22 thoughts on “Will The Real Scorpio Please Stand Up?”

  1. My little sister (who I’m closer to than to anyone else in my family) is a Taurus but she’s got Scorpio on the ascendant, Pluto conjunct to 3 degrees in the twelfth, and even though she’s pretty shy (moon tightly conjunct Saturn in Aquarius) she just radiates Scorpio energy… I mean it’s POWERFUL… she doesn’t realize it though.

    I don’t know many people who are into astrology but of the ones I’ve met, they’ve either referred to me as an Aquarius type (except I like to be alone much more so than the typical Aquarius), or a Pisces. My sun’s in Taurus and I have absolutely no Aquarius in my chart.

  2. i submitted a couple of photos i took of myself to a “guess my sign” community a bunch of years ago, and it was almost unanimous that people thought i was a scorpio. nobody guessed gemini, which i thought would be obvious.

    also, i remember once being in a room full of all but two people who were geminis, all prattling on about how great they all were for being gemini, because geminis were clearly superior at everything. i thought that was stupid, so i kept my mouth shut throughout the argument with the non-geminis who were trying to say that geminis weren’t “better”. finally one of the non-geminis decided to use me as an example of better, smarter non-geminis, assuming i wasn’t a gemini since i wasn’t saying anything and had kept completely quiet through the whole thing. “uh… i’m a gemini.” everybody laughed and that ended the argument. i was asked why i hadn’t said anything by one of the geminis, who seemed really offended that i wasn’t a zodiac fascist like him, but i don’t think i answered him.

    but yeah, i know i’m not a ‘typical’ gemini, being the quiet (and apparently humble-in-comparison) sort. i have pluto in my 1st house, the ruler of my ascendant in my 8th house, a scorpio moon, and a saturn aspect to my sun/mercury… so i can see where people might pick up that i’m scorpio. can’t say i mind, up until people assume those traits are all i am… i need duality in my life, damnit.

  3. haha your laughter is contagious, Elsa!
    I’ve got Capricorn on the MC so people don’t come up to me and tell me what my sign is – I’m too serious and they’re probably scared. And that is a shame!

  4. people often think that i’m shy, quiet, and reserved, as well as educated (i can’t help my vocabulary unless i really focus on it) they think i’m “stuck up” or that i “think i’m better than them” when i really couldn’t care less- i have met people from all over the spectrum of education and experience with important things to say and useful lessons to teach, but i spent my second nine years around some really snobby new englanders and i guess some of the mannerisms rubbed off? (even though they drove me crazy….)

    it leads to some really bad social situations sometimes as it can have an unpleasant group snowball affect where everyone complains about how much of a bitch i am, i guess. or, at least, i hear about it. and it’s easier to take in the hurtful things. i don’t tend to dislike people unless i see them engaging in active malicious behaviour. i just may not have much to say….

  5. Elsa, I thought about you feeling like people don’t think you’re real (see some of her older posts) when I ran across a picture I had on my computer – it’s the johari window. Have you ever heard about it? You might want to check it out. As I understand it, it should help us understand what we are projecting outwards. I feel confused this way at times as I get feedback that seems entirely different than my intentions in my living and communications.


  6. This may sound weird, but used to happen to me all the time. People used to say ‘Smile!’ to me all the time which provoked my very dark and angry side. Yup, I felt friendly but was perceived as very unfriendly/cold until we struck up a conversation…

    I hated smiling because my teeth were extremely fucked up. I got sick of the nickname ‘jack-o-lantern’ a very looooong time ago. Two years ago (just as I began my first Saturn Return, very fitting as Saturn is the bones) I got braces, fixed my teeth and never looked back.

    Feeling proud to smile openly without any fear of judgement or teasing changed my life, and consequently helped me relax my face more.

  7. My husband was one of many who, upon first impressions of me, thought I was high maintenance. I never really understood why?? I don’t get my nails done, I don’t have designer purses or clothing, and I am frugal as hell (or “Frugal Fabulous” as I like to call it!). I asked him one day, and he said it’s the way I carry myself. I don’t know, “high maintenance” makes me think “snobby”. I don’t want to come off as high maintenace because it’s against everything I stand for (simplicity I guess, or getting out from behind the facade of brand names and labels).
    Also…one day a bunch of friends and I were talking about first impressions and they all came to the conscensus that I look Brazilian. I’m really Mexican-American, but I was like “Hey! I’ll take that!” I guess my Scorpio ASC gives me an exotic look??

  8. Hi sweet Elsa,

    This reminds me of the recent Glenn Perry workshop when I walked in and noticed you among the blurry faces of the rest of the group (I had not met you yet and didn’t know who you were), front row but to the right, so I immediately went over and sat next to you. Why? Just because I though it would be the best and most fun place. It was!

    Your story just goes to illustrate also that unless one has studied the astrological archetypes and energies and had experience looking beyond the ascendant, guessing the sun sign is pretty hard. You know – the old saying that we fall in love with the ascendant (or in your case whatever is being projected out with your majestic Neptune / MC) and then when they find out what’s really underneath…. 🙂

    But to your question, people mistake me all the time and for many years I felt misunderstood, unappreciated and just plain confused. Now that I understand it and have come to my own sense of self on stronger terms, it just is what it is, and the fact is that the number of people who know me to any significant degree are just a handful. This comes partly from my Sun in the 4th house just 2 degrees from the nadir (my core hides deep) Pisces either intercept or a large part of my first house (depending on the house system) and Moon conjunct Pluto in the 7th house (7th house being infamous for projection even without the lovely reflection of the Moon).

  9. Like June, people often mistake me for a Scorpio, sometimes a Libra, often a Leo. I am a late Gemini with early degrees of Venus, moon and mercury in Gemini square pluto and mars in the 12th house and I’m Libra rising. Men project all kinds of things on me, and women my own age don’t warm up to me at all. Older people of both sexes assume I come from a wealthy and educated family background (I am a child of poor farmer immigrants) and I’ve been told I come across as “aristocratic” although Leo is not prominent or aspected in my chart. I went through a stage when I was younger where I “accomodated” people by “changing” my personality to come across as being more cheerful and gracious than I normally am. Have stopped doing that since it caused no end of problems when people later realized I was dark, intense and obsessed with work, death, sex, relationships, myself…Heh.
    –Anna the dark Gemini

  10. I have libra ascendant, with scorpio sun… It is so much easier to be the libra part, and so somtimes i just start to function from this part. My best friend when I was younger had really short hair and everyone always thought that she was a boy. Now she’s got really large boobs, and long luxuriant hair. lol, somthing I laugh about…

  11. Lots of people only see my Scorpio ascendant and have no idea I’m a Sag sun. Everyone I interact with around work or school seems to think I’m Virgoan (Virgo midheaven). It’s all ok…I’m pretty slow to open up, so I understand if people don’t “get” me right away.

    And in matters unrelated to signs, I’m almost always mistaken for much younger than I am — say, around 18-22 (finally got out of the high school years, yeah!), rather than the early thirties that I am. I was guessed as sixteen a mere couple of years ago. This is actually aggravating rather than flattering, because I have people constantly interacting with me in a sort of looking-down-upon fashion and not treating me as though I have life/work/etc. experience, of which I have tons, actually. It’s pretty weird to have people thinking of me in a way that doesn’t at all reflect who I am or where I am in life, and I don’t like it much.

  12. I’m a Sag sun with Scorpio rising, so I get the whole dark, mysterious thing quite a bit. I know a guy who is Scorpio sun with Sag rising, which is really interesting, caz he comes off as all jolly when he’s really watching everything you say/do. The Scorpio rising comes in handy when I want to scare guys away, but sometimes backfires when I actually like a guy…Leo midheaven only comes out when I’m comfy with the company I keep. 😀

  13. I get this all the time, but then I’m a Capricorn with Gemini ASC, so the inner me and the outer me are two completely different animals in most ways. 😀

    Everyone seems to assume that I’m a lot younger than I actually am, that I’m naive, innocent, that I’m a pushover. And while I do look a lot younger than 45 (thanks for those great genes, Grandma!), I’m actually quite mature and capable and aware of the reality of the world around me.

    It’s pretty funny, really.

  14. I’m a Scorpio with Scorpio rising but I don’t look brooding or exotic at all…in fact, I’m the one with the lightest colouring in my family. My sister is a Scorpio with Libra rising but she is the one that got the black hair, prominent eyebrows and dark eyes. I’m very pale with blue eyes and light brown hair, and always got called “cute” when younger. People still think I’m much younger than I am too because of my features and petite frame. Having said that, I do get compliments on my eyes and I have a very Scorpionic widow’s peak hairline, as does my Scorpio father.

  15. *waves to all the Scorpio risings out there* 🙂

    I am a scorpio rising and I tend to disappear into the background to observe other people. I hate being in the spotlight! I find that I have to consciously EXERT myself and make myself be seen and heard if I want to be seen and heard…

    Like the time I went to a class years ago. I was almost completely invisible to everybody on the first day. I felt like I was getting nothing from this class. The teacher interacted with all the other students; not me. Second day, same thing. Third day I decided to wear bright red lipstick just for the heck of it, no particular reason – and WHOA, it was amazing how everything changed. The teacher (who was a guy, ha!) was finally interacting with me. The cool part was that I started learning stuff from this class and started to enjoy it! It was easier to feel part of the class after that. To think that red lipstick can make such a difference…

  16. It probably does not take a sensitve radar to pick up some of my Virgo traits. I am sometimes mistaken for a Capricorn and perhaps this is due to my Saturn in Capricorn. My Jupiter in Sagittarius conjunct midheaven is fairly evident even when I try to maintain a low profile. It is the combination of Uranus in Leo, Pisces Ascendant and Mars in Gemini that can really throw people off. Most people warm up to my Mercury and Venus in Libra and I think these help to balance out the other extremes. Generally speaking, I like to keep people guessing. Perhaps, not so much here.

  17. How funny Elsa. I wear a lot of black and try to keep my mouth shut. I have Neptune in Scorp in my 6th house. I have my Gemini sun in my 12th house maybe thats why people give me a lot of crap about the black. I just like to wear it because it hides a multitude of sins!!!

  18. I am often mistaken for my ascendant. Aquarius. Sometimes I just let people thi I that because Too many times the friendly banter tone of the conversation just fades when I admit I’m Scorpio. Whoa, we must be connected to some really twisted shit. I’m not all that textbook Scorpio.especially Negative Traits. My shortcomings are more like those listed here Aquarius or Gemini Negative5Raits. I don’t ha”3 re attention span ffor Scorpio vengeance and if you hurt.me enough, I’m gone. No energy worth expending toward some stooga who treats me expendbly.

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