How Real Is Your Reality?

“I don’t believe in that,” my husband said. “Time is a man-made concept. I don’t believe there is more than one reality either. My reality. Your reality. His reality. There is only one reality. Reality is what is real.”

“It’s true but if you look at something that is purple and I look at the same thing, we are liable to see different shades.”

“That’s probably true but the color is made up of wavelengths and that is reality.”

“I can’t see where that matters. We’re still going to have our various perceptions. It’s like our eyes. I don’t have your eyes. I happen to be near-sighted so when I look at something some yards away, it is going to be a certain kind of blurry. I won’t see exactly what you see.”

“That’s true.”

“Well I think you agree with this too. What you believe matters. If you don’t think you can do something, you will probably not be able to do it. You thought you could make it into Special Forces. For whatever reason, you thought you could do that and had you not believed that, I don’t see how you’d have managed. What are you going to do? Accidentally make it into to SF? I’d say if you don’t believe you’re going to be able to do something like that, you’re going to be doomed going in.”

“That’s true too.”

“I thought I would be okay if I left home when I was 15. I believed it, though I had nothing real to base that on. And fact is, most girls would not be okay. They wind up dead or they wind up whores, they wind up drugged.”


“Well, I don’t know how that happens. I’d have to think about it really hard to try to understand how that could happen even though we’ve got nothing but evidence that this is real.  I’d just have an incredibly hard time understanding this arch and the result. It may be reality but I can’t reach it that I know of.”

Saturn Neptune, again.

What is your take on REALITY?

28 thoughts on “How Real Is Your Reality?”

  1. I’m an Aries and I truly believe that “tomorrow is another day.” I would have been dead a long time ago if I hadn’t believed that.

    Being a Sun/Saturn, though, I have a responsibility to at least TRY to squint through the lens of reality. It’s a balance… Jupiter trine Saturn helps in that regard a lot.

  2. What’s my take? Varies per person.

    I’ve watched a car sit with its engine running across from my house for 3.5 hours. It bothers me that someone has sat looking at my house for 3.5 hours! Is it my stalker? A drug dealer? An unmarked police car? A homeless person living in their car?

    Who knows what the reality is without going over there. Then the person might lie when asked what they are doing.

  3. I think everyone lives in one reality (the really-real world where things like “purple is only a certain spectrum of wavelengths” is true) and creates another reality that is distinctly their own (their subjective experience of “purple”).

    I’ve gotten into lots of arguments by saying that someone’s reality doesn’t mesh with mine, but it’s true. 😉

  4. I believe there’s one reality, but we can only perceive parts of it. Like the guys who describe an elephant based on the part that’s in front of them, but who can’t see the whole animal so have totally different (true) descriptions of it.

  5. I agree with both of you. there is one absolute, concrete reality; it is not flexible. but we all perceive it differently and we act on our perceptions.

  6. some things our more solid than others. but our perceptions shape our experience, and every single set is different, so maybe the better word to discuss is “existence” perhaps. or something like that. mine different from everyone else’s.
    and many things are so subjective as to be impossible to put into concrete terms.

  7. Haha it’s all an illusion. The individual ego is incredibly potent at determining what is and is not “real”. What a grand game everything is.

  8. Satori put it right!

    I’ve known too many delusional people (clinically speaking) — in fact it scares me to talk to someone whose version of reality is so…. far far far from reality.

  9. I had a sort of psychotic break once. When I told people about it afterward certain new agers believed I’d had a spiritural breakthrough, enlightenment or whatever. I have no idea really what was up with me that day but I realized that if I did not have the organic tools to sense my surroundings they would not exist or be something else altogether. Like the grass outside would not be green because I would not know what that was. It would not be grass because I would not have the senses available to discern it — in fact the whole physical world of heat and cold and dark and light to anohter kind of being would register as a completely different place.

    It was clear to me then that there is no absolute reality because we create that reality based on our individual senses but then also our experiences, our emotional makeup, what we’ve been taught is important. We’re all blind men describing the elephant. Not just sometimes; always.

  10. I’ve been getting into quantum physics lately, which is probably not such a good idea with all my Neptune. I also believe in frequencies and multiple dimensions, so if that’s the same thing as this reality you’re talking about, then I guess I believe there are infinite realities.

  11. Oh quantum physics not mind freakin blowin! I’ve been studying too!

    I’m more inclined to believe in a perceptual individualized reality. I live very much in a reality that others would completely not understand. Crazy, yes, by some standards..but it is also fact.

  12. Well you’re gonna love this one.

    Every time we experience reality (see, hear, touch etc.) we are NOT experiencing the real reality we are experiencing a COPY of reality and not reality itself. Chemicals in the brain record and “re-produce” what we experience. It’s more like: we are not seeing reality but watching a closed circuit television monitor of reality.

    The funny thing is, our brain not only “misses” some of the details but our brain can also “alter” the information (i.e. we hallucinate). If you’ve ever lost you pen and couldn’t find it yet it was in your hand the whole time, that’s a form of hallucination called “negative” hallucinations; the object was “there” but our brains “deleted” that information.

    What’s even more interesting is the same neuro-chemicals that give us sight are also the same chemicals that allow us to hear, smell etc. That’s why we can “smell” colors or feel sounds (most of us anyway) especially if you’ve ever done acid (or are an artist). LOL

    Now here’s the fun part. Our beliefs “filter” our perceptions to the point that we experience things that are NOT there and NOT experience things that ARE there.

    Kindda cool, huh?

  13. There is probably an objective reality somewhere. But every person is going to have a subjective view unique to their person and place in reality. My take on reality is that mine is different than yours although we may share some things in common.

  14. perception is reality. “It’s not a lie if you beleive it Jerry”.

    Everything is at it’s core, a wave. A frequency, or cycle. That’s the thing about astrology, it’s about cycles, and everyone and everything is acted upon or acting with frequencies.

    Energy is but a disturbance of the quantum soup. The chart you show is the known wavelengths. That doesn’t imply that is all of them, just what we can percieve.

    Just look at energy, the laws of thermo dynamics, then go look at harmonic frequencies and caculate the energy contained and the energy observed. You will break a few laws of thermo dynamics, like you can’t get more energy out than you put in. These laws break down on the fringes, they are only apply in our “sweet spot”.

    That’s the thing, you see. We think we have it all figured out only to find we know nothing. The world is full of things that are exponential in nature and clash with the common understanding of our world.

    Reality is so much stranger than fiction. Just look at things like DMT, it’s made by the body, you all are exposed to it every night. You wake up with very little memory of what really happened in the mind and body for 8 hours every night. If you didn’t get it, you would die. But what is it? and what is really going on?

    Our best discoveries have been brought to us from the fringe. Tesla and electric motors, are just a few that when broken down to what is really going on is strange and bizzare when compared to perceived reality.

    Reality is nothing more than perceived disturbance in the qauntum soup, change your perception, change your reality.

    E=MC2, energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed. If I am energy, what does that say about me?

  15. “There is probably an objective reality somewhere”

    Quantum physics says there is potential only, once observed it is altered. How can you know an objective reality if the very act of observation alters it’s current state?

    It’s maddness I tell you.

  16. There’s always at least 3 realities, I think. If the scenerio has 2 people – then there’s 3 realities. 3 people- 4 realities, and so on. There’s my reality, my perception of the situation, then there is the other persons’ reality/perception, and then there is the truth- no one will ever know the truth for sure, though. 

    People experience things differently, for sure. But the reason is because we bring all of our experiences into every judgement we make. Sure, people often times have similiar, if not identical experiences from which to draw conclusions, but the combination of any one persons’ experience will always be unique – as unique as a fingerprint. This is true for many reasons, but in it’s simpliest form, it’s true because the minute details of any experience that a person finds significant will always be unique to the single person.

    This week, for me, has been an awakening of this kind like never before. I’ve had trouble finding work for a long while now. I’m very couped up, rarely go out; I haven’t been too social in a long time. It’s depressing and I hate the cold which makes me miserable. Recently, I’ll get mad about stupid crap and feel like the stuff I do is going unappreciated around my home.

    I had to drive my bf to work kind of far away, so I hung out the entire time in the car. I brought a book to read, but found myself watching him work, instead.  Seeing him do physical labor in the freezing cold – actually witnessing it again after so long – watching him not want help and working his ass off changed that perspective for me. 

    After awhile you forget. You forget what things can be like and only see things from your own perspective, your own reality; the world around *you.

    My reality is feeling depressed because of a lack of employment, feeling couped up and bored and feeling neglected and unappreciated. I’m not a thoughtless person. I always try to be fair and clearminded; unbiased in all my judgements. I tried to see his reality – but what I felt was actually his reality was based on what he selectively chose to tell me, and then how I envision and internalize this information. 

    I honestly believed my judgement before was fair and just. After a long time, I have seen what his day is like, how grueling it is, and it has drasticlly shifted my perspective. I now feel like an effing bitch. When we got home, I started crying and told him this and how very sorry I am. My perception, and thus my feelings, was inaccurate and lacking in facts. 

    My reality is more on par with his now. But his is not on par with mine. He says I have nothing to be sorry for – the work isn’t that hard, the cold doesn’t bother him, etc. He can’t really understand why I keep coming to work with him now, doing extra stuff for him, etc. Because his experiences don’t include my own; being home, feeling bad because of work stuff and being mad at him, along with the added experience of having his reality in front of my eyes and feeling guilty because my reality was faulty. 

    But he’s not a complainer. He says it’s not bad- the work- but, I still think it’s grueling for him. In all likliehood, neither is 100% accurate. The truth is in there, but we’ll never see it or know it for sure.   

  17. @Josi: Holy crap, YES!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming and I think to myself, how the hell do I understand this, I’m not a physicist or a brainiac-type person. It’s frustrating too because there’s a short supply of people around me that are interested in discussing it…I guess I could understand why…people are more interested in what Justin Bieber is doing or how to make their next million, which is not a judgement, just an observation;-)
    @magicmark & tatkins: Thank you for your explanations;-) I agree. Mercury is unaspected in my chart(so that feels to me like difficulty communicating) but it’s also in the first house so I often find myself really frustrated because there’s so much I WANT to communicate but can’t “translate” it into words.

  18. I agree that everyone have different perspective into things. (due to their beliefs,feelings,way of thinking..etc).

    And I agree that we have to believe in something in order to make it happen. (with also considering the limitations)
    My take on saturn’s reality is that its related with facts. I cant argue that the tortuses can fly. I am an artist,I paint weird trees and flowers all the time, but I know that its not the reality

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