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  1. Is that how the mountain goats do it? I always wondered if they were real, or just something someone made up to fuck with my head.

  2. Question for all you Capricorns (if you please, of course) – most every Capricorn in my life, either passed on (both my in-laws, my mother), or still with me (my awesome nephew), had/have all of those great solid as a rock Cappy energy, that not giving up you will just have to kill me first vibe.

    There is one Capricorn that I work with, and well, she is a miserable piece of s***, and wondering what is the astrology of making one with this solid sun-sign devious, controlling, two-faced, abusive, and hell just an all-around miserable human-being (and in her case I use that term loosely). (Saturn conjunct sun? I do not know her time of birth, but I know she has Saturn in Capricorn). Just curious……….thanks.

  3. perhaps it’s that concept of energy being neutral until directed: she just applies her tenacity of will toward being an asshole?

  4. Loon, they are totally real. Henry and I used to go get milk from the “goat lady” when I was a kid (no joke – no pun). She lived at the base of a mountain and had the goats trained to come down and let her milk them..

  5. Well, she has mastered that, for sure……..but hell, she is one of the most twisted people I have ever met in my life. All the other Capricorns in my life, when they walked in the room, it was like oh Thank God, someone will fix all this shit – when she walks in the room, the mood turns so dark, it really is (almost) laughable.

  6. Elsa, cool! The person told me that they always walk around the mountain in the same direction (clockwise, counterclockwise, I forgot, but always the same direction). Is that true too?

    “Oh thank God someone will fix all this shit” is my general experience with Capricorns. Almost every boss I ever had was a Cap, they make awesome bosses. I had some good Leo bosses too, but mostly they were caps. Dorothy, I think that either your ‘bad egg’ has a horrible afflicted chart in a lot of other ways, or that the synestry between your chart and her chart just does not work well. That is the only explanation that works for me. I had one bad cap “boyfriend.” ::::shivers:::: maybe it’s like this “when they are good they are very very good, and when they are bad they are horrid. And they are mostly good.”

  7. I must say that this is one of the strongest cases I’ve seen where “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It would be fun to come up with one or more such pictures for all the signs πŸ˜‰

  8. As a double cappy I love love love this picture! LOL

    Re: The Cap from hell…insecurity probably has a lot to do with it. A Cap who is secure in themselves can be great — one who is feeling insecure or threatened and doesn’t feel like they can control the situation at all can be miserable. We like challenges and climbing, but it hurts just as much for us to take a tumble as it does for anyone else. Perhaps your nasty Cappy is all crunched up and acting out because of something like that.

    Or she could just be a jerk, regardless of astrological sign. I don’t think one sign predominates that type of personality, and no sign is immune. πŸ™‚

  9. Oh this picture is wonderful!! I was raised surrounded by mountains and I miss them!! Now, I live way up a hill….most people hate my driveway because it is so steep and goes forever…I love it!!
    Dorothy…..your question made me think because I know a woman who sounds just like this person you are describing and I looked up her sun and moon signs and they were both in capricorn….the book I was reading says this is one of the worst combos….I am going to be taking Elsa’s beginner class and very excited to find out more about all of this.

  10. Aww…I want to hug that mountain goat.
    His face is cracking me the hell up, it’s like “uhhh….It’s okay, I got it.”

    Dena–my daughter is a triple Cappricorn (Sun, moon, Venus)…she’s only 7, but she’s a total sweetheart. I can’t imagine what would have to happen to completely strip that of her. She has a heart of gold.

  11. Dorothy, Elsa once told me we have a choice – be a hero or a tyrant. Maybe that particular cap is indulging her tyrannical side. πŸ™‚

  12. “Elsa once told me we have a choice – be a hero or a tyrant. ”

    Mars-y type people, this is true and double, that was a long time ago, it makes me feel good you remember that.

  13. Oh, well yeah, I had the astrology a bit off – it wasn’t pertaining to cappys, but I must be a mars-y type cap. You told me that, and to this day I live by it – … try to!

  14. Ay! Shell, I am sure your daughter is pure gold….did not mean anything by my stab at astrology….reading it out of a book. I just could relate to Dorothy’s description of the woman and I know someone similar….just bitter or insecure. I love that phrase quoted from Elsa….hero or tyrant….so true. I will definitely keep that one too.

  15. Oh no, I didn’t think you meant anything about it at all, I just wanted to point out there might be some nice double/triple Cappys out there somewhere. And if not, at least they were nice when they were kids, lol. πŸ™‚

  16. heck….I am a quadruple capricorn….I can be very tyrannical at times…or more so before…I am mellowing. I used to say to my husband…”why do I feel like the school principal and you always come across as the fun gym teacher who happens to teach math?”jajajajaj….I am the police, the government, when it comes to our kids….

  17. I feel like the goat in this picture — in fact, been like that all month. Gemini, double cap. Just hanging on the side of the mountain knowing that the only two hands that will probably ever help me will be at the ends of my very own arms.

  18. Well, heck, MzScarlett, you’re the one who got yourself there! πŸ™‚ I’m just laughing at your comment both because I appreciate and love it (ends of your very own arms) and the irony of us Caps – we just climb these mountains, and then sometimes we end up like that…. (up there).

    Wonder what would happen if I got lazy. If I just did less. Is that even possible for a Cap? Hm…. (probably not with Pluto around).

  19. That is one cool photo. I had no idea goats could do that! I hope it didn’t fall. Seriously.

    Caps…I’ve known a couple to be vicious, but think that was from how they were raised and not embracing their real selves. Or being abused. Or something.

    The best caps I’ve known literally are life savers, very bright lights in the world. Born leaders.

    As said above, I agree, every sign has the potential/ability to be good or bad. I think it has to do with their life experience as to which way they turn. And their chart too.

  20. when I first saw that I thought the goat looked to be in a precarious position, possibly in trouble. on second look I’m thinking he climbed right up to that spot on purpose and is nibbling at something. perhaps he’s saying to the photographer, “find your own damned lichen!”

  21. Tenacious! You said it. My youngest son has sun, mercury, venus, mars, saturn, uranus, neptune and north node all in Capricorn. Insecurity can be paralyzing to him at times…and it’s those times where his leadership turns into lordship:) But once he knows to just keep climbing and DON’T LOOK DOWN!! he has the most amazing unassuming, compassionate strength and integrity.

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