Saturn In Scorpio: Working With Your Subconscious

With Saturn transiting Scorpio, this is a great time to work with subconscious. If you don’t know how to do this, now is a great time to learn.

I have a lot of faith in my subconscious and in my ability to heal, in general. I have a friendly relationship with my subconscious and actually instruct (Saturn) it to take care of business, while I take care of other business.  You can compare this to having a virus program running in the background while you tend to other tasks. Like the virus program,  my subconscious will ping me if there is something I need to inspect more closely or tend to.

I haven’t had my subconscious mess me up for almost 20 years now. I’m not saying that I fathom myself. Just that I’ve not unconsciously set up a destructive situation in almost two decades. This is because I barely survived the last mess I made, back before I was less aware of my deeper and darker drives.

Today, I would go beyond saying that I work with my subconscious and say that my subconscious works for me.

Does your mind interact with your psyche?


8 thoughts on “Saturn In Scorpio: Working With Your Subconscious”

  1. Yes, though I think your description “I have a friendly relationship with my subconscious and actually instruct (Saturn) it to take care of business, while I take care of other business. ” is key to making my way through this Saturn transit through Scorpio. A friendly relationship is a fine goal, a better way to make peace with my parts and temper fear.

  2. My 1st house mercury is sextile my 3rds house pluto (by 3degrees), so I’d say that my mind easily works with my psyche. For the first part of my life, I was totally unaware of it (didn’t know about it) I just assumed everyones mind & psyche interacted (but mistake….)

  3. Elsa, this blog topic and what you said about yourself resonates deeply in me. Thank you. I recently had a dream about “heals” of bread.

  4. I know that I get my best ideas, walking, hand washing dishes and other mindless tasks. The answers I need seem to rise to the surface at those times. And when they do my mind goes ‘that’s a great idea’. LOL

  5. Honestly, with a 12th house sun, and I am just beginning to excavate and understand what this means, I think I am operating 90% from my subconscious, unfortunately. I think I do need to implement a virus program. I am going to start asking Saturn to do the same for me Elsa. I also have Mercury square Pluto, conj. Saturn so I seem to be in on-going self analysis mode, though I do do things I regret later on impulse. Damn that 12th house Mars in Scorpio!

  6. Scorpio rules my 2nd house, & my Venus, Neptune, & Mars also reside there…. with Saturn’s transit into my 2nd-house-Scorpio… I feel like I’m taking a life-course, learning how to consciously recognize the ways in which my subconscious acts as a valuable resource for me. I think it’s time for me to embrace my darker-self & learn to work with it. Maybe my next 48 yrs will yield more successes & security than I have known during the first 48. {I have 4 planets in my Virgo/12th, & 3 in my Scorpio/2nd}

  7. Definitely, there have been plenty of times where outcomes/consequences of things happening have been clear to see…under the surface and behind the curtain. Purely because I’ve delved into that space past the point of logic and reasoning. Its a matter of applying what you know in reality to what your subconscious is telling you. sometimes they contradict but in my experience there are huge correlations. The only times I’ve f***ed up is when I’ve ignored what my subconscious has told me, what it knew the answers all along. Ignore it and it shows up in nasty ways in reality to beat the truth into you lol..

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