June 2006

Saturn Transit Through the 7th House…Conjunct Venus: Online Dating, etc.

I currently have Saturn transiting my 7th house, applying to natal Venus. Saturn is all about reality. Venus and the 7th house – relationships. Just listen to me talk. ::smirks:: I believe the transit is in effect, people. 😛 I was on the phone with pal, Alexa. She’s a Gemini. Cancer rising, Cancer Moon.. “Well,

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Horrible Agony, Unbearable Pain, Skinned Alive

Dear Elsa, I’ve spent my whole life trying to connect to myself and other people. I feel raw and needy but I don’t think anyone can help me. I carry with me, since early childhood, an aloneness that I’ve only heard described by people going through the dark night of the soul and suffering intense

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