8th House Sun Carries The Legacy Of The Father

sun vintage astrology roundI’m consulting with a gal with her sun in the 8th house. She’s being shunned which is something people with this placement can undoubtedly relate to.

She mentioned her father was also shunned. I don’t know what his chart looks like but regardless, she’s inherited this from him.  Someone has to be the bad guy; the problem for everyone and she’s was elected, at birth.

Looking into this, I found I’ve not written about “legacy” for ten years!  Pretty stupid, seeing as I have a packed 8th house myself.

I’m posting this with a link to the legacy tag so people who are impacted can look into this. It’s a goldmine, really.  Deep and fertile.

Do you have an 8th house sun? What have you inherited?

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  1. The ruler of my 8th house is the Sun and it is natally on my 12th house. So sometimes the shared resources/energy is tough for me. It can feel draining. Thankfully progressed sun is now in Aquarius. So that helps.

  2. First of all thanks so very kindly for presenting this perspective.
    It truly helps clarify having the Sun or any personal planet in the 8th house for that matter – but especially the Sun.
    I think Uranus has suggested I free myself from said legacy.
    As in all of a sudden I noticed (from both mother and father) I have albums, pictures, diplomas, report cards…in short im storing basically the entirety of the family archives.
    Over the last 10 yrs or so Pluto has been transiting my 4th house.
    So in tandem with this legacy piece I’ve been both ‘escorting’ ppl to their transitions then tasked with the ‘cleanup’. Wow now I think about it I cleaned out my grand mom’s place after she passed too. That was back in the 70’s.
    In fact I’ve read several of your 8th house pieces and each one creepily has something with which I can relate.

    I believe the Uranian influence is one that had me telling my family members ‘come n get these memories’ (Martha and the Vandellas).
    I’m tired of having it all.
    After all when I die you’re all just going to have to clean all of this outta here anyhow.
    So why not get a jump in it now?

    I forgot that years ago it was always ME who drug out all these pics n documents and asked/reminisced with whomever was around (parents or brother).
    And the ‘natural’ place for all the dead ppl’s stuff to land was with me.
    Now I know why.

    I still want it all gone. I’m almost obsessed with it.
    I don’t want anyone to go through the death march like I did.

    It’s sad n trying enough ti not hafta deal with cleaning out shit n not sure whether you saved this or shared that or threw away too much or…

    Do this while I’m alive.
    After all you’re (the kids) all ‘next’ in line.

    Does this make any sense?

    I know you’ve helped me get such a deep perspective on this 8th house Sun.
    Thanks so very much.

  3. I have an Aquarian 8th house Sun, with a few connections of course, squares.

    I certainly am the black sheep of the family, as is my father. I have spoken with my father’s older sister, my aunt. She eluded to just how much he pushed himself away from his family, finding reasons to separate himself from her. My grandfather was addicted to alcohol and other substances, and also beat his wife, my dad’s mother, as well as my dad. My father grew to not only despise his father, but men in general.

    I came into the world very stubborn, disliking advice from anyone unless I could really trust you. Oppositional Defiance Disorder would be an apt diagnosis according to a few experienced counselors I know.

    I continued digging into my own psyche and family history, as any 8th house Sun would, and two of my three sisters refuse to speak to me, and my older brother the same. My father and I have a better relationship than we have in the past. He was also extremely physically abusive, neglectful, and addicted to a few things.

    So yes, those with 8th house material have a lot to carry around. This is not to say other placements do not. I had no idea what was in store for me until so much came my way in my late twenties.

  4. “So yes, those with 8th house material have a lot to carry around.”

    I like how you put that. We do contain things but you can also transform the things you’re dealing with. I don’t know that a lot of people understand this.

  5. I’m an 8th house Sun in aries. Leo in the 12th natally. I bring that part up because, while I don’t feel “shunned”‘but invisible a lot. I desperately want to be noticed and acknowledged, and I am forgotten and unnoticed. I don’t know if this has anything to do with my father. I do feel more connected to his side of the family? But my mothers side is very dark, built on secrets and lies which I hate.
    Not sure where I’m going with this…just observations. 🤔

  6. I have Cancer Sun in the 8th house, and I don’t know much about my father’s natal chart, except he was a Virgo and he was a historian teacher and he always taught me to understand history, but my mother was the one who encourage me to cherish my legacy, my family history because it’s complicated, lot of interesting, but complicated characters and relationships, and you can learn a lot from it. And I carry the legacy, I’m the only one who is interested in it, the only one who thinks it’s important, but to others, it’s completely irrelevant. And it’s a burden, but also happy because I had a chance to know my family history, to learn from it. I wouldn’t say I’m shunned, but I’m definitely not understood and accepted for who I am, constantly hearing something is wrong with me. I’m tired of it, so for now I just try to let it go.

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