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steinway grand piano

Art In Real Life

This is an old story. Actually, it’s an old blog post from 2003 but this happened in the 90’s. It came up in the forum; I said I would try to find it and here it is. The story is true, of course. I am leaving it as is. No edit. This includes the rude […]

venus marlene

Music: Venus and Her Tastes

My daughter was a teenager. Try as I might, I just didn’t like the music she was listening to in the era. I thought I could and should love whatever (and whoever) my kids loved but as it turned out, I couldn’t manage. The truth came out instead. We were in the car with her

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Astrology Of Artist’s Model & Muse: Jane Morris

I chose a portrait of Jane Morris for the last post dealing with responsibility.  She was born, October 19, 1839. Jane Morris was the model and muse of various artists, including Dante Gabriel Rossetti.  She’s the model featured in this post. She was also the model for his painting, Venus Verticordia. You see that image on

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