Personality Reports, Doughnuts And The 11th House

doughnutsElsa’s offering a special astrological ranking report on the boards here. She sent me mine and I found it highly interesting. It gives a score for 25 different personality traits from zero on up. Under 50 is designated “very low” and over 150 “very high.” Some received individual trait rankings over 400. My most striking score was for “Need to be part of an organization, company, or club. Contributor to group effort,” a zero! I would have preferred a score of zero on something like “Propensity to wet oneself in a public situation,” but that wasn’t covered.

Looking at my other scores and relating them to what I know of my chart I was able to surmise that this non-existent score was likely based on the fact that I have no planets in air or in the 11th house (groups). The text on the report suggested that one could use the scores to address the areas where one was likely to need improvement. I used it as a reason to really think about where my interests and abilities actually lie and concentrate on those. It was actually a relief to see a zero score on groups and group effort, not because I don’t participate in groups successfully but because it takes a lot of effort for me with very little reward as far as I can tell. I can do it, but why? Maybe that effort would be better put toward something that would result in satisfaction of some kind? It helped me to address the fact that I don’t get much out of it, something I probably wouldn’t have thought much about had I not seen that score.

It’s interesting timing as I have to decide whether I go to an early morning meeting tomorrow on my day off, or not. I don’t want to go, but frankly I don’t want to do ANYthing on a Tuesday morning. They could bring in platters of doughnuts and people making balloon animals and I still wouldn’t want to go. I feel I ought to go because everyone is expected to go and I do try to live within the expectations of the group for other reasons, reasons such as having a pleasant work environment. Every other meeting I’ve gone to has resulted in me feeling like I’m a little girl at the bank with my mother, writhing on floor and whinging, “It’s so boring in here!”

I have to say, after seeing that score I’m actually more inclined to go now. I can see it for what it is, an obligation, rather than how I’ve always seen it, as a failing. Hey, if I’m a Group Action Zero I can accept that. Fabulous! Now I can stop trying to succeed at something I wouldn’t even enjoy if I did! Problem solved.

Do you have planets or angles in air? Do you have planets in the 11th house? What is your attitude toward groups and group interactions? Are you successful? Do you like them?

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  1. My 11th house is Aqua and has chiron in it. Hell no I don’t like them, they are boring. When I try to make them exciting uranus in leo in the 5th, the group thinks I’m just a rebel rouser. The only time I’m a hit when I act like this is when I tell a joke, I do have mercury conj my MC and my sun in Sag. Hey D, have you ever thought of becoming a comedian. NO, you moron, you are not part of the joke you are the joke. :::sorry I’m pissy today:::

  2. I thought it was cool, seeing everyone’s numbers. I had nothing that extreme (as compared to to others) so that was interesting too.

  3. Ah I guess I really do like groups.. or need them, or something. My highest score was 198 for group effort. I have sun in the 7th in Aquarius, as well as moon in Libra in the 3rd. I guess it makes sense. But my second highest score was 170 for “need for recognition”. So I’m kinda confused!

  4. My groups score was 44. I have Aquarius on the 11th too. Mars in Pisces there opposing Virgo Moon squaring Venus in Gemini in 2nd. Mars with Sun/Saturn is my grand water trine. Mars in 11th is the handle of my bucket chart. I’m in a leave it mode right now just resigning from a town board. Take it has got me in over my head before. My present Mars return is 11th house empty. Taking that as a hint for right now. I’d rather decide and do than sit through quibbling over minutia. I’m realizing more and more this is not the purpose of my Mars in Pisces in the 11th. Uranus ruler of 11th is conjunct my IC in 4th. Wouldn’t that include astrology from my home computer? 🙂

  5. I scored a 44 too and the only thing in my 11th is my NN…but I have a Gemini moon plus planets in 3rd and 7th house, which might bump up my air score.

  6. I have Neptune in the 11th. I don’t like groups & I never get anything out of them, though I do get along with everyone.
    In those kinds of tests, they usually say that I’m group orientated & I usually say WTF??? I thought it was all my Pisces stuff… I have no Air.
    Have to say I’d be pissed too @Satori… having to go to a meeting on my day off? Um… that would be my DAY OFF people!!! No Fair!

  7. Well the fact of the matter is satori, I never got the vibe you “needed” to be part of anything here on the blog or the boards. You enjoy it instead.

  8. btw, a 44 is a “very low” score according to the report scoring. I’m not hugely into groups. I am definitely the independent type to strike off on my own. I also have learned to collaborate but it’s not my strongest suit.

  9. I got 73 for groups – I’m air sun and moon & have merc neptune in 11.

    My lowest score was “Philosophy, politics, education, religion,” which I’m scratching my head about.


  10. For me the need to be part of a group is 154. Which I found to be fair, but I do have signs in Libra and my 11th house is packed with Sag planets. Sun, Uranus and Merc and a few asteroids. I thought my need would be more?

    I don’t think I “need”, it’s more like I just fall into groups. And then I become loud enough accidently to be notice and realize that I want to be notice.

  11. I have MC, Venus and Mercury (and a few of the ‘additional objects’ eg Chiron and Lilith) in Aquarius… plus my Sun (and a few ‘additional objects’) in the 11th house.
    I have been on several committees over the years (usually as the Secretary) and belonged to several play groups/coffee groups when my kids were little. I am outwardly friendly and smiley but I always felt ‘with them but not of them’ as my mother would say.
    I absolutely hate the team building exercises they force us to do at work occasionally and am pretty vocal about my dislike of them. I have never voluntarily played a team sport in my life because my lack of confidence in my own ability tells me that I would suck at it. It’s easier to say ‘I don’t want to’ than it is to do it and have people criticise. Nobody would pick me for their team when we were doing sport at school and I’m sure that is the basis of my rejection issues.

  12. I got a mere 88 in this groups area, despite having a bunch of air placements, including an airy Sun, and an 11th-house Moon. I’m thinking that maybe the program is looking to see aspects to the 11th house, like “how much of your chart gets dragged into that area?”

  13. My score in that category was 88. I have quite a bit of air and Jupiter in the 11th. I don’t care much for group activiities. I’m kind of picky about the group if I do choose one. But, then again, my “independent, difficulty following orders and directions, loner. follows own instincts” score was Hey, at least we won’t fall prey to mob mentality..right?

  14. I have a Libra stellium and Aqua moon, but an empty 11th. I scored 132 on groups.

    On the one hand, I don’t see it. I hate being part of a group! Never liked working in a team, prefer to be alone, yadda yadda.

    On the other hand, when I’m forced to be a part of a group I perform well. I’m usually mediating between everyone and keeping people “on point,” so to speak. And, really, aren’t your friends a peer group? And I like being around my friends! 🙂

    My lowest score was in independence, a 27. I don’t really know what to make of that. I think anyone who knows me would’ve ranked me higher, especially considering the expanded definition is “difficulty following orders, loner, follows instincts.” *grins*

  15. 44 is low, manchi. I do have Mercury/Sun in 3rd trine Saturn in 7th in water signs. My lowest score was philosophy religion. I’d give that 4 to poetry, fantasy, fiction and the 52 to philosophy, politics, education, religion.

    If I want to learn I read and research which are my two highest scores 1 and 3. I think what came out of my report is leave me alone to work at the task at hand. I have a 10 in stubborn. Who’d of thought a Taurus rising wouldn’t be? 🙂 Must be my mutable t-square. I do dislike my routine being interrupted. A 33 here in independence. Rules have their purpose. Some don’t make much sense. I then instinctually remove myself as much as possible. Highest score 158 psychology, anthropology, humanities, literature and 140 logic override.

  16. I’m a 44 score as well. I like groups ok, Venus in the 11th house. I like to go home and be alone too. Moon in the 4th, Sun in the 12th.

    The only time I have really hated meetings was at a former company. I would cringe and make a face when my name was called across the company intercom to come to the conference room! LOL

  17. I have venus & saturn (both in gemini) in my 11th house. Saturn & venus are also trine my 3rd house uranus in libra and that’s about it for air in my chart (unless you count my 7th house NN & my libra/3rd house juno). I do enjoy group intertactiond and invariably I learn from it 🙂

  18. I have zilch in the 11th also. I also stay away from groups – it always ends up the same: I attend to find support for myself or just to be a part of, people catch on that I’m wise and very able, they decide I should be leader and at least one of them becomes jealous and the shit begins.
    I know I have strong leadership qualities and other people’s shit is a part of that, but man, I don’t always want to be at the top of the totem pole.

  19. My Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Libra sits comfortably in my 11th house. The cusp is Virgo though. I am very comfortable in groups and with cooperation. I do not like to stand out as the leader of the group but I can totally live with belonging to a group. My work would be impossible to do alone. I am also a very responsible (Saturn) and hard-working (Virgo) group member 🙂

  20. Haha, cool topic @Satori (and good idea, @Elsa!)

    Yea, I got Moon and jupiter in the 11th, Moon being my chart ruler! I’ve been part of groups, wanted to form groups, wanted to participate, lead groups since I was little!

    The moon and Jupiter each make like several aspects (trine, square, opposition) so the house is quite aspected.

    OH, @Elsa or @Satori, my Uranus is the most aspected thing in my chart, do you think that plays into me and the groups thing? 🙂

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