You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly (Venus in Scorpio)

Scorpio colorfulI’m really enjoying Venus’ transit through Scorpio, even though Mars in Aquarius is squaring the planet. It’s been an eventful few days; that’s for sure. And enjoyable.

I’ve worked with a Scorpio client, three days in row. She’s super smart so I like talking to her. It’s all meat, all the time, you know?

I also heard from a Scorpio couple I know, yesterday. They are both Scorpios. I thought they may have amputated me but this was not the case. They actually snail-mailed me something.

I liked it so I called the wife to thank her and we traded “choice bits”.  I may not be someone you can control, but I will always be a source.

I had another gal contact me yesterday. I’ve left her building, so to speak, but not because of her.  Noticing the void, she called me. I have always liked her so I dealt her some aces as well.

My favorite interaction though, was with some bastard from the blog. He wanted a refund and I refused to give it to him. Saturn is in Capricorn, people.  You don’t get to be a baby.

He would not take no for an answer; we could not come to an agreement, I was not going to be bullied, so I told him to challenge the charge with paypal; I’d defend myself and a third party could decide.

He didn’t like that. He sent me a series of nasty emails; the last one spoke of buying myself a “hot meal”.  I guess the implication was that I was going to starve without his business. I had this distinct impression I was in some kind of psychodrama.

I actually considered sending this this video. I refrained from doing so because I did not think he’d get it. He didn’t understand anything else I said, right?

But I’m posting this here for people who do get this… hee!

How are you faring with Venus in Scorpio?

13 thoughts on “You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly (Venus in Scorpio)”

  1. Things do feel lively these days. Serena Williams caricature that is being called racist, sexist by some but by others that the world without those insults and injuries will be mighty boring.

  2. Well, how about a widdershins viewpoint, or via quantum physics? Uranus is still in the mix along with the moon’s node axis. Just reading about how much the brain processes: it processes 400 billion bits of information per second, but we’re only aware of about 2,000 of those.” So maybe it’s just data loss. LOL. Maybe the enlightened brain/consciousness gets more out of everything…

    PS: And that 400 billion bits is low by other estimations.

  3. It sure is dramatic and eventful. I’m so thankful to have this knowledge under my belt though.A neighbour has become silently septic, a sister is hiding-low, friends not returning calls, couples around here are looking “tense”, the roads are much quieter with traffic, even less sirens with emergency vehicles.

    People I meet out walking my dog, some stop to say, ‘what is this strange vibe’, my dog is even looking back over his shoulder. . . . oh yeah, this is the Venus in Scorpio vibe. . . I like knowing it. . . . it’s deep, rifty and a bit suspicious I’d say. So thankful Mars is back in Aquarius, for now. . . phew it crunched me to bits in Cappy. (on top of natal Mars & Mercury in Cap 9th H).

  4. I have natal Venus/Scorpio, also. The impossible happened over the weekend when some key zombies invited the wife and me back into their septic lives. I’m a no-go on it but it’s interesting, nonetheless. Like a broken china cup, things can be glued back together but they’re never the same. And they initiated it out of the blue. Go figure.

  5. Im hoping my venus in scorpio fares better. Just as Im getting a gripe, someone just texted me out of the blue saying they are coming back. Bit on the fence if its a bane or a blessing. Taking baby steps here

  6. I loved the video. It has been a tough week for me – but I think it has something to do with transiting Mars opposing my natal Mars – and both on my ascendent and descendent. Sigh. When Venus went into Scorpio – it actually eased up for me a bit. Feminine touch maybe. I plan to schedule a call soon.

    1. Fighting with the guy reminded me of fighting with my husband and something he’s told people in the past. “Don’t be give me any shit. I already a wife!”


      Cause this guy kept sending me emails.. like little bursts.

      Ha ha. He was the Aquarian dick (Mars). I was Venus in Scorpio. FIXED!

      I’m sorry but this was all hilarious.

      He actually told me to buy a hot meal… like it might be my last.

      Bastard, I can cook. And I can garden, fool! And my husband can hunt, and he can hunt YOU, if need be! 🙂

  7. My stepdad would have laughed in enjoyment, with the musical addition to this article! Me, too!

    He had Jupiter, in Sagittarius, at the apex of a yod featuring also Mars in Taurus and Pluto in Cancer. Taurus Sun. Taurus Venus conjunct Uranus too.

  8. Considering everything I went through today, I look like a movie star…

    Hahahahha oh I know the feeling
    Had to laugh at the rest of it too.
    Great song, thank you.

  9. Elsa, Don’t waste your energy on that know nothing! He’s not worth your time but the song was great! Anyone who has any experience with getting astrology reports and has gotten them from you, has to know how excellent your reports really are. I get them every year and then some! I read your blog most every day just to see what creative things you have to say. You are funny, insightful, intelligent, and real. What more could a reasonable person ask for?

  10. Thought about this song.. I was talking to someone today that was saying I have a victim mentality. Turns out he has a 12th house Mars in Sag and Saturn/Uranus. It has to be the pot calling the kettle..

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