Will I Find Love? Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Venus

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I am a Libra, Sadge rising. My progressed moon will conjunct my natal Venus in December in my 9th house. My natal Venus sextiles my chart ruler, Jupiter. degree. Venus rules my 4th, 5th and 9th house. Could this aspect sell my house or mean love? 


Eva, it could mean love, but it could mean many, many other things. What you want and what you work for often determines what you get out of situations or opportunities that present in your life.

For example, we would have a summer where conditions are optimal to grow a garden. If a person didn’t put any seed in the ground, nothing will manifest.

In this case, the universe may send you an ideal partner. You might turn them away for some reason.

Nothing that happens astrologically, guarantees a result. Never discount free will, especially when you’re talking about Jupiter and the 9th house!

Do you work with the energy in your life, or do you expect it to work alone? 
What happened when your progressed moon conjoined natal Venus?

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9 thoughts on “Will I Find Love? Progressed Moon Conjunct Natal Venus”

  1. I checked and my progressed moon was exactly conjunct my Pisces Venus the month before I met my husband 21 years ago. Gotta love it!

  2. I was 10 years old! I have Venus in my 10th house. I was just starting to have serious crushes on boys! I also got sectioned off into the smart math group, was chosen for a girls leadership conference, became close with some very nice girls who are still friends today, and got accepted to private school. I was mostly in love with Kraft macaroni and cheese…that neon orange stuff in the blue box was consumed quite regularly.

  3. December 2011! That was an uncharacteristically unremarkable time for me. It was a nice time though. I had good friends but I left them behind after I graduated and have barely thought of them since. Nothing at all lasting came from that transit.

  4. Ok so here is the trick… Connect the dots.
    My progressed Moon in Leo is conjunct transit of Jupiter… Why am I not feeling grand? Because Saturn just crossed my Ascendant and is squaring all this goodness. More than anything you have to be able to view the charts wholeness and see the highlighted planets.
    I just looked at a girls chart this week for the coming year. I thought I would cry. She’s having such a rough time right now. Main focus is Saturn is opposing her Sun… But in just a few months she gets hit with ALL Jupiter transits. Like 6 of them… That will bring her to another place in just a short time.
    Also in relation to your question, I have found Prog Sun on Venus and vice versa always brings you some form of love. Looking back on my last two long term relationships. As we met they both had either Prog Sun on Venus or Vice versa. Also look at the Solar Arc that Venus makes to the Sun.
    Unfortunately, Each lasted 4 years. With one we each had Pluto tranists at the same time. The other we each had Saturn transits simultaneously. These outer planets absolutely affect all that goes on in Love and War.

  5. Q: “Do you work with the energy in your life, or do you expect it to work alone?”
    A: I… Don’t know. It varies. Some things are out of my control, and meant to be that way.
    Q: “What happened when your progressed moon conjunted natal Venus?”
    A: That might never happen in my lifetime. LoL It’s Conjunct my Vesta, though, whatever that means. And, it’s Conjunct my progressed Vesta, too. It’s leaving the latter Conjunction, and slightly passed Conjunction to the Natal one. Seventh House. Aries. Nothing I’m aware of has been triggered.

  6. I got engaged to my current and only husband when my progressed Moon conjuncted my natal Venus. The Moon rules my 7th house and Venus rules my 5th and 10th houses.

  7. I fell hard for someone at work.
    (natal Venus 10th)

    Nothing ever transpired of it, per se but it led me down a path of spiritual awakening and changing my values for the better. ?

  8. Prog moon at 23 cap, venus at 22 cap, transiting Pluto at 21 Cap. After 2 or 3 online suitors I rejected, I ended my 25 year old marriage.(uranus (his) square my moon) Progressed AC and Sun into Aquarius, considering a new beginning professionally. I kinda like some guy but nothing serious.

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