Saturn In Scorpio – The Burden Of Your Own Complexity

bigfootScorpio enjoys being complex but with Saturn in the sign, you may feel the burden of this. Yeah, it’s complicated, so now what? What are you going to do with all this depth? What are you going to do with your power?.

Many are realizing the necessity of getting a handle on their own energy, never mind the other guy. It’s just to easy to kill your lover, isn’t it?

Scorpios are having to deal with the repercussions of things they set in motion, subconsciously, or accidentally and many are finding this is one hell of a job. It’s like telling Bigfoot to quit stomping around. Easier said than done.

Who can relate?

17 thoughts on “Saturn In Scorpio – The Burden Of Your Own Complexity”

  1. Oh my goodness, I really feel the weight of the positive and negative aspects of my energy. Little things are pointing out to me what I need to work on, but it’s definitely going to require a lot of work. I have goals on how I want to improve my personal conduct, but getting there is not so obvious.

  2. Yes. Holy cow, yes. The safety net is gone. On the other hand, I am cherishing people and things about my life in a way I never have before.

  3. Seems to be so. I just came down with a nasty sore throat, which has given plenty of time for sulking, sitting fairly incapacitated, pondering stuff I’d been pushing aside for many months. It’s like it decided to come to the surface in the form of mucus and headaches because I wasn’t listening otherwise. Reality checks can suck.

  4. I’m with dorchid on this one. Safety nets come in all forms and illusions; the ability ‘to cherish’ is something that bridges in a real way. Over the top with that reality.

  5. I was expecting today to be tough, but not so much about me. I got a good pounding today, and with Scorpio ascendant, it’s time to learn more about channeling my own energy. Notice I didn’t say “control.” Mars is transiting natal Mars in Scorpio, which is square Pluto in the natal chart. So, double mars square pluto. A great time to learn about fear-based control issues.

    I am learning that you can’t fit too much in a closed fist, and I’m simultaneously realizing that despite those fear-based control issues, I haven’t gone out sniping for anybody, but I’ve had a few go on the attack over my over-zealous approach to a project. Therefore, I now have the knives as well, so to speak.

    I’m packing a wallop, and it’s time I admit it and take responsibility for it, for good.

  6. Sure.

    But you know we’re not going to stop being ourselves just because Saturn is there. Most likely we’re going to get even better at this shit.

    Ultimately. What you do with anything you’ve got is put it to use.

  7. I have Scorpio in Saturn, Pluto, and Mars, which are all in the 4th house oddly.

    Recently I’ve been meeting people, and on my own accord, by being a little brave and initiating instead of allowing things to mutually happen. Then, because the people I’ve met aren’t kosher in my social sphere, I find myself just as quickly abadoning the relationship as quickly as it started. This doens’t go for everyone though. It’s been very interesting to say the least: keeping me on my toes and my energy level is tremendous. If it weren’t for the fact that my friends have jobs and kids, (me, just a job), I’d attempt getting everyone together for a fun night. They way I’m feeling, I’d try pushing it to a fun week.

  8. I definitely relate!
    I don’t like to blame others for my shadow. I have to deal with my uncomfortable zone before it messes up my life.

  9. Thoughts about ex Gf’. Phew!
    Why Saturn why?
    Why would you inflict pain one more time!
    Haven’t you had enough? I had enough!

  10. I don’t have any Big Foot’s stomping around…I can relate though in the sense that what I want to do is going to take the energy of one! And right’s not in great supply, or it comes and goes. It’s just not constant.

  11. I relate. Some hilarious imagery comes to mind as I imagine Big Foot trying to get a grip ….Big Foot with a business suit, and manners from last Saturn transit. This pumps me up to go to work, I have to mind my matters….I mean, manners. Saturn transit to my 2nd aspecting Mars conjunt Orcus in the 10th.

  12. Avatar

    Mmmm. Yep yep. Serious stuff is popping up and my crazinesses are becoming more apparent. Especially with my health. And, my bad habits becoming exposed…..

    I affect others a great deal. And part of it is… Learning to hold back my intensity so that others are not affected adversely…. So that my *body* is not affected adversely. This year, the stress has coming out through my skin and now, I have people who are guiding me so that I can be a stronger and healthier… Which is a vital lesson for my future career. SATURN is transiting my SUN & PLUTO in 6th house. Damn, astrology can be scary accurate huh.

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