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Oh Pisces. Sweet, loving, ethereal Pisces. They are the dreamers of the zodiac, transcending the mundane and finding the beauty in all they behold. They remind us that we are more than just a body. We are spirits, shining souls temporarily in earthly vessels. They are breathtaking.

But do you want to partner with one? Isn’t “dreamy” a nice way of saying “ditzy” and “unreliable”? Don’t they live in their own world to the point that their grasp on reality is tenuous at best? Don’t they roll over for the most dominate personality in their orbit? I mean, they’re great, but you wouldn’t want to rely on one, right?

Wrong. While Pisces is certainly known for neglecting certain mundane details, like where they put their keys, where they put your keys, where they put the family dog, etc. But when you really need them the most, they are always there.

Think about it. Pisces has inhuman, supernatural levels of empathy. They always know exactly how their closest people are feeling, and even if they don’t, they can imagine (and are almost always right). Which means they know how much you need them. They know the frustration, anger, or fear you’re feeling, and they know how much worse you would feel if they didn’t show up. Do you think they would do that to you?

And yes, they make mistakes. But those mistakes are so easy to forgive. That is because Pisces are so forgiving themselves, it is impossible to deny them the grace they so freely give to others. Pisces forgives so easily because they, with their magic intuition, are able to understand what your intentions were, as well as your motives, your feelings, and the deep, deep pain inside that sometimes drives us. Pisces sees it all and accepts every inch. They see the sweet, beautiful, loving soul in each of us, the small child yearning for love and safety. They see our scars and, our failures, and our triumphs, and they love it all. With that kind of empathy, how could they not forgive?

But don’t let that fool you. Pisces gets a reputation for being a pushover, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Pisces is an iron fist in a velvet glove. Pisces is a cloud with a spine of steel. Pisces may choose to forgive and forget, but it is very much a choice. And if you wrong them and think you’ve gotten away with it, be warned. Just because they didn’t call you out, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t notice. Often Pisces chooses not to speak, chooses to avoid the conflict. But if you wake up the next day and they’ve disappeared, well, you both know why, don’t you?

Pisces is also incredibly supportive. They will be your greatest cheerleader no matter what you try or how you change. With Pisces being such amorphous, ever-shifting beings, they fundamentally understand that humans grow and change. Humans have success and failure. They have highs and lows. They go through phase after phase after phase. Pisces understands this at a core level, and will always be by your side on the journey, watching with stars in their eyes as your life unfolds. Whoever you become, whatever you go through, Pisces will love you through it all.

So yes, if you’re looking for a sturdy, practical provider, you may be better off with a Taurus or Capricorn. But if you’re looking for a partner who will ride out life’s ups and downs, understand and accept you in every way, and will offer infinite grace, Pisces is it. Their love is transcendent, encompassing, and even spiritual and otherworldly. Forget about the heart. Pisces loves from the soul.

Have you experienced Pisces’ grace?

47 thoughts on “Pisces – Spirit Love!”

  1. That’s me!! Until recently I had no idea I had this kind of extreme empathy, to the point of physically feeling one’s past and present pain. Or that I can be so forgiving. To be honest, sometimes I worry if I’m wrong, that maybe I should take reality as an indicator rather than the intentions and motivations that I see as guiding others’ actions. Especially in people less expressive than me.
    Anyways, thanks Midara for this post on Pisces ? It’s not always easy being one, we need to be cheered on too, not just be the perpetual cheerleader ?

  2. This is what I’ve run into with my crush. Dude *figures me out.* (Which would be more flattering if he wanted to date me, mind you. As things are it is awkward for me.) I have never run into that before and it’s so weird. I’d rather he not know under the circumstances…I’m used to guys being clueless gits!

  3. I have tears in my eyes after reading your beautiful article, Midara! Thank you! The second to last paragraph was quite moving. “…love from the soul…” Ahhh. I could specifically identify with this piece as I have a 1H Pisces Moon.

  4. Not too many pisces that I have ever met that a didn’t like that is for sure. I miss the energy. They are my muse.

  5. I have a couple of Pisces friends and they are so supportive. They truly are cheerleaders! Natally my ruling planet was in Pisces…so I totally get that Pisces empathy.

  6. I can say all of this is most definitely true for pisces as i am one. When I love someone i love HARD, i’m always there for others, always supporting everyone in their time of need, I always put my needs and wants to the side and i definitely try to avoid conflict.i would much rather just step off and leave if someone wrongs me. I will say though that as a Pisces I am not the type that puts things off and dont get things done because no matter how much i help other people I still get things done for myself and i am dependable when it comes to just about anything.

  7. My experiences with Pisces have not been that great honestly. Ive had a few try to tear me down.

    I do believe that they can be this way for some though. And its a great article.

    1. I feel like I should clarify. I think the Pisces that Ive dealt with that have done this, were under some kind of other influence, if that makes sense. I never felt like it was them personally who were trying to hurt me. I could tell because even they seemed surprised and disgusted by their behavior. I think their permeability often can let energies in that are not specifically them.

  8. I am a Pisces. I must say that this article definitely hit the mail in the head!! You couldn’t be more correct!

  9. Every once and awhile we Piscean types have to allow the intelligence of the body – fear and even rage – to marry our discrimination and emerge as a powerful NO to certain experience and people. That spine of steel you talk about – has to emerge out of the cloud……

  10. Pisces rules my 5th house so unsurprisingly, I know Pisceans of every sort. My husband has his Moon in Pisces, a former lover has his Sun and Mars in Pisces. In my various social groups, those closest to me, tend to have either Sun, Moon, occasionally several planets in Pisces. My little boy’s girlfriend is also a Piscean. So believe me when I say that you’ve described the average Neptune ruled to a T. Their optimism and humanity knows no bounds – and without any stabilising aspects or earth planets – neither do their delusions.

  11. My sister Meri,the fish the amazing fish
    Someplace maybe this can fit in “instead of letting go may I end with a just”I don’t know. “

  12. I am a Pisces and so is my only child. Our birthdays days are 20 yrs and 4 days apart. I carried her 10 months. Even then they had to to force delivery. It was like she wanted to stay a part of me. Or maybe it was I. We have been very close and remain so at 54 and 74. She says she can’t imagine being here on earth without me. I can’t imagine leaving her here alone. We are both empaths and seem to have one foot on this world and one in the spirit world. Her only granddaughter, my only great granddaughter is also a Pisces, a mini- me for both. Spent over a year babysitting her. From birth she was, like my daughter mostly in the spirit world. She too is an empathy. She and I had that year fully in make-believe;a world of our own making. How blessed I am to have gone through this twice with a Pisces child! It makes it easier to know I will leave my daughter here with here Pisces granddaughter.
    Question: Do Pisces often follow each other through eternity? It seems to me they need each other for their spirits to survive the harshness of the real earthly world as well as to survive their own empathic nature. I had no Pisces in my life as a child and it was hell. Everyone should have a Pisces in their life for there is no love as deep and understanding as a Pisces.

    1. Shirle Pearson, I am reading your post three years later and am so moved by what you say here(esp at the end), and your *deep question. Did you find an answer?

      (Pisces sun, and my natal chart’s final dispositir is Neptune, so… pretty Piscean!)
      Very happy that you have your Pisces great-grand-daughter in your life!

      Keep dreaming those Pisces dreams!

  13. The man I love is a Pisces, so sweet and shy. The days I get to see him when he leaves work, for 5 or 7 minutes makes my day. I ,an aries, never thought I would ever love again after I lost my husband, a Scorpio, 14 yrs ago from a heart attack. I never dated or anything but, when I saw this man eye to eye, something in me changed. My heart was racing like never before. I finally had the courage to ask him out after almost a year of flirting . He told me he couldn’t start anything right now because of health issues. My heart sank. I pray he gets better, if he would let me ,I would be his rock and stand strong for him. I love him so much.

  14. it had to be a pisces moon who would send roses everyday to Marilyn Monroe’s grave, Joe Dimaggio. And even Hugh hefner was a pisces moon, pisces venus and he always made sure his ladies were taken care of even after death; Pisces is such a beautiful sign in both men and women, they really take care of you. Everytime i visit my Pisces sun aunty, who has Aries/pisces moon, Scorpio mars Aquarius venus (married to an Aquarius man with scorpio moon capricorn mars) she always takes care of me. She is super generous and always loves to give.

  15. Pisces the fish. Well some of them can be dolphins and some can be sharks, Rupert Murdoch for example.

    I wouldn’t assume Pisceans are pushovers or use their undoubted porous sensitivity for everyone’s good.

    You might meet a Pisces who can read you like a book and knows exactly how to play you.

    1. I agree. Depends on aspects to their Pisces planets and other planets. Still, many have that sweet, see-no-fault with the world idealistic nature…They can be savvy and practical if they have earth Moons, but you’d never describe them as hard-nosed.

  16. I want my wife to be a Pisces, we are God’s gift to Earth. This article made my cry; kudos to the Author.

  17. I will add this about planets in Pisces; they can care for you and cheer you on, even when to the whole world, it appears that your relationship is over. It doesn’t take a Sun, Moon or Venus in Pisces. I know of a recently-divorced woman with Mercury in Pisces who regularly sees her ex for social shindigs while being pregnant with another man’s child. It is apparent that they are not only on talking terms but have cordial relations since mutual friends are comfortable enough to have them sitting side by side. The only other type I can think of to be friends with exes are those with Uranus on DC. The couple above have this in their Davison chart and that could probably explain why uncoupling has no actual effect other than a division of marital assets.

    1. It can seem that way with “some”; i was at a magazine store with my friends and there was a big article on Marilyn Monroe, now granted she had only Pisces mars, but it seem to show alot while she loved fast (aries venus) and in the article marilyn herself have said she loved every man that loved her. lol then my friends said, she was not a faithful woman but loved everyone who loved her back. lol maybe it’s her leo rising trine aries venus. her relationship with libra sun/aqua moon Arthur Miller failed because she found out he wrote about her that he hated her capriciousness and just hated her. After that, she did not want to be with someone who hated her.

      1. Yeah, it would kill most people to find out that your partner hates you, but strangely enough, not the Aqua former couple I wrote about; of course, since they are into kinky sex, it begs the question whether male Aqua is having a menage a with female Aqua’s new male partner? Hhhmmm…

        Pisces are happily more straightforward, if like Marilyn Monroe, puzzling in their definition of “love.” Sure she loved them and they loved her but she lived for the chase and being MM, loads of men were happy to do just that. Coincidentally, Liz Taylor has Venus in Aries too, hers is on the DC.

        The thing with Pisces is that love is love and it has nothing to do with fidelity. I don’t suppose they think about it that much…unless they have strong Pluto (would be possessive) or strong Saturn (that would be boundaries) or maybe just plain ol’ Jupiter (God and philosophy forbids it!) to rein them in a little.

        I’ve gotta check out their synastry when I have the time, but offhand, MM and AM had trining Suns (so compatible personalities?)

        1. Arthur Miller had that square venus scorpio, to his Leo mars. So he was probably just picky and hard on her and everyone he was with. How he described Marilyn was “capricious” which is mercurial and changeable and that is very Gemini. He didn’t like it, even though he had Libra sun(trine ) with Aquarius moon (trine again) because of that ugly venus square mars always hard on others and not just accepting loving for who they are even faulty. So he was pprobably confused anyway LOL
          Marilyn Monroe also had Uranus Pisces. Yes they had Trine suns but it was Joe Dimaggio who loved MM deeply (He is a Sagittarius sun, Sag Rising, and Sag Venus. But he had Pisces moon which probably was delicious to attach to her Pisces mars. Moon/Mars synastry. Although she didn’t feel the same way, because he wouldn’t allow her to be “free”; he was too controlling. He did have Jupiter & Uranus Aquarius

          1. Pity it didn’t work out between MM and Joe, the big ol’ softie. Arthur Miller put his Mars in her first, Venus in her 4th and his Moon in her 7th. Don’t know the degrees so don’t know if those were part of a T square, but initially, he found her sexually appealing and wanted to have a relationship with her.

            I’ve found that aspects and emplacements have their good and bad and the positives aren’t forever. Mars in first can go from “Oh you’re so hot” to “Oh you bloody piss me off.” Moon in 7th is always nice but I wouldn’t believe the Astro cook books that say this is a “marriage marker.” He probably wanted to marry her because she was a film star and a sex symbol period. Joe was baseball star so he could see her as an equal. However, he had more conventional ideas about roles within the marriage.

  18. I have not met a supportive Pisces yet. They are super self involved and don’t seem to love hard at all. Not any good experiences with this sign and I have encountered a few

    1. You need to see if their Saturn (commitment) and Jupiter (generosity) aspects yours. Without either, it’s doubtful to be a fulfilling relationship.

  19. anonymoushermit

    “Just because they didn’t call you out, it doesn’t mean that they didn’t notice. Often Pisces chooses not to speak, chooses to avoid the conflict. But if you wake up the next day and they’ve disappeared, well, you both know why, don’t you?”


  20. It’s all true.

    I am married to one. I will be till one of us passes on… he is my true love….for the rest of my life.

  21. I’m a Piscean, and have known Piceans; very raely are piceans what you claim regarding sweetness and light etc. which includes myself.

    They can be nasty people, with an agenda.

    That woman I wrote about with the moon in taurus was one such woman. then there was another in the group who played games with people putting person against person, just so that she would be ok – a real sociopath.

    Quite often have a short temper, and lash out.

  22. You just described the best things about me. I’m far from perfect, but I think this article describes how I am at my best and really most of the time. It feels good to read such nice things about my sign. Thank you Midara.

  23. The Pisces I’m praying to get with told me that he was going to have to have a liver transplant. My Aries heart wanted to help him. If he would let be there for him I would. I’m praying that a new drug will be made available soon. He doesn’t have an alcoholic liver. A fatty one. I ask for prayers please.

    1. Or the reverse and boundary vampires suck the life out of the true Piscean who gives, gives, and gives more, until they’ve been used up – it can take years for a piscean to recover from the experience…

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