Worrying About Your Children’s Transits Or Bad Solar Return Charts

sun shineMy son was in high tide when he left the nest to go his own way.  I kept an eye on his chart of course. In this case, I kept an eye on his Solar Return chart because it’s an easy way to glimpse a whole year of a person’s life.

This is not to say the Solar Return chart is most important.  This is just the primary way I’ve keep an eye on him.  I would not get involved in the minutiae of his life, unless I was asked to. A great Solar Return goes a long way.


My son had a really nice run. He had these sweet Solar Return charts for five years or so until he hit a snag in 2020.

His 2020 return chart looked rough and in fact it played out that way. When I looked at his current return, I expected to see improvement. After all, he was sailing through all these years. No one wants their child to struggle and they certainly don’t want them to suffer.  But in fact, his 2021 return was even worse than what he’d just endured.

stellium in oisces 2022I kept my mouth shut about this.  What am I supposed to say? Oh well, you’re doomed..?  He’d just has to get through it.

He’s halfway through it now. The chart shown is his 2022 Solar Return. Moon conjunct Jupiter and Neptune in their home sign and Venus in exaltation? I think I can exhale.

I often work with parents who have kids stuck in a hard transition. It’s often a Saturn deal. They  child or the young adult is in the process of maturing and you’ve just got to let them take their (hard) knocks. If not, they will not mature and they will probably resent you as well.

Pluto transits are often worse. Pushing back against resistance is one thing.  Being knocked into a deep, deep well is another. It’s so hard to watch.

Worrying doesn’t help!  But keeping an eye on your children’s charts probably does.  It helps you know when to back off and just as importantly, why.  Because if you understand the purpose of some ordeal, it’s easier to accept.

Do you keep an eye on your children with astrology?

Check out your Solar Return Chart.

9 thoughts on “Worrying About Your Children’s Transits Or Bad Solar Return Charts”

  1. I’ve learned to watch, and not project what I think I see in my son’s chart. A few years ago when I was astro-talking him he told me straight out (he’s got lots of Libra) “I know this stuff is important to you, but it’s not for me.” That was an important boundary for us both. I remember that and keep watch.

    1. My son feels the same way, Mokihana. He’s heavy earth. Nonetheless, I still keep on eye on his chart – and keep my mouth shut! lol

        1. Youse guys, I am impressed. To children finding their own truth in their own time in their own way. Hats off to youse.

    2. I have astrology so woven into my life and vocabulary this has also been an issue for me in relationships (and therapy). I’ve learned to couch the language, use less lingo but keep the message. To quote my triple sadge mom “jesus, Charlotte we GET it”

  2. Very interesting! I dont have kids of my own but sometimes I look into close people’s returns as well as my own.
    I appreciate you pointing this out, as I had not yet peaked into my 2022. I was born on the 23rd so Im having the very same stellium, but in the 12th… and chiron in the 1H (ouch).
    Moon will be conj pluto 11H trine NN/merc – saving grace? hmm,hope so!

  3. I was so relieved to have Pluto back off from my sun/Mercury conjunction that I almost forgot about what comes next. And I will admit to being worried:

    My son and husband both have early Leo. My husband’s moon and my son’s sun. In fact, my son has a 3-planet Leo stellium spread through the sign. Pluto is approaching in opposition and I’m kinda bummed but I guess glad I know ahead of time.

    My son has a natural happiness, but lately seems very emotional, so I took it upon myself to look at his progressed moon, and it is in Cancer. He’s unfortunately going to have to go through a lot over the next years and I hope it won’t be too tough. What makes it hard for me is that he is only 5! How does one deal with this energy at such a young age? It’s so difficult to express oneself and understand things at that age. At some point he’ll have his first Saturn square in the midst of this Pluto stuff, and Pluto will just stay with him throughout his youth ? I hope I can support him in the way he needs.

    My daughter is coming to the end of her Saturn square Saturn and sun transit. You can see the difference. It’s wonderful. I can’t tell you how much worrying I did during those transits. She was a mess in some ways and still carries some of it with her. For now, she’s still years away from Pluto going after her, but she also has a cardinal grand cross, so… I do expect her to be exceptionally strong since her chart is so tough.

    Of all my worrying, it’s those two, my Scorpio and Leo, who cause the most of it. My Sagittarius son seems happy as ever. He got the easy chart! And the baby, his chart’s pretty easy too.

    Of course now that I’ve read this I’m going to peek at their SRs!

    I wish I could help them avoid all suffering but I have to remind myself that some things are not in my control.

    1. “My son and husband both have early Leo. My husband’s moon and my son’s sun. In fact, my son has a 3-planet Leo stellium spread through the sign. Pluto is approaching in opposition and I’m kinda bummed but I guess glad I know ahead of time.”

      This is all sort of part of life. Some grew up in the depression for example. They will go through a trial but let’s take your son. For all you know, this period will make him. It’s like my son – a notorious D student. And then it all changed. He’s become a success and now he mentors kids who are just like him.

      Yes, this transit will mark him but it will also give him a ton of character. Don’t go running away with the idea that people are going to die. Whatever comes, you’ll deal with it as a family! 🙂

      1. Very true, and thank you for this. He’ll likely appreciate his struggles as most of us do. On top of that I hope I can improve how I handle things. Worrying doesn’t tend to help all that much!

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