Will Work For Love: Saturn Transit Through The 7th House

If you read about Saturn transits to Venus or the 7th house you’ll often read you will be deprived (Saturn) or love and relationship (Venus / 7th house). People read this stuff and it worries them. I’m here to tell you otherwise.

It’s true some people may be without relationship during a Saturn transit to Venus or through the 7th house but I would say they’d be the minority. This is because you’re supposed to learn about the area of like indicated by the Saturn transit. It follows if you’re supposed to be working on relationships, you’re going to be in one!

My Saturn transit to Venus in my 7th house is nearly exact. I am in A LOT of relationships! Every single one of them requires boundaries and competency! These are Saturn things. I must hold up my end of the bargain,  I can feel this, acutely.

The lines are here and here with this person and here, here and here with this other person. There are almost no lines with this third person and there is a gulf between me and a fourth! And all of this is irrelevant! The only thing that seems to matter is that I stay on my side of the line! And that’s Saturn for you. Very simple!! And what happens if I fail?

Well I can tell you. I am going to get knocked back! Someone is going to blow the whistle around their neck like some kind of cop!! And I am going to have to fall in line, or else.

Or else what? Or else lose the relationship…and the respect (Saturn is in LEO) of this person I love! Do you think I’m going to do that? No!

So this is what is going on. “Chop wood, carry water,” on the relationship front. Work it out! Put it right! Invest for the long term without expectation of short term gratification. And this is working for me.

Contrary to what you read about Saturn with Venus making you feel unworthy and undesirable, I feel very good about myself and my worth as a partner of any kind. In fact, I feel better about the quality of love I offer than I ever have in my life. So I just wanted to put this out there. Doing the work, pays and it pays well.

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7 thoughts on “Will Work For Love: Saturn Transit Through The 7th House”

  1. Hi elsa, I am also experiencing a Saturn transit to my Natal Venus (in Leo) – and what you wrote was so very comforting:)

    I dont feel ugly either. Its funny – everything I’ve read about it says you feel undesirable, but Im the skinniest Ive ever been & feel the best I’ve looked during this transit.
    You say things that aren’t in the books. I like it!

    I learn so much from your blog. I like it when you mix it up & give tutorials like this. Anytime you can throw these in, they are very helpful, and much appreicate to us astrology students.


  2. Am also undergoing a Saturn transit to my 7th (where I also have my Venus) and am indeed learning about boundaries (big time!) AND I have just started a new relationship where yes everything you said is playing out (very beautifully actually — I’m quite proud of how I am ‘working’ things).

    And, thank you once again for this blog — it has opened my eyes to a few other things related to this Saturn transit that are also happening in my life — I hadn’t seen the link until reading this.

  3. My Sun is at 29 degrees of Cancer, so I’d been having the Saturn transit just one half-step ahead of my friend whose sun is at 0 Leo, in the 7th House and it’s been very interesting to observe and contrast our experiences. My Saturn transit was by and large very good to me. I felt more grounded, more able to focus and do the hard work in my life, and my job, and my relationship. Normally I’m a restless little spirit, but then for the first time I felt really settled and I had this strong desire to invest my energy into things, to do my best to create something lasting. But all this comes within the context of life that I had prior to feeling OK been in therapy for years, and had already worked quite hard on Acknowledging/Taming The Inner Crazy and becoming a more functional human being. I can well imagine that if the therapeutic foundations had not been laid I would have had a substantially less pleasant experience and felt lonely, and unwanted and isolated.

    My Leo friend had a rocky transit. Her relationship went tits up, she lost hr job and was in real life crisis in which she struggled for her life and her livelihood. She encountered crippling disillusionment and hopelessness, but she muddled through it and came out of the other end and works hard at her new job, and her new relationship drives her nuts but it’s all in the name of progress.

    I think what I like about Saturn transits is this element of promise through hard work. That if you’re willing to work hard enough you are offered an opportunity for hope an redemption. In that way I find Saturn’s an easier transit than say those of Pluto and Neptune where it’s no about hard work so much as just hanging in there and going on faith.

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for all of your insight. I’ll be experiencing a Saturn/Venus opposition at the end of August, 2006. I have no problem with having to do hard work, as long as it flows nicely, I don’t mind putting in the time. We’ll see what it has in store for me.

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