Transiting Moon Square Uranus, Pluto And Chiron: Pass The Bad Mother Award Over Here

scrubbing“I have had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn’t it.”
–Groucho Marx

My daughter, Nems, is a very sensitive Cancer sun and 12th house Moon. I’m rather sensitive myself but my Capricorn Moon is not the most touchy-feely, fuzzy part of me. If I am not careful to express its high side, I can be a hard (Saturn) mother (Moon). That’s exactly what happened this morning. Last night I told my daughter she was to clean the bathroom first thing in the morning. I told her to take everything out of the shower and I would show her how to spray the super-duper cleaner and wipe it down. Yeah, I think you can guess that is not what happened.

I woke to shower sounds and investigated. She had covered the shower in old-school cleanser and was on her hands and knees, scrubbing with a face cloth. I was felt frustration (Capricorn Moon) at the inefficiency and with the current Moon squaring my Uranus, Pluto and Chiron I had a shocking (Uranus) eruption (Pluto) of feeling (Moon) stemming from my own childhood damage (Chiron). I blew up. The same transiting Moon that squares my “junk” trines the same in her chart. She reacted with grace. I felt like the archetypal Evil Stepmother, and she appeared very much the unfortunate Cinderella.

Moon transits are very minor, for the most part. Had I used my Saturn-ruled Moon to control (Saturn) my own feelings (Moon) I could have produced a much better outcome, a teachable moment. Nems’ Saturn sextiles her Moon and squares mine. We both have the Saturn Moon signature but she seems to learn these lessons more quickly than I do, as hers is in an aspect of opportunity. It’s very common to have astrological signatures that are shared within the family, with varying degrees of difficulty. We are working on similar lessons.

My poor kids. I apologized, of course, but I’m lucky they are so gracious.

Can you spot a common astrological theme within your family? How does it manifest?

12 thoughts on “Transiting Moon Square Uranus, Pluto And Chiron: Pass The Bad Mother Award Over Here”

  1. I think the common theme in our family is a peculiar combination of strong ego drive and inner sensitivity. Both me, my husband and our kids try to “have it my way” to the extreme, while there’s also a lot of vulnerability.

    Interesting correlations:
    Me and my son – Cancer Moon
    My husband and our daughter Pisces Moon
    Me – Sun in Aries; my daughter – Sun conjunct Mars
    Both me and my daughter – Moon square Pluto
    My husband and my son – Mercury-Pluto hard aspects
    Me and my son – Mars-Neptune hard aspects

    etc etc.

    I would say the hardest task for us to make the kids co-operate (quite difficult with them being so wilful) while simultaneously not damage their fragile souls. Quite a challenge!

  2. I have capricorn moon opposite my daughters cancer moon. Not only have I been in the position you just described, but afterwards I feel guilty no less.

  3. I often feel horrible guilt. Elsa has helped me with this in explaining why it’s not responsible or helpful to hold on to those feelings. 🙂

  4. Satori: I have Moon Conjunct Saturn in Cancer, so I know about guilt … it’s a long process, learning to relax and not judge yourself so harshly 🙂

  5. Oh!I spy MY hand in the rubber glove clutching the scrubbing brush. Capricorn stellium in the 6th house. No Escape.That clarifies my question as I approach the Big Top! xx

  6. Satori, I had an afterthought, probably not new but if they see you do it, they’ll learn to do it too.

    Compare to my Jupiter Moon family who makes a joke of everything and moves on.

    Can you imagine my family, living next to yours? We’d both be improper but one of us would care, LOL.

  7. My authoritative 10th house Sun and Capricorn Moon have often clashed with my wild Uranian Pisces 5 (nearly 6) year old son with a Cancer Moon. While our moons are not truly in opposition, they are still in opposing signs.. (and, it probably does not help he has Mars opposing Moon in his chart natally, lol) I think it has an effect.
    Boy, do I have some guilt built up in this short span of time with some serious blowups I’ve had over the behavior of my cute lil “button pusher”. sigh. EVERYTHING is a struggle. lol sheesh.

  8. KE, we used to have a joke, “put a quarter in the therapy jar,” as in, every time a parent screws up they put a little something away for the kid’s therapy when they grow up. too bad I didn’t actually do that.

    Elsa– that would be AWESOME. I so wish that…

  9. My chart:

    Moon square Pluto
    Mercury square Pluto
    Mercury opp Moon

    Moon square Chiron
    Mercury square Chiron
    Venus sesquid. Chiron
    N.Node square Chiron

    And the bad mother award goes to….!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i always just apologized sincerely whenever i had a parenting blip and hoped the example did more good than the outburst cost. it’s very human.

    much love.

  11. @Satori.. LOL.. hmmm yeah, we already have a change jar.. maybe I should label it “Future Therapy” 😛
    I don’t hang on the guilt too much though, as it’s not beneficial, to anyone. Plus, I figure… he gets tons of love and support that (I sure do hope) outweighs the nuclear explosion times.
    I always thought I was so easy going and non-controlling… then I had kids. sheesh. 😛

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