55 thoughts on “I Hate Scorpios, Virgos, Aquarians And Other Lousy Signs Too!”

  1. I wouldn’t say I hate certain sun signs, but I’d say I tend to be more careful around certain signs than I’m around the others. For instance, almost all the women I’ve ever experienced hostile behaviour from for no appartent reason at all have been Aquariuses – even if I haven’t known it at the moment. First of all my stepmother (ok, I used to be difficult, but certainly an adult person should understand that a 7 years-old girl not used to sharing her father may behave in a certain way ?), then the queen-bee who tried to make my life miserabe at school, then my aunt, and in the past few years a couple of colleagues. My closest friend at the moment is an Aquarius, though, we are very different, but I’ve felt extremely comfortable around her from the moment we first met.

    When it comes to men, I have most issues with the Sagittarius or the Capricorn. There have been a couple I’ve been enormously sexually attracted to, but who were not in a good place themselves. It seems that I somehow attract men born in December ONLY when they are coming in terms with being clinically depressed, and definitely not ready for a steady relationship.

  2. Leo is 😡

    That’s the sign that I’ve got the least of. My south node is in the fifth house. I’m very group oriented and self-sacrificing and their self-absorption is just ehhh to me. I want to tell them they’re NOT the center of the universe.

  3. I used to have a thing against Leo before I knew anything about astrology, based on a few bad experiences w/ childhood friends. Then I did my chart online and realized I have a natal Leo stellium and my progressed Sun and Moon in Leo! lol. Suddenly I saw all the good in Leo and developed a great affinity for those lions.

    Now I’m struggling w/ some anti-Aries prejudice. My ex was an Aries and behaved in the stereotypical ways, hurting me really badly. I have Mars rising and my south node is in Aries in the 7th (which apparently means I give away my Aries gifts to those I form relationships with rather than owning them myself). So obviously it’s a charged thing for me. Trying hard to get better about this and not hate on them. That said, I’ve found it wise to have strong boundaries, be sure to put myself first more than usual, and call the person out when they’re being an a** when dealing w/ Aries.

  4. I’ve never had problems with signs but I didn’t start noticing sign traits in people until I started reading your site. 😉 One of my husband’s female friends (we’re godparents to her son) is aquarius and it took me forever to get used to her. We’re good now. I thought maybe I had a problem with Aquarius people but just recently found out someone else in our life is Aquarius and we get along fine all the time.

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