me to bed for a couple days to recover. I’d been gutted. She went in and Pluto’d up the place, and she did it but good.

    There is no one else I would take that from without some kind of arguement, and even #1 on the list of people I can’t imagine my life without would not have sent me to bed. Into a flying rage, but gutting and whomping me unimaginably? No way.

    And I don’t think this is unusual for Scorpio. They know when and where and how to cut deepest, they ‘know’ they’re right and for the most part after they cut they can justify to themselves. And they’re probably mostly right. But when they’re wrong they do an awful lot of damage, and in my experience they’re not often sorry. Maybe sorry you took it wrong, but not sorry.

  18. because when a scorpio freezes you out they are saying you don’t meet their standards of friendship. That they are not prepared to be false by keeping something going when their heart is not in it anymore. If they can’t trust you 100% now that’s it you are gone. All or nothing. The reasons others feel this more when a Scorp cuts you off rather than another sign, is because you know they really mean it, you know they have thought long and hard about it. They are a fixed sign and deeply emotional and think deeply about most issues. It kind of means more when a Scorp leaves as it feels like they’ve seen something of your soul and are rejecting it to preserve themselves. So when you let them down you can’t help feeling you’ve let yourself down too.

  19. I agree with JJ. I’m a scorpio and I form strong emotional bonds with people. I hate having to break them, but if someone does something to hurt my feelings, then it’s too painful to keep the bond. We do it to protect ourselves from any more pain.

  20. I think for me – as a Scorpio, its a simple matter of when Im done, Im done. I put up with a lot of stuff from people because I realize not everyone will think like me, not everyone will react like me – I like to give the benefit of the doubt. But when it comes down to me suffering more than the relationship is worth – I amputate. The only way to say goodbye to someone whos hurting you is to do it swiftly, cleanly & with no regrets. The bandaid effect. Doesnt mean we dont miss the people we amputate. And no, I dont enjoy it…thankfully I dont need to amputate often. Freezing is my favorite way, but some folks persist in knowing the “why’s”. I have a sister who did this when I amputated her & honestly shed have been better off just dealing with the freeze-out because it got nasty – far nastier than I ever intended.

    And Max – BAHAHAHAHA!!! I actually DO stuff like that LOL I dont go to church or anything, but I make comments all of the time about bursting into flame if we happen to be at some sort of Xtian funded event or something of that nature (for example a local lake has a big church center built there – the public can use the facilities located there – but its quite obvious its a religious center… we like to go there often to enjoy the lake & the birds etc)

  21. And Max – BAHAHAHAHA!!! I actually DO stuff like that LOL I dont go to church or anything, but I make comments all of the time about bursting into flame if we happen to be at some sort of Xtian funded event or something of that nature

    I have Libra, so I generally don’t do that, actually. Except on the internet. Because the internet was made for jokes.

    wonder what happened to max???

    I wandered off! And now you have rung.

    I really liked him. I remember once he said he liked to heckle people on economic blogs…maybe one day he’ll be back.

    No, not quite. I like to get on the blogs of economists and call bullshit on said economists when they start spooling out the Party of Davos Pravda line of the day. So wouldn’t say I heckle them, I’d say I argue with them. Respectfully disagree. Free exchange of ideas. Oh my god, I can’t believe you just to pass off that ‘China is a capitalist’ country spew again. &etc.

    Yeah, Max was/is great. 🙂 I miss him, too.

    Why, thank you! I appreciate it. Hi! Hiiiii! As you can tell, or actually you can’t tell because I haven’t told you yet, I am very tired at the moment and so I will escape the day of the brake hose hell into cherry blossom slumberland where I hope to dream of, um, hrmm, but will instead probably dream about something nasty, like being lectured by Joe Lieberman about not being patriotic enough in my choice of cheese, like as not.

    Especially those (usually) snarky departing shots.

    Man, I dunno what it is about this year, but everybody thinks I intend to sound meaner than I actually intend. (As opposed to sounding somewhat cranky, which is usually the way I sound.) Maybe I got an unintended weapons upgrade or something.

    [‘…huh? Wait. No! Not the BFG! I wanted the plasma cannon! Or the machine gun. Damn it.’]

  22. I have Libra, so I generally don’t do that, actually. Except on the internet. Because the internet was made for jokes.

    I thought the internet was for porn? 😀

    … everybody thinks I intend to sound meaner than I actually intend. (As opposed to sounding somewhat cranky, which is usually the way I sound.)

    Nah, I didn’t mean to insinuate you were “mean.” Snarky to me means humorous in a slighty dry, sarcastic way. It’s a compliment, I promise!

    It’s good to see you again, Max, and I hope you sleep well. And don’t mind too much about me stealing your style. 😉

  23. I think its because scorpio’s do it with pride and mockery. I have many scorpio friends and when they are mad it seems like they enjoy punishing you and seeing you at your lowest point. And not to mention the fact that they don’t give a shit if you leave them or not….so that leaves you on your knees crawling right back to them.

  24. (((((((max)))))))))))))

    Thank you! Maybe today I can finish!

    Just something nice to Max and also a link, to be a smartass: Link!

    Yeah! What I said there!

    Anyway Max, you said ‘hectoring’ not heckle. I swear

    Ah, I probably did, because I do hector them. Heckling someone implies screwing with them anyway you can. Hectoring means disputing (sometimes aggressively) with them when they are wrong and should know better. 🙂

    I thought the internet was for porn?

    Naw! I been doing this electronic communications thing for 25 years: the jokes (that is, the text) is where it’s at. Everyone seems to be aiming at converting the internet to a video medium, but once that happens it’s not the internet anymore, it’s just TV you get through your computer.

    Nah, I didn’t mean to insinuate you were “mean.” Snarky to me means humorous in a slighty dry, sarcastic way. It’s a compliment, I promise!

    H’ok! Works for me!

    It’s good to see you again, Max, and I hope you sleep well. And don’t mind too much about me stealing your style.

    Naw. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    I have many scorpio friends and when they are mad it seems like they enjoy punishing you and seeing you at your lowest point.

    If I truly cut someone off, it’s because they think I suck and I don’t want to get blamed anymore. I don’t enjoy punishing people, but if they screw themselves up, well, that’s not my fault, is it? Even then, the sensation is more one of tired resignation.

    [‘Hopefully my cutter has cooled down by now!’]

  25. Why do Scorpios “freeze” people out?
    The answer is pretty simple and these folks are not as complex as they like to project.
    They do it for POWER. Scorpios get a big kick out of retaining emotional control over others. If they cant do it any other way, they will “amputate” you. When they do, it’s best to just let ’em go so that you can relieve the pain in the butt they give you.
    I’m an Aries and if I come across a Scorpio, I tend to burn them out of my life before they even get a chance to “freeze” me…

  26. Phamke, Scorp sun here. Trust me, you’re pretty safe from being friends with a Scorp. And I say that having an Aries Moon.

  27. i love this post and agree with you, being a scorpio sun/midheaven/mercury/pluto . Moon conj Uranus people tend to freeze others out very quickly, i noticed. Must be related to their independence, or something.

    ( remember liz tyler and her numerous divorces/marriages… venus-uranus conj. )

  28. Oh and i hate hate hate mind games, being an aries-moon/mars conj in the 2nd house. Phamke im sorry to hear that, because my closest friends are Aries suns. Ones an aries sun/moon. Never have to “guess” where they stand. Straight forward, just the way it ought to be 😉

  29. I’m not sure Scorps necessarily do it for power.

    I think the Scorp freeze out bothers people because if a Gemini or an Aquarius bolts, you can feel safe knowing it’s them, not you.

    If a Scorp bolts, it’s very likely in response to something *you* did. So people are more apt to take the Scorp freeze personally.

  30. I’m a Scorpio, and the truth is that I do bolt on people, and I do it in the night, and I never return. Having said that, it’s always related to something they did or said which I had to forgo.

    My Scorpio best friend and I were talking today about how her boyfriend wants her to S-P-E-L-L things out, and that makes her very tired. I jokingly said, “sure, he wants you to say left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot. and if you stop he’ll fall down.” She sounded more than a little exhausted even though it was a joke.

    And the real truth is that people exhaust me. I try to get through to them, but if they either a) can’t understand me or b) use my power incorrectly , then I have no choice but to leave them. It’s not personal, it’s a matter of self preservation. I do wish that it didn’t have to happen so abruptly, but the thing is that I’m usually already very tired of defending my moves by then. And honestly, it makes me ashamed to tell someone outright – you just can’t handle me. I’m not trying to destroy their ego, I just want to get away. So maybe the silence is better than what your Scorpio didn’t tell you.

    If you’ve ever known a Scorpio who has been thoroughly sucked dry or is covered in emotional leeches, you’ve seen someone incredibly sad (and probably dangerous). I really feel that the other signs are terrible to Scorpio, but luckily Scorpio can take it.

    It makes me think of the little darkeyed child who is always blamed for everything he didn’t do. He just stands there nodding his head, listening and understanding. And no one would guess how much compassion and genuine kindness this kid is wielding right then.

  31. I agree with a lot that you said autumn. A lot. What you said about people being exhausting is the most Scorpionic thing you said. Somehow we draw emotional misfits, why? And I believe we try too hard to understand, we try compassion, but when the person still goes nuts–then slam or poof! Which brings me to the next thing you said that’s so true, no one can handle us. I’m not saying that to boast. If we Scorpios are in command of our nature we can’t be handled, pushed around or manipulated. Even if someone damages us and we don’t retaliate (the best course) somehow we know that the person will never be free, don’t we?
    And yes the freeze is the kinder gentler way. It’s not punishment(always)it’s our way of saying “you must go now–you’re being a drain.”
    What has made a huge difference in my interpersonal relationships is learning de-escalation techniques and literally censoring my mouth. With a lot of Sagittarius in my chart this ain’t too hard. I can pull of gregarious and charming when I’m actually feeling angry and frustrated. Only my immediate family knows when I’m covering.

  32. Even if someone damages us and we don’t retaliate (the best course) somehow we know that the person will never be free, don’t we?

    that is so true. I have a former best friend that owes me alot of money, sometimes I contemplate whether I should seek my revenge. Whenever I think about getting revenge, I already know that his going to suffer his whole life having in the back of his mind that he owes me, or have similar problems on his mind.

    I’ve frozen out several best friends over the last few years. And yes usually its for self-preservation and I cant be fucked dealing with them anymore. I don’t trust them anymore and not interested if thats not there at all.

  33. i do it because it needs to be done. not because i want to, but because i should. i always regret it, and it always hurts. but that is the struggle of being the vehicle of karma.. sometimes there isn’t a choice, the lesson needs to be taught. and in that respect i am ok with “freezing” someone out, when i know that it is the only way they can grow and i can be allowed to move on.

    i often talk about the gemini i loved deeply and incredibly, and the awful things he did that wrecked my psyche for the better part of a year.. I SENT HIM AWAY. me. myself.. i ended the relationship. i had to. it was what was supposed to happen.. he took it better than i did in the end.

    then there is the exfriend. 11 years tied by the hip.. she is my sister. she is my solar opposite twin. someone needed to show her that her selfish ways needed to stop. i wish it didn’t have to be me to teach her that lesson, but no one else ever would have even tried. someday she will understand.. years from now. but neither of us would have grown if i didn’t sever.

    i think the reason why scorps are vilified for the act of severance is because we never do it just for ourselves. (yes, we are self preservationists and will amputate at a moments notice, but as i just posted on the boards.. we never truly disappear. even if you can’t see us, the chord is never cut.. that would futlize our efforts.) a gemini runs because he is bored. sag runs because they don’t want to be weighed down. aquarius runs because no one else is light enough to float with so easily.

    scorpio runs because it’s what YOU need. trust me, we never want it to end.. it just has to.

    1. Vehicle of Karma

      I think the reason why Scorpios are vilified for the act of severance is because we never do it just for ourselves. (yes, we are self preservationists and will amputate at a moments notice, but we never truly disappear. Even if you can’t see us, the chord is never cut)

      A Gemini runs because he is bored. Sagittarius runs because they don’t want to be weighed down. Aquarius runs because no one else is light enough to float with so easily.

      Scorpio runs because it’s what YOU need. trust me, we never want it to end, it just has to!

      All those words…… YES YES YES

  34. I grew up with a group of Scorpios girls. As an Aries, I could always hold my own with them. One day, they collectively turned on me. Turns out that they were jealous of me the whole time. I had no clue. I told them all off and kept it pushin’. For years, we did not speak to one another. Then, one day out of the blue one of them apologized to me, then another, and about 15 years after their initial betrayal they are all back in my life.
    I think unevolved/immature Scorpios cause a ton of drama based on their own insecurity. I was good to those girls. All of them had parental drama during childhood and my family took them in. A resentful and jealousy Scorpio is harder to deal with than any other sign in the zodiace with the exception of an Aquarius with a similar attitude.

  35. I think Scorps are vilified more than other signs because their natural tendency is to be private. They are never completely aboveboard in their dealings with people- which makes other signs assume they are ‘hiding’ something, even if they are not- they just don’t like offering up information about themselves/their lives. This tendency can be misunderstood to the point where the Scorpio becomes ‘evil’. The tendency to withhold is not a popular one- especially for a female. Everyone seems to love a blabbermouth who yaks on about every thought in her/his head. The one who holds back is ‘up to something’ 😉 So when they decide to cut someone off, the trial has already happened (privately)- and only the verdict is public.

  36. I think Scorpio gets vilified because Scorpio doesn’t apologize for being motivated by their emotional/subconscious needs. We’re taught that making a decision is weak, irrational, base. But when it comes to intimacy and relationships, most of us are very irrational and just don’t own it. Scorpio owns it and operates at this level – they are aware of the loyalty and depth they give, and yet often they are not appreciated or reciprocated.

  37. They’re a magnet for projection cuz of all of the emotional stuff they’re routinely dealing with. Stuff that would probably kill other people who can’t even deal with a hang nail gone wrong. So, they are always swimming in the garbage pail of emotions that most people try to avoid their whole lives.

  38. I think scorpios and pluto types need to be extra harsh so the person doesn’t come back. As they are so magnetic and people don’t want to let them go so easily. At least that’s what I’ve noticed.

  39. I have to say I think it’s just become a meme that Scorpio’s are dark creatures therefore an easy target to vilify.

    Personally I am loyal and almost always happy to lend a hand, listen, advise friends and people who I sense are good/nice/genuine. I realise I cannot expect to recieve the same in return because they simply can’t. It’s nobody’s fault, they’re still good people but I do reach the end of the rope. Right now I have reached the end of my rope with quite a few people who were close friends. I was angry and a little upset to begin with when I realised they don’t meet my needs but it really is nobody’s fault. I’m using the distancing, fade, gone technique. It happens alot in friendships.

    If I percieve somebody to be bad for me or going to lead to a situation of drama, I grab some extra sharp scissors and cut them off – no strangly bits left. I’ll be nice because it’s polite but I’ll be blunt if needed. Keep trying and I’ll be brutally honest.

    If I feel I do the right thing by somebody and somebody does me wrong, WATCH OUT! I think finally after 2 years since my ex dumped me, he’s realised it was me that continued to ruin his ego since we broke up.

  40. Unevolved or hurtful, flawed people exist in every sign. Even Aries.

    This all comes down to scapegoating for me. Someone in this post or one of the older ones linked mentioned “Scorps can take it”. Um, no we can’t actually. We DO take a lot more that other signs perhaps but that’s only until we learn that road is paved straight to hell.

    As Elsa wrote, I’ve witnessed and been subjected to really negative actions from a variety of astro signs. Scorps are not the only sign and should not be made to bear the brunt of everyone’s anger and negativity. Yet it happens constantly.

    This is enough to make a person not want to meet any new people ever again. If the world is hell bent on finding fault with you, what reason is there to even try?

    Also, astrology is great. But so is therapy. Some need it and I say that with compassion. If finding fault with someone solely based on their sun sign, get thee to a therapist ASAP.

  41. Ugh.. I don’t know. Scorpio is either too bashed or too overrated. It depends really.

    Does that make sense? I’m not explaining it well.

    I do agree through – in relationships when I move on (I have my Pluto conjunct my Scorpio DESC), people tend to not want to let go of me and they continuously will not understand me. So I’ve just learned it’s much easier to completely cut them out than to deal with the comings and goings. It’s really honestly as much for their sake as mine.

    But I am mostly Gem, Cap, and Sag. So I’m not sure. I’m pretty good at freezing people out.

    And anyway, Scorpio doesn’t mean much unless they have a stellium there, because there are so many other factors.

  42. As long as I have been interested in astrology
    the Scorpion has been pointed out to have the trinity of personalities. Lizard, scorpion and eagle. They are also pointed out to be because of being in the eighth house of death sex and regeneration.
    Over the years, Scorpion has been mentioned in conjunction with power rising, behind the scenes manipulation and the symbol used as a power totem for fear. What does the eagle on the coins mean.
    In my experience the Pisces are the ones to watch very carefully. How can a fish be used as a symbol of fear. Or a nebulous cloud.
    They are the twelfth house, house of prison, illusion, end of things, addictions. Also spiritual,Karma and past life.
    They can pull anything into their subconscious.
    They can haunt for a lifetime.
    It has been the media hype and maybe some Piscean astrologers who have pointed the way to condemn the scorpion.

  43. I think Chickadee summed this excellent discussion nicely.
    Scorpios are connected to the deep stuff. Power. Sex. The shadow. Death.That threatens some and compels others. Either way, Scorpio has a big effect because they trigger such deep unconscious issues. Most I know are struggling to deal with their own intensity. And re being associated with death…. it makes sense that a Scopio’s cut is the deepest.

  44. I don’t think we do it for power. We do it because we are in PAIN. We speak the truth as we see it in order to enlighten, but when we feel that much PAIN, we speak the truth to crush. And then we crash on our own intensity… and want our love returned by the person we have bestowed this crushing truth on. Of course, if we don’t want them back, we just freeze them out. And go to the movies. Alone.

  45. I am quite surprised that everybody has an opinion on Scorpio.I will never understand why people don’t understand me. But I am OK with that 🙂

    I agree that it’s probably depth that seperates Scorpios from the rest. I’m not afraid to go deep if it means I’ll learn something. No fear is the key.

    If you fear Scorpio you will never understand and probably miss out your on own self growth.
    If your afraid to go deep, don’t bother trying to understand.
    We probably have the answers but we’re not hear to serve them on a silver platter because guess what? life isn’t fair 🙂

    Balance – our answers are skewed by our perception of the world, we’re not always right, sometimes life’s fair.

    This is only my opinion anyway.

  46. Seems simple enough to me that pluto is seen as ‘the devil’ and in general people don’t like ‘the devil’. People also do not like to take the onus of seeing/dealing their own issues/dark side on themselves (hence all the projected shadows). Therefore, scoro/pluto gets to be the ‘projected villain’.

  47. This thread is quite funny in a macabre sort of way. And to think we accuse Leos of having an inflated sense of themselves!

    I like most of the Scorps on the Boards a lot, a few very much indeed; but irl I’ve had some bad experiences with some pretty unevolved Scorps, and in my experience these far outnumber the evolved sort. I find them in general pretty insensitive people, and liable to self-absorbtion.

    When a Scorp decides to be/act petty, vindictive, spoiled, and generally from-the-shadow side, it’s not a nice sight. This sort of Scorp is convinced of their own high intelligence, but sadly acts from a visceral emotionalism which rarely bothers to discern the truth of the situation to which they are reacting so violently (and, usually, inappropriately).

    Many of the writers above seem to think all Scorps manifest the higher attributes of their sign; but they very often don’t. Imo it’s exactly this gap between how they see themselves – and like to assume others see them – and their own actual behaviour, which makes the Scorp propensity to sever relationships (or take revenge for some supposed slight, often exactly by this means) so hard to take

    In my own case, the three Scorps with whom I had close friendships which finished, manufactured totally spurious reasons for pushing me away. I mean, they actually made up stories which I’ve no doubt they came to believe. My ex lover with the Scorpio Moon similarly later falsified the course of our relationship, to justify to himself his behaviour towards me – something he’s only recently admitted, forty years later.

    I don’t put Scorps on a pedestal… they are as potentially good or as flawed and self-deceiving as the rest of us!

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