Bisexual Libra Man Attracted To Scorpio Man, Wonders If He Is Gay

chart13Dear Elsa,

I’m a guy, and consider myself bi because I’m attracted to both genders, but nobody knows, but me. At work, I know a guy who’s a Scorpio, his birthday is on Halloween. Out of nowhere one day, he couldn’t stop staring at me in the eye from across the room.

I was shocked, so I looked away and a couple of seconds later I looked at his direction and he was still staring at me, so I finally looked away again and when I looked back, he disappeared. That night, I had a dream about him. I was excited because it’s like he hypnotized me, and so the next day I stared back at him without blinking for about ten seconds, which felt forever.

We haven’t really talked, just a few words to each other and when I try to talk to him, he really doesn’t talk a lot. There are days that I catch him trying to look for me. There are other days when he just appears out of nowhere and starts staring at me.

I’m now attracted to him. He’s the total package. What is he trying to do? Is he staring at me because he’s attracted to me? He never talks about girls, so what does this mean? Is he gay? I want him.

Bisexual Man
United States

This is a 20 year old man born in a small town in Texas. My guess is this other man interested and (perhaps) they are living in a repressed environment. And while I may not know that much about how gay men operate, I know a lot about heterosexual men and they absolutely do not behave in this way. For starters, heterosexual men are busy looking at the bodies of women and on top of that, would not be caught dead staring at another man less someone think they are gay!

But I am not sure I am the best person to ask being as I am a heterosexual woman so I thought I’d put this up there so others could offer advice (Marc, where are you?)

Thanks, all.

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  1. Ok, as the resident gay male Scorpio, I’ll do what I can. It definitely sound like he’s attracted to you — especially in this sort of situation, I think that sort of quiet and yet unmistakable focus and intensity is exactly the sort of thing I’d do — go up and admit that you’re into someone? Never — too unsafe… I’d lay the groundwork first and make sure that he wants me before I’d do something like that. Sounds like a pretty Scorpio thing to do, to be able to see what you’ve been hiding from the rest of the world. I can’t say for sure that this guy is into you, but I wouldn’t bet against it.

    I suppose the best thing you could do if you’re interested in him is to be willing to take small steps to let him know you’re interested — give him some more attention, be willing to talk to him a little more, etc. Small things can go a long way.

    I’m not sure how to respond more than that — I only know my own experience, which is that having that sort of intense feeling for someone has always been a terrifying thing on my end. Matters of the heart are very serious for me… let me know if I can help beyond that.

  2. well, what I would do first, is become the guy’s friend — ask him to lunch. Just a casual lunch, two guys going to lunch. nothing heavy. See if he can open up and talk to you as a friend. then see what happens from there.

    don’t make any moves on him. don’t ask him anything outright. just talk.

  3. Good gravy… don’t date at work! Especially not a Scorpio! If it goes wrong in any way… that is a total recipe for disaster and misery. Unless you’re not very attached to your job.

  4. I am involved with a libra man who has shown interest as a bi-sexual partner that does love woman. How do I know how he will act as far as his sign (libra man)?? and his actions?

  5. Hi,
    Definately go to lunch with him. That will start to break the ice. I have a male friend that I work with. About a year ago I started to have sexual fantasies about him. I started slowly with lunch, worked up to a few glasses of wine at lunch and got a little touchy feely. Touching the back of his head when he said something clever,squeezing above his knee to make a point. It was/is a slow process. I found that splitting a bottle of wine at lunch and scheduling a half vacation day, opens you both up for more intimate touching. Mutual butt patting and even a kiss on the neck.(we are both married so no one at home knows about the half vacation day). I am more aggressive but he is slowly getting used to the sexual foreplay.

    My immediate goal is to verbalize how I feel after we split the next bottle. He will either be eager to continue the sexual foreplay or will not want to participate any longer. If the latter, then I can chalk the “confession” up to “too much wine” and laugh it off. It will kill me but I might have to walk away. I think he will be amenable to further advances.

    What do you think?


  6. I am involved with my best male friend. I am going very slow with him since he has a lot of guilt stemming from his religious upbringing. I think he is a Leo.We are both married and I don’t think either of us have cheated on our wives.

    What chances do you see for me (Libra)in this relationship?


  7. Look cute I guess. Touch your neck, look up demurely, smile a lot. If you let them keep talking, maybe, just maybe, they’ll shut up and kiss you. Not perfect, but has been known to work 😉

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