Mars in Sagittarius Qualities

Mars in Sagittarius fireMars in Sagittarius is bigger than life, confident and boastful. People with this placement are sexually confident. They have no qualms, bragging about their prowess in the bedroom and the number and variety of their conquests.  The same is true of their skills on other types of playing fields.

Mars in Sagittarius is driven to seek adventure on a broad scale. People with Mars in Sadge have no interest in splitting hairs with you but with fight for their beliefs.

They’re also exceptional land navigators.   Not kidding about this:

Sagittarius Love To Travel And Give Directions!

Mars in Sagittarius wants MORE.  They’re risk tolerant and generally love to gamble…on whatever. Which elevator will open first.

The genitals are often overly large.

Tell us about Mars in Sagittarius, yours or others…

16 thoughts on “Mars in Sagittarius Qualities”

  1. Jon Hamm is such a nice guy, and fits this to a tee. I have worked with him on several projects, and I’m a background production person who has witness his kindness and other attributes. I had to look up his chart when I read this and wow, I was correct.
    Mars in 28° 58’Sagittarius

    My astrology homework is paying off.

  2. I’m grateful for my Mars in Sagittarius, I think it gives me zest/enthusiasm. I don’t like sitting still for long as the need to keep movin’ & groovin’ is strong. I particularly enjoy moving with music, even if it’s just a nice drive 🎶.

    This placement combined with my Libra moon does make me value fairness/justice. I am rather passionate about my beliefs and enjoy healthy discussions/debates with fellow truth seekers.

    I enjoy meeting people who live very different to me, I love learning different ways of doing things.

    If a Mars in Sagittarius person was to take the five-factor model of personality test (Costa & McCrae), it’s reasonable to expect them to score very high with the trait of “Openness to Experience”. I certainly did 😎.

  3. My late hubby had his Mars in Sag, on my Sun to a degree. A sun Aries in the 8th and Venus in Taurus, Mercury in Pisces, he was not boastful but adventurous and bold. A kind of understated boldness, as if it was nothing special to have courage for just about everything.
    He was very good at drawing people to his ideas with an enthusiasm that was infectious. He would present an idea that was born the night before the next day to a friend as if the thing was going to happen, no matter what… it was mindboggling even to a Sadge like me but my Mars is in Scorpio, right ?
    He was actually living in the future, not even in the present and definitely not in the past. Whether that was his Mars I am not sure, probably more the overall layout of his chart.
    He never boasted with sexual conquest, profoundly disliked it when other men did that – but we spoke openly and honestly about everything sexual, something I took for normal and granted and only later learned that many married people don’t.
    Your question made me think more deeply about what facet of him his Mars actually was, Elsa. One would think it is easy and obvious after knowing someone for many years, but it isn’t.
    I had a new idea – I am a freedom loving, independent Sag with Venus in Aquarius and still, we went along together for many years. It was because he always gave me MORE FREEDOM than I actually wanted to have ! He said, want another man ? Go ahead. Want to change your life ? It’s yours. He did what he wanted to do and never pinned the blame for blunder or misfortune on me or anyone else – he owned his decisions, also the crap ones. He did not lie to me, he did not scheme or hide. That, I think was his Sag Mars. In the scheme of our synastry it was just right for me.

  4. I imagine there is a need for excess, anything bodily related. I have met two Mars in Sag men. Lots of travel, partying, drugs, drink, food, very friendly, positive, kind, love of nature, primitive child god energy. Boundary issues, chaotic, lack of self control, fun, charismatic.

  5. Avatar
    Janet StraightArrow

    I am a Sagittarius rising, Mars in Scorpio. I lead with Saggitarius energy. I see how my directions are always spot on, and I enjoy whatever journey on land, spirit, or soul. My bags have always been quickly packed for a spontaneous trip. In my earlier years, sexual prowess was pretty important, so much loving, learning, and fun. My focus is not there now, as I enjoy so much more life to experience and enjoy. I wonder how much the house placement of Mars in Sag is responsible for the report above?

  6. I have Mars in Sag Natally – – NONE of what is said above applies or fits me even remotely. I used it to keep myself very busy and active. I’m not lazy. I focus deeply on whatever I turn my attention to.

    I don’t know how you arrived at any of that. It sounds ludicrous, empty and meaningless to me. Or perhaps I’m not the usual Mars in Sag – – thank goodness in that case. Honestly, Who would ever want to live up to such a very low bar as that? Seriously, you could not come up with anything better to offer? How disappointing.

    1. ooch.. maybe you have other things that counterbalance that.. i am a libra stellium [5] and i detest it that everyones desription of such never matches me like barely at all… its the placement location i have and a few square things that take certain characteristics away quite a bit..
      back to mars in sag though… i love the mars sag transiting my 6H as it is now, its soooo awesome energy to LiVe and go after things but with a confident joy.. energetic that im not use to so consistently..

      get to know your chart and see what ‘may’ be adding to your story of conflicting info… maybe even note to elsa here and educate us on your interpretaion for your journey this life time 😉

      1. Bless your heart!! I love Libra’s. I have Venus in Libra and the Moon in Aqua – – I’m all about refined dignity. Exactly, we need to look at the whole package. My Mars in Sag is on the cusp of the 5th house. Capricorn follows close behind so things can change and sour quickly. . . BUT as best I can, I make the most of my Mars in Sag placement, often doing something for, or trying to help someone I loved. They didn’t always appreciate it but I’m living my chart. . . not theirs. It definitely helps to truly understand our placements, not signing up for nonsense.

  7. Nope this doesn’t sound like me at all. I have my Sun in Sag conjunct my Mars in Sag (separated by 6 degrees). I’m notoriously terrible at land navigation. Honestly, I almost always turn 180 degrees in the wrong direction! And I’m an introvert, an INFP on that Myers-Briggs scale. I try to not brag about anything. I have taken risks but I don’t do that often. Maybe all the Scorpio in my chart, 2 personal planets and Jupiter, help to tamp down any tendency for that. Looking at my chart most people wouldn’t guess this though. My Sun is in Sag, my moon is in Leo conjunct Pluto, and my ascendant is Aries. The Scorpio definitely tones all of that down. As one astute astrologer told me, “I put myself out!” Bingo.

  8. I have this and this energy of my chart has always confused me, I assume it was thrown in because the rest of my immediate family is all Sadge and if I didn’t have that they’d “just kidding” me to death. My Mars is tied up with Saturn. I don’t even drive so my directions giving skills are terrible, “it’s over by the place with the thing?” I definitely will fight for my beliefs (if I decide to even bother), especially if I sense someone being picked on or a larger injustice perpetuating its unfairness onto the little guy.

    1. I will say, I am sexually very frank. Most people are totally full of hangups about sex or at least talking about it and it cracks me up.

  9. I have mars in my 9th house and I have always been a wild child welll very erm primal or something. Let’s goooooo rings a bell. At over 2.5 years sober and almost 42, I am now working on transmuting the wild energy into more productive energy, something I can work with, while still being true to who I am.

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