Pluto In Capricorn – Collective Depression: A New Low

bowl of cherries prettyPluto is concerned with the collective. Capricorn is associated with depression.  I started writing about collective depression in 2015. Clearly it’s come pass. I’ve updated the post several times over the years. It’s linked below.

I had a conversation with a friend yesterday. I was so struck by it, I need a new post!

My friend said she was no longer funny.  She said it took too much energy or maybe it just doesn’t seem right to be too happy with so many suffering? She’s suffering too, but this was more about the collective.

I was stuck by the truth of what she was saying. I feel this too.

For example, people ask me to publish more stories but I can’t see it. I am free-wheeling in most of my stories, turning cartwheels and making smart remarks. It’s way too much fun, even when I’m being beaten.

I know this can be good medicine and a distraction but the Libra in me goes back and forth. It’s like a different world and it feels inappropriate on some level.  There are far too many jokes and I feel the same thing my friend does.

As I mentioned on the radio with Robert, I think the ceiling is being lowered on us at this time. I definitely think it’s controlled and I’m going to cover this as soon as I can muster up the stamina. The slow crushing seems undeniable so I’ve switched my focus to considering how a person can best thrive in their current diorama.

I’m an expert at such things, as is my husband, who is a retired Green Beret.  As part of his qualifying, he was sent into the woods for two weeks, with nothing.  Bad situation, right? A lot of people crack in this phase; they come find you in the woods, at the end of the period.

They found my husband, a Taurus with a Scorpio Moon, lying down under a canopy he’d fashioned, with some material for a pillow. He had a fire going, right next to him, so he could cook the three types of meat, he had, while reclined. He was happy and comfortable, lying there, grilling his lunch. They were pretty shocked.

This is what’s possible, when you opt to survey your circumstances and figure it out.

Here’s this:

Pluto In Capricorn: Collective Depression

Do you recognize this sentiment? How are you coping? Have you thought about how you might transition from “coping” to “enjoying your life”?


15 thoughts on “Pluto In Capricorn – Collective Depression: A New Low”

  1. Thanks Elsa. For sure. My dad did survival training / schools. Once in the snows of Nevada, and once in the Jungle. Great story about your husband.

  2. When Pluto enters Aquarius the resurrection of the resilient individual begins. Alpha males who previously have been demonized between Pluto in Leo and the present – will become esteemed.

    1. I hope you’re right. This attitude lately of supposed “toxic masculinity” is retarded. We need our strong and capable men. And when I say that, I mean REAL biological men.

  3. I’m looking directly at Saturn in Aquarius re: current energetic climate. Vibrationally even the most self aware person becomes steadily overwhelmed by the toxic sludge of the unexplored shadow of collective consciousness. The propensity for carpet sweeping in the last 2 years of difficult and painful emotions that have long kept groups bonded is not helping matters at all. We need a collective colonic asap, perhaps Pluto will oblige?

  4. Choices, choices, choices. You create your own reality. No one is “doing” anything to you. You have attracted what you continue to think about. If you want more sad, lonely depressing things to occur in your life…keep thinking about that. If you want joy and fun, think about what is satisfying that is right in front of you…a cute dog, a beautiful sunrise…etc and give up the trying all the time. Your thoughts have power. If you keep believing the worst is always around the corner…it will be! If you believe you are an infinite being and your experience is what you make of it, then you will care more about how you feel! And when you feel good, even when it seems like there is nothing to feel good about, you will attract more feeling good…Law of attraction: feel good first, then more good feelings come. Feel crappy and deny the beauty around you and you attract crappy, ugly experiences. It’s not an easy shift, but it’s worth it. You get what you think about so clean up your thoughts and NEVER blame yourself or others for anything…you attracted it, so care about how you feel and remember only love for everything that happens to you, even the bad stuff, because it shows you what you don’t want. Be thankful and satisfied in every moment and the universe will deliver more satisfying moments to you. More about this manifesting and law of attraction on Abraham Hicks publications website. (These are the people who inspired Rhonda Byrne to write “The Secret”) TONS of free, quality content from them on YouTube also. It has changed my life to learn this info. Hope this helps anyone who is ready to hear it.

    1. Indeed. It’s impossible to uplift others by bringing oneself down. Instead I choose to flourish no matter what’s going on around me.

      “You can’t get sick enough to help sick people get better. You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive.”

      ― Esther Hicks

    2. The balance in this is that there is REAL unnecessary suffering out there in the world that has not been “attracted”

      …please keep the balance.

  5. Elsa, guess it is a hard bottom line Capricorn Energy? I have a 10th house Sun, and Saturn at 29Cap. I might whine, complain, moan, but eventually I get to the bottom line and start to deal. Great Post btw. I may be depressed however.

    1. If you’re depressed, it’s deep (Pluto). Also whatever dark forces you’re dealing with… it’s sustained (Capricorn).

      When I originally wrote about this, I wondered if we go down and the up, but it’s been a relentless descent. 🙁

  6. I’m good. Sometimes things happen, strange things, people throwing their things on you as if they want you to be something to them…and you’re not, eventually disappointing them. I am learning all the time. Anything that feels like coping, I just believe it will pass.

  7. Hi Elsa, good to see this post! I am a Capricorn trying to build a business in this crazy market where few want to work and those that do only want to come in for a certain amount of hours a week. it can really put a damper on spirit, but I keep drudging on. If you threaten to fire them for not coming in, they are okay, because they’ll just get on unemployment, nonplused by it all. One of my employees, a man, said he needed the whole week off because his nephew was being baptized and he needed to make sure his place looked good for all the family coming in. I love working and look forward everyday to go. It keeps me somewhat sane and out of trouble. Because if I wasn’t working, I would be up to trouble. I feel that God made me a Capricorn to make it through tough times and to be an example as well for my children. I have narrowed my focus and harnessed my attention to where I have very little social life, which I thought would be difficult with a Libra moon, but I have really spent more time on trying to overcome some of my own fears and inabilities by learning more. I always read your blogs and love how you can zero in on something with such precision and at the right time. Thank you!

  8. This is a great story of dealing with your life as it presents itself, right now, making the most of what you have, taking the time to assess what that is and how to make it better. I love the canopy, the fire and the food ready to be cooked (so Taurus Ha! – Taurus Asc here, love it!) This shows the resourcefulness of the bull and you said your husband has a Scorpio moon, well there’s survival instinct doing its best. Yes, depression (pluto in Capricorn) this is not an option, it would just finish me for sure. My family, who I care for deeply, are ‘students and patients’. I have to make it work, for them, for us. I have a plan A, B and C. Capricorn sun here with moon, saturn and north node in Aries. Have to fight my way through my personal situation while being determined not to give in to the desire to hit out at those trying to make things difficult for us. Love your work and blogs Elsa and love your seriousness as much as your humour. Wishing you Elsa, Satori, all who work with you, your family, your on-line community, your neighbours and all those whose lives you share with us – a very much needed Happy New Year!!

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