The moon in astrology: home, family, roots, emotions..


The Matriarch Of Your Family

The moon-ruled matriarch of a family has a lot of power and influence.  I was thinking about this in terms of astrology and landed a simple idea. Do you think the qualities of the matriarch color the  character and the behavior of the other people in the family?  It seems this is the case. As […]

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Moon Sign Attraction

It’s usual to have a preference for certain sun signs when scanning for romance. But have you ever thought about the moon sign of your potential partner? Some years ago, I realized every man I’ve ever had a serious involvement with had his moon in either Scorpio or Aquarius. There are no exceptions! I don’t


Mother And Child: The Moon

“My mother loved children. She would have given anything if I had been one.” –Groucho Marx The Moon in the natal chart signifies our emotional body, the way we relate emotionally. It is personified by its sign, house placement and aspects. These are all reflected in our emotional nature. The Moon is the archetypal mother


Moon: What Kind Of Mother Are You?

“Aries moon wants to be independent from their kids or perhaps she wants to lead them as if they were troops! It’s not all bad. Consider the opposite. When there’s a lack of leadership…” I wrote that for a client. Every sign has it upside and it’s downside. What kind of mother are you? What

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Your Mother And Your Moon in Your Chart

A friend’s mother stopped in at her job. After she left, a young co-worker asked, “Is that your Mom?” She had a lilt in her voice. “Yes,” my friend answered. ‘That’s my Mom.” “She seems sweet”, the girl chirped. “Well she’s not. Be careful. I love her. She’s my mom but she’s definitely not sweet…”

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The Moon Rules “Kindness”

“I want to learn to be kind,” I told my husband. “Don’t break anything,” he answered. This got me off to a humorous start, but I’m quite serious about what I’m doing.  I am on a quest in this regard. I’m studying kindness. It’s been thrilling, mind-boggling and best of all, it’s working.

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