June 2024 Astro: Very Few Points Of Concern

zodiacMay has flowed along, calmly, as expected.  June looks very good as well. It’s primarily GEMINI month. If you can deal with that, you’re essentially home free.

Towards the end of the month,  the sun, Venus and Mercury will ingress into Cancer. This is all innocuous. Will doom-people spin it into a terrifying situation? Probably, but I would not take them seriously.

Both the new moon and the full moon will be significant.  The new moon in Gemini on June 6th, looks marvelous.  Take a peek, here.

The full moon on June 21st, we’ll have to watch as it will square Neptune. You can see the chart here.

We’ve got a Mars Pluto square on deck this month. It will peak June 9th-11th around 2 degree Fixed.

Outside of this, the stellium in Gemini will clash with Saturn and Neptune here or there, but please catch my drift –  this will not be a difficult month.

To be thorough, we may see the long-awaited stock market drop / finance collapse. It’s possible, Jupiter in Taurus has protected the money.  It’s moving on, leaving Uranus in charge, so hey!  We just don’t know.

My goal, writing this, is to spare people excessive, pointless worry. I am really getting sick of seeing people so needlessly disempowered… especially at the hands of astrology!

What are you looking for in June?

4 thoughts on “June 2024 Astro: Very Few Points Of Concern”

  1. Unfortunately disempowerment is a secure position traditionally, until it is just too painful to not force that bud open.

    These days I’m liking squares, I mean, that’s where the real work and transformation seems to happen. Mars, Pluto, ok! Granted Neptune squares are probably the most challenging due to the ambiguous nature of the 12th/Neptune’s realm.

  2. Can you get the IT guy to adjust something, or just start your text later, because it’s really a struggle to read the first sentence of your posts that look like this:
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    I’d appreciate it.

    1. It’s displaying normally. I think this might be an issue with your device. I have a phone, tablet, and desktop with three different browsers. I don’t see the issue.

      If you can’t resolve it, please email screenshots and details and I will look into it. But as far as I know, there’s no issue with the display.

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