January 2007

Scorpio eagle

Voice of Scorpio Regarding A Foe

This is my pal, Ben talking over the weekend. “Elsa, she is mean. She’s mean and she’s smart. She’s smart, she’s calculating, she’s cutthroat and she has green eyes that shine like flashlights. Oh but she’s a smart woman, however she is going up against me, of course.” I laughed. “Yeah, so she’s in trouble. […]

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Jupiter In Sagittarius: Speaking of Leaving Bad Relationships – What’s a Man Got To Say?

On the lousy relationship bead, and in the interest of Jupiter in Sagittarius (different perspectives) here is a man’s voice… I was on the crosstrainer next to a man I’ve been casually chatting with for several years. I’d decided to ask him about his personal life since I’ve been discussing mine, lately. This is new

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Pisces Woman Holds Onto Married Man

Dear Elsa, For a little over a year, I have been having a relationship with a married man with three kids. His wife is an alcoholic and although even though he will admit this, he seems to be in denial about it. He says he is not in love with her anymore but he doesn’t

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