Aries – Burning Love!

Ladies ManAries. The warriors of the zodiac. These heroic Rams are leaders and pioneers who will fight to the death for the ones they love. But partnering with one? You’ve got to be kidding, right?

Aren’t they the ones who view dating as a “catch and release” sport, losing interest once their conquest returns their affection? Doesn’t “forever” actually mean “until I’m bored?” Aren’t they the ones who would rather argue than be a shoulder to cry on? They’re fighters, not lovers, right?

Well, yes and no. It’s true that Aries might be more comfortable on a battlefield than a couple’s therapy couch. And no one could reasonably call them peaceable homebodies. It may even be fair to point out that they’re not the most sympathetic of signs. But when you go deep, you’ll find that there’s no better partner out there.

First, let me debunk the idea that Aries can’t stay in relationships beyond the initial thrill. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I have personally been partnered with one for nearly a decade. Aries can absolutely commit for a lifetime, as long as they have a goal and a challenge. Yes, they do excel at the chase. Aries gets whatever they set their mind to, period. It doesn’t have to be limited to simply wooing a partner. They will be just as content to fight to keep you, to build a foundation, to keep the spark alive, whatever. Just point them in the right direction and off they go.

Second, it’s true that Aries may not always be willing to lend a sympathetic ear to your problems. This can be painful, especially if you’re not used to it. But the reason is so beautiful. Aries see their partners as powerful, independent people who can handle themselves in any situation. Aries does not partner with shrinking violets. So it really does not occur to them that you need them. They fully expect you to go handle your problems like the independent, fully-realized badass that you are. They respect you too much to do otherwise. And think about it. How many of us complain about our partners trying to fix our problems for us? Well, with Aries, that’s not a concern. That being said, if you make it explicit to them that you need their support, they will be there lightning-fast. No Aries can resist the chance to be a hero.

Another amazing benefit of partnering with an Aries that really does not get enough attention is their ardor. They are experts at keeping the spark alive far beyond what any reasonable person would expect. It is not only possible, but actually quite likely that Aries will find you just as attractive after 20 years as they did after 20 days. Their passion is a fire that cannot be extinguished. And how many of us can say that? How many of our partners make us feel desirable every single day, even after being together for years?  Aries does.

Aries also keeps you young. Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries have a feeling of eternal youth about them. Hang around with one long enough, and it will rub off on you, too. Want a sparring partner to keep your mind sharp? Aries is here. Need adventure in your life? Aries has your back. Want to paint the town red? Aries has been ready for twenty minutes and is yelling at you to stop putting on makeup, you look fine, let’s just GO.

It’s true that partnering with Aries isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for someone soft and sympathetic to help blunt the world’s hard edges, Cancer or Pisces may be a better fit. But if you’re looking for a true partner in crime, someone who will never doubt your strength and will make you feel like the sexiest person on the planet every day for the rest of your life, look no further. Aries will keep the fire burning.

Have you partnered with an Aries? What was it like?

48 thoughts on “Aries – Burning Love!”

  1. Yes, and you described my Hubby to the T. He gave me the freedom that I needed. He told me he thought I was the most courageous woman he had ever met, which was flattering to me as I had never met anyone with as much courage as he had.
    He was fun , exciting and generous.The sex was Awesome !!.We never really fought as I am a scorpio and I think we knew if we ever really fought it would be the end of us. I was so blessed to have him for 19 years.

  2. I think men’s moons and mars have a far greater impact on the core Aries sun than any other sign (because they are impressionable kiddos of the zodiac?). I have loved Aries since forever, so much so as to marry one. 🙂 But the ones I liked/was attracted to/dated, have been very un-Aries.

    1. Woah, that’s a really interesting insight, and true to a pretty large degree, as far as I can tell, in regards to the Aries I was with. He was very much his Mercurial Moon, and Cancer Mars. I’ll have to think more about this!

  3. Agreed, My husbands mars and moon was in Virgo . He was more of a laid back Aries, of course I think his age when I met him made a huge difference. He was 50 but still had a very youthful attitude at that age. I have heard some wild stories about what he was like before we met.

  4. The relationship with the Aries didn’t work out, and there’s much to say and not much time right now, BUT…they are so incredibly sexy. Man, I’m very physically drawn to Aries men. It was dynamite between us. We were made for each other, in that way, in that case, at least.

  5. My husband has moon, mercury & Venus in Aries and this sounds just like him. He’s a Pisces but that sun is square mars. So very Mars-y. Together almost 20 years and he’s still very much ardently after me even when I don’t feel desirable. It’s a fire that is indeed always burning.

    I once read a comment here that said as tough as Aries men are, when they find an independent women they love, they put her on a pedestal. There’s a vulnerability to Aries men no matter how tough they seem.

    I ❤️ Aries.

    1. Yep, me. Oh, brother…I’m a Scorpio and adore Aries (of both genders) as friends but could never partner with one, for the long-term.

    2. Putting our lady on a pedestal is the truest form of Aries love. Sure we get bored and sometimes jump in as fast as we jump out. But we also love to chase, to be challenged, and to be inspired. Aries love to be a hero…and we love a good prize! That’s exactly what I am looking for…an independent woman that challenges me, but in return I can cherish.

      My parents are also both Aries (I come from quite the fiery home) they have made it 35+ years and were high school sweethearts. Nothing is boring, conflicts can be explosive, and they tease each other almost to a fault. But they both try so hard to impress the other, show their passion, and keep the spark alive. Truly a role model of love and romance for me.

  6. I have my sun, Venus, Saturn and North Node in Aries, but I’m guilty of trying to solve my Libra partner’s problems all the time! Maybe it’s because of my Cancer moon and Capricorn rising. I have never dated a fellow Aries, but my partner has had several significant relationships with other Aries women; he’s drawn to strong, fiery types, though he gets a little overwhelmed by them at times, too.

  7. LMAO married for35 years to the boy
    What came to light when over
    He cheated on me on my wedding
    Night soooo good with secrets
    When you love someone
    Do you love them? The energy?
    Or how YOU feel to dream of love
    Aries love to be cared for
    Not trying to pop anyone’s bubble
    Just LMAO,they don’t wait or feel
    They love being 1st

  8. I’ve( Virgo) been dating an Aries for roughly two yrs. It was rough in the beginning! Everything written was very true of my Aries love. I’ve never in my life have been with a man like him. I feel as if every time we’re together it just feels “right”! But we’ve recently moved apart, living together & now in separate locations. Not sure what’s going to happen but I’m hopeful that our destiny is to be together. Thank you for sharing this information about Aries.

  9. Thank you! This is true as I am an Aries. So many readings have put us down but you have brought the inner truth and beauty of an Aries.
    Love and light

  10. Thank you for your Aries commentary. I’ve never read such a true description of me in and out of relationships. So…it is not me, it’s them that haven’t been able to hang. 65 yes. 3 marriages and still searching…and loving it!

  11. Ivwas with an Aries man off and on for 13 years. While he had a kind heart he was not boyfriend material. I was never a priority and finally let him go. Thank goodness!

    1. Welcome, Abdussalam Hossain Khan! There are an infinite number of factors that can change things, but this is the core of Aries.

  12. Thanks Midara, strong post!
    My Venus in Aries agrees with you. Im supposed to want a man to protect and provide for me? Ugh. Im no violet myself. Im a badass lady. I conquer hardships. If they cant be just as tough as I am and a go getter or if they try to keep me in the box so that they feel like a man.. im immediately turned off. Repulsed even. Of course i want someone to be there for me. A likeminded warrior to acknowledge my scars whos got his own, someone to share the spoils of war and failure with. Not a daddy! ?

      1. That’s probably why we both went down the rabbit hole in some BAD relationships… so good it’s bound to turn bad…? Like that eminem song love the way you lie? Do you also have scorpio, don’t you? Just curious. Looks like we share some aspects.

    1. Welcome, Zehra Saeed! Aries/Aries is a LOT of fire! It would depend of each person’s preferences, as well as the rest of their chart.

  13. Ican’t help but laugh. I’m an Aries also. You hit the nail on the head about me. But I can say if we meet the right person we have their back. If you can hang we will take you to the top. I have been blessed with a Aries understanding man for 35yrs. True I think I know everything. And yes I want the last word. But I love hard and true. And there is nothing I wouldn’t try to help my husband successfully meet his goals in life. A True Aries!!

  14. I am an Aries and all you have to understand to understand us is..Passion. We are passionate about everything we do, not just in the bedroom. We are great partners bc we strive everyday to keep the passion alive. No we are not for the fainthearted, but for the adventurous fun loving and devoted…come get us!

  15. Oh thank you. Everything you’re saying about Aries ♈️ is true. I’m scorpio sun ☀ and moon Aries ♈️ and I resonate with everything you said about Aries ♈️.

  16. Midara , Great Aries FunFest!
    We often get so much negativity especially about fighting and arguing and leaving, but as you say that is not our core.
    You’ve nailed it, but one more thing, a laudable mention about how great we take rejection – if anyone really does reject us at least not romantically.
    Most of the rejection I have experienced is in the workplace and professional arenas. The men are intimidated by Aries passion power and drive and the women are just so jealous. But hey,I don’t waste my time on that, I just walk away – and always forward – always forward!
    Thank you for loving us????
    Aries ♈️ Rising

  17. I am an Aquarius…he was the Aries. We were in a loving, easy going relationship for 13 years.

    He ended the relationship over the phone one day without ever providing me with any notice of concerns in our life together.

    He had a black heart.

  18. Oh Wow! It sounds so true! Im a pisces going out with an aries man…it was a bit confusing at 1st but Im falling for him everyday, I do detect however some narcisstic behaviour, am I reading too much into this? Are these 2 signs even compatible?

    1. Welcome, Bondiza! There can be a definite disconnect between Aries and Pisces as your natures are so different. However, I have personally seen relationships between these two signs work beautifully as long as everyone is clear-eyed and accepting of the other person’s quirks.

  19. I fell in love with an aries it was the greatest time ever in the beggening then bam!!!! Oh im also an aries but hadnt felt love like that in so long miss her forever

  20. When I was going through serious career and personal issues my Aries was my biggest coach and cheerleader. I didn’t have to ask. When my life smoothed out in the best way possible the spark seemed to be gone and they were on to the next patient. Still friends but I need a new problem to get them back! haha.Is it because they have Pisces symbolically in the 12th house of the subconscious?

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