Wild Fears, Wayward Heart & Confused Spirit

sun shineikl writes:

“There I was – majorly stressed out about the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction and my new solar return. During my consultation, it was almost comical to see how Elsa patiently listened, understood and helped pulled together my wild fears, wayward heart and confused spirit into one workable path. it’s hysterical that I thought I knew a lot and was able to see and diagnose my own problems!?!

I am so glad to have an astrologer like Elsa who is very grounded and has the ability to understand human foibles and challenges. I also appreciate her guidance, astrological and otherwise,  and suggestions as to how to overcome my issues. She has lived a life and it shows in her advice.

The next time you get a solar return report, do yourself a favor and consult Elsa as to how to make the best of your new birth year. It’s one of the best birthday gifts to yourself!”

Thanks, ikl!

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