Neptune On The Midheaven: Saint Or Sinner? Public Sacrifice

This is from 2008. I would add that I also starve and neglect dogs, just look at Dora and how skinny she is! I am a terrible mother, a liar and I kick people off my blog all the time too. One person per day for my blood thirst… ::rolls eyes:::

I also want to respond to Carrie’s comment, “Anyone who puts me up high โ€ฆwell, it never ends well for me..”

I have found the same thing. Anyone who really, really likes me is going to have the veil drop at some point. This is as predicable as a hot day in the desert which does little to ease the pain.

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  1. Dear Elsa, I love the total appropriateness of your messages, and love the way you put things in perspective. I was starting this week with a lot of positive energy. I thought the love was going to flow. But just the opposite happened, and I wasn’t prepared for the polarity of the whole thing. I just flew off the handle and at the most inappropriate moments. Some key people in my entourage have caught the brunt. It all gels now – knowing it can swing either way.

  2. That was a good video, Elsa. For the record, I believe you to be a highly evolved being having an extreme human experience. You’re human and you are going to do human things like…live. So shoot you (or burn you at the stake) for living?
    I don’t think that is fair at all.

    I don’t have Neptune or Pisces on the Midheaven but I have been called everything….oh wait a minute…that’s because I’d done everything I stood accused of! LOL! Okay. Can’t use that.

    Anyway, my niece has Neptune in Cap conjunct Venus and the MC. She appears to do no wrong. I guess because of the Venus thingy?

    I think people project onto you because you are in the public. If you lived an obscure, hermit existence then how do you think this would play out for you?

    Is it all about power in the end? It appears that way for these women who are flogged and stomped to death for loving someone outside of their culture. This is all too sad. Too sad.

  3. That guy was a prick (and there’s something kind of sleazy and underhanded about the way he basically flamed you privately and put on a different face where everyone could SEE it).

    You did those folks a favor, honestly – if I were about to spend a crapload of money on something that wasn’t any good, I would appreciate being given a heads-up about it too.

  4. I think that kind of behavior is SO common in internet communities and probably to an extent in real world situations as well. People behave one way in public and another in private. It is despicable and that sounds like it was a pretty extreme example but I think the internet especially makes it easy for people to get away with that kind of fog machine. He had an entire community of people who could have made his product better if he had asked their advice.

    I have Virgo (with Pluto and Mars nearby) on the midheaven and Saturn in the 4th in Pisces so there’s a lot going on for me on that Virgo/Pisces axis as well as around the midheaven. I do think there’s a bit of confusion and people in my real world often feel attacked when I think I’m just communicating. I’m trying to learn how to convey my power and authority without appearing to be waving knives around at people.

  5. I have a quiet Virgo MC so my only experience with the saint/sinner Neptune thing was when Neptune transited my ASC.

    I agree with Lupa about why didn’t the guy get second opinions on his software to improve it. duh . . . maybe that’s our Virgo MC’s talking. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. God love you, you seemed like you were going to cry at any second and my heart goes out to you. You know, I have avoided looking at your videos–no I’m not sure why–but I gotta tell you I’m hooked. You are genuine and you put yourself out there with such a sweet ferocity [scorpio–much braver than aries] that I don’t doubt you receive what I call the Hillary blowback. Please take care.

  7. I do know someone who experiences this: me. I have Pisces on the 7th, and in both love relationships and business partnerships, I am the saint or the sinner, one extreme or the other. And come to think of it, this even seems to apply to best-friendships (do those qualify as contracts?) It has almost always been the positive, the projected saint, which, to be honest, can be just as baffling as the (projected) sinner.

    I find the whole idea of projection intriguing and yet so hard to get the mind around.. What is it? Why do we do it? Who does it, do we all? When and why and how?

  8. Hi Elsa,

    How amazing that I fell into this information today. I have Pisces on the midheaven and neptune in Scorpio. I have experienced all my life this projection and judgment from others. Either people really like me or really don’t. What I am just beginning to learn in a very personal way is the strengthening of character that this builds. I currently have transiting Pluto conj my Saturn and transiting Saturn is conj my Pluto….garbage in garbage out. No more taking on the opinions and judgments of others. Cleansing from a very deep level. Yes the feeling of being flogged and burned and tortured seems to be the deep memory surfacing at the moment. Humility and compassion and moving forward. So be that mirror for those who you are teaching and I just want to say, thank you, thank you for bringing this to my attention. Be the love you seek in the world, easier said than done. I shall be dropping in to this forum to catch more glimpses of myself.

    Blessings from a kindred Spirit!

  9. One other comment I wanted to make was when we as individuals take full total personal responsibility for our thoughts, words and deeds it is then that projection will cease to exist. We have a long way to go before the blame game diminishes, but I do believe it is possible. I am an idealist and I am learning that no matter what another does we have the choice to choose how to respond. I am a very emotional person as my chart is mainly water and earth. One fire sign and one air sign, in opposition. The indwelling “eddy” in the stream the gathers all that is around me, Cancer rising. Learning to assimilate information and keep what is life enhancing and throw out what is not takes practice. Not to get bogged down in the heaviness of others and their odd reactions to me has been a trial. Again, Elsa thank you so much for the therapy!!! Bless You, Patty

  10. Good point Neith about the Virgo MC wanting to communicate about improvements. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yeah, Virgo is about getting the job done right, not about the glory . . . ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Unfortunately my speakers have fused and I can’t hear the video clip.
    From what I have picked up on the blogs this may help ncygirl of what projection is. The understanding of it from my own experience is that something in our psyche that we are not aware of(unconscious), can come to the surface in various ways and one of those ways is to project or put that unknown (usually not nice aspect) of our natures on to another person. Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas have several books including one called Saturn, which expresses our shadow side and generally most people are not aware of it. This is one of the most enlightening areas of astrology for me as in the inner search I have faced up to many of my NOT NICE bits, acknowledged they are there and endeavoured to understand why they are there, then to bring them under my sense of control. Yet in that control there are times when with the conscious knowledge I have, I can make a decision to use this aspect to create a better relationship with both people and things.
    Many of my astro books are packed ready to move house so I can’t quote from them but here is one example of my projections.
    I have always been a natural dancer, no training or anything but as a child my natural rhythm was criticised by my mother as being a ‘hussy’ plus attending a catholic convent girl’s high school in uk, there was a strict emphasis on modesty and sexual propriety. Being a pisces sun Venus with moon mars saturn in cancer, I supersensitive to critiscm – my own and others. So as an adult who craves to jig madly on a dance floor watching other girls enjoy themsleves, I would get myself into a tizz saying ‘who do they think they are – and being VERY judgmental of there freedom and TOTALLY UNAWARE THAT I WAS JEALOUS THAT I COULDN’T FEEL FREE TO DO THE SAME THING AND IN MAY WAYS BETTER (PLUTO IN LEO IN 5TH NEEDING TO BE THE CENTRE OF ATTENTION).
    It was not until I hit 40 that my inner work began and when I realised how some of my hidden aspects had caused me some horrible pain. Naturally I had to bring them up to the surface, grieve the loss of not having known how pretty, sexy, smart and kind I was and since my mid forties have lived a full life still learning and now hoepfully sharing somwe of these tings to help others. BUT it does take some pretty heavy courageous self analysis and astrology can help.

    To JAMIE, I would ask that you look at why you are so obsessive about this porn thing? I have a friend in the sex industry she is a beautiful young woman mother of three whose alcholic husband abused her for a long time before she asked him to leave. With the general work situation in this country, she is a qualified aerobics instructor, but as the industry is becoming more and more greedy and paying less and less to its instructors, she decided to take on this work for as long as she can ‘take it’ so she can provide a home for her children and not end up working herself to the bone, looking after three children and ending up with nothing because of the conditions in this world today. I know we all have choice but we do what we do with the knowledge and experience we have at any point in time.

  12. Pat, thanks for expanding on that. so interesting. i will look up a few of those books. so far my biggest aha in astrology has been the nodes (Jan Spiller’s book especially), and this may turn out to be another. Opposite of Elsa, I have Neptune Moon on the IC. If her Neptune distorts other people’s impressions, I wonder if on the IC one’s own inner core is what is fluid and everchanging. That perhaps I judge myself to be/or constantly feel either the saint or the sinner. Could be. It is something I will ponder, though as a solid Taurus Sun, the idea, at the moment, is a little hard to grasp (Neptune), lol.

  13. Avatar
    painter on the half-shell

    i’ve neptune in the tenth house. once, when i was 17 years old, an entire party of drunk frat boys crowded around me yelling “kill the witch!” repeatedly until i ultimately fled the scene. i have the mars/mercury conjunction so i’m sure my mouth was involved, but also sure it didn’t warrant burning me at the stake! ๐Ÿ™‚ talk about scary. and i most certainly feel the saint/sinner projected onto me in my art career. i’m fortunate in this area to have the saint projection more often than sinner. or sometimes both simultaneously, but in a harmless way. these blogs have helped me understand/be aware of (and not take so personally) a helluva lot in my own life. thank you, ms. elsa.

  14. my neptune’s opposite the midheaven. i always thought of it as “conjunct the IC” but with my chart that leaves it in aspect to all the major angles, too, so these posts have given me a lot of room for thought.
    i often have no idea what kinds of things people think up about me. and often enough they do get pretty weird. i’ve done a lot of work to try to take a little more control over how i present myself, but that’s the only thing i have control over.
    i have been burned by getting put on a pedestal, and i have been burned by getting treated like the whore of babylon (as i put it once.) nowadays i try harder to avoid investing too much in people who tend to slip into one or the other mode, but even then there’s only so much i can control about the way people see me.
    so i focus on damage control. when necessary. trying to aim for clarity when it seems necessary. but there are some perceptions you just can’t shake.

  15. Oh yes, I know this too. Neptune conjunct Scorpio ASC. I have no control over how people will react to me. I just go with it. You sometimes can turn it to your advantage, if you’re down for a bit of manipulation. Heh.

  16. Pisces rising. I was “burned at the stake” (the equivalent) in real life. Sag on MC, Jupiter conjunct Uranus ruling the 12th. I was never able to return to that career, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. And, like you, Elsa, I was not trying to piss anyone off, I was merely telling the truth, with no idea of how dangerous that was going to be. It was stunning.

  17. This morning I met my friend Ismet for coffee at the restaurant he has owned for 30 years. In the mornings before the lunch rush, Ismet sits there and randomly invites familiar acquaintances to sit with him at his “free coffee” table. So this morning it was me, Ismet and two 70-year old women whose husbands had just died. These women were understandably stiff, but ecstatic anyway to be part of the breakfast club. As the one woman stood up to go she said,”For twenty years I always wanted to stop and have a coffee, and today I finally said why not.” You could see this coffee changed her life.

  18. I don’t know anyone personally like this, but agree with the previous post, most definitely celebrities. I do think this goes along with them wanting to be “famous”, but I am sure they have some surreal moments of their own when they are the constant source of debate/jokes/criticism, etc.

    As far as posting how you felt about the program – I always turn to e-pinions, consumer reports, etc, and if I am screwed by the purchase of a product, service, I let everyone know about it. Tough shit for them – fix you product, service, and you won’t have to worry about it.

  19. Neptune in Scorp in 6th, Midheaven (is that the MC sign on a chart?) Anyway, MC is Pisces. And oh great, my MC is conjunct my Sun in scorpio. Am I going to be burned at the stake before my time is up? Cause I really can’t take more of that shit.

    I admit I’ve had my moments in early years where I admired certain people for good deeds. Only to find out they sucked otherwise and that was no arbiter of character.

    Yeah, I’ve got someone in my life who has been projecting this worship thing onto me for over a year. Lately, she’s doing a subtle change and the real “view” she holds is seeping out. I find it very distasteful and just hope she fades out of my life soon.

    Thankfully, I suspected this from the beginning. Anyone who puts me up high …well, it never ends well for me. I trust and get burned. The last time literally almost killed me. So, no, I let balanced & real people into my life only. Others are on the periphery and I keep them there on purpose and tell them next to nothing about me.

    This one currently in my life,interestingly or not, is a huge Christian always pushing prayer and God’s will etc. I just ignore that stuff. I have nothing against God, but shit, that’s not balanced. People who hide behind religion generally don’t gel with me.

    Elsa, I really feel for you for what you went through. I’ve sort of been there and it’s extremely painful, although mine was in real life. I hadn’t done a thing wrong but everyone assumed things were going to hell and it must be my fault because I was strong! Fuck. Hate this shit. Truly. {{Hug}}

    Now, spill – what is the name of the shitty astrology program? The world at large needs to know about assholes like that so we can avoid them!

  20. This was very interesting. I don’t know anyone with Neptune on the Mid-heaven, but I have Pisces Rising and sigh.:

    …I get misunderstood too Elsa.

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