Aries Woman Married To Virgo Man Has A Virgo Lover

Dear Elsa

I am married to a Virgo. Our relationship has been very good apart from lack of sex & romance. Then last month, I met a 31 year old Virgo male and within few days of knowing each other, our relationship turned into a passionate love affair.

We are now miles away from each other but we communicate daily, and are making plans for our next meeting. He is even hinting about us getting married and having a child. I do not want to divorce my husband; he does not know about this relationship and he loves me.

I am in a messy situation, and I wish I could just tell the future.

Two Timing Wife
South Africa

Dear Wife,

You want to “tell” the future? Why tell the future when you can create it? What happens in the future depends on what you do, don’t you think?

Right now you are deliberately betraying your husband and calling it a “messy situation”. Well jeez. How do think it got this mussy, hmm? You are entirely responsible!

And the new Virgo sounds delusional. He’s in love with you in five minutes, leaves town but thinks ya’ll are going to have a baby?

Um… and what’s your husband going to do? Evaporate? Cut the cord when your child is born? What?

Look. You have Venus in Pisces square Neptune. You are prone to serious lapses of judgment and this is one of them. But you asked about the future, so I’ll tell you what’s going to happen.

Eventually (it won’t take long) the veil is going to drop and you are going to see that you are in something that cannot be sustained. And when the tide goes out, babe… it’s going to be ugly.

If your husband finds out, he will never feel the same about you again. Try to land with the second Virgo and I bet you find the honeymoon is over, because he likes fantasy way better reality.

Worst of all, you have to look in the mirror! And though I imagine you are trying mightily to avoid this at the moment, I would have to say the sooner you come to terms, the better.

Good luck.


11 thoughts on “Aries Woman Married To Virgo Man Has A Virgo Lover”

  1. The lady said “Our relationship has been very good apart from lack of sex & romance”. In a married life with lack of sex and romance, she will get into another affair even if she let go of this one. May be she has trained herself to think that without these components she has a good relationship but I think she feels hungry for exactly those. She didn’t mentions kids, I think she should re-evaluate her feelings.

  2. Wow-whee! How’s that for a cold shower? We all need one from time to time. It seems like Neptune can also act as the anti-Saturn, huh, Elsa? In other words, where Saturn wants you to take responsibility, Neptune can get you to want to evade responsibility. I guess another way of looking at Venus-Neptune aspects is: Refusing to take responsibility for one’s actions in love. I have a Venus-Neptune inconjunct and this is something I have had to think about recently as well.

  3. Oh, dear. What is up with adultry? Common, if you are missing vital components in a relationship and yes sex is a vital component as is LOVE. And if you “LOVE” someone you won’t go around and intentionally try to hurt them. WHAT A RESPONIBLE person would do is approach their spouse about this issue and discuss it with them and hopefully reach a mutually satisfying conclusion. And if you cannot negotiate on what each of you need and desire, then you can at least part ways amicably. There’s no need to screw around and lie to someone you profess to care about because you probably don’t care that much about “YOURSELF” in the first place if you can hurt someone in such a cruel and unnecessary fashion. Why not end the relationship and then proceed to screw around with this new Virgo man? Not glamorous enough for you? This is pure ego driven behavior, its incredibly selfish on your part, it shows a lack of spiritual maturity, (and no I’m not religious). You’ve got needs that are not being met, I understand, but there are more responsible and more appropriate ways to handle this situation.
    Put yourself in your husband’s situation. How would you feel if he betrayed you like this?
    And let me tell you, and this is what people don’t seem to realize, if you do opt to leave your husband for this Virgo fling, the lust phase will quickly fizzle out and you will wake up one morning to a less than extraordinary man: with quirks, foibles, and traits that intially were fastinating, but that you will find incredibly irritating as time goes on. So the question is: Once the ‘honeymoon’ phase fades and believe me it will, do you have a deep soul connection with this Virgo Man? Or will you be in the same situation you are in now with the Virgo Man, 6 months or 1 year down the road. New man, new set of problems. No relationship is flawless, but it’s how you deal with these flaws that make a relationship transformative and particularly meaning. Patience and effort, these are components that make a relationhip work out, that is if you want it to work out. And if you don’t want it to work out, then why are you with your husband?

    I’m sorry, but the whole idea of cheating seems absurd to me. Faithfulness begins with KNOWING WHAT YOU WANT!

    Geez, I’m only 16 and I’ve learned this. Get a bloody grip people!

    Scorpio Woman.

  4. hmmm…..I thought for sure I wouldn’t have Venus square Neptune because I am very responsible when it comes my marriage. I’m deathly afraid of making wrong/rash decisions and suffering the consequences. The thought of causing my kids, and my husband, suffering on my behalf is eeeehhhh…..I can’t even put it into words.

    Sure enough it’s there in my chart though. What would one look for to see what counter-acts that impulse, because I don’t ever see myself having a lapse of judgement.

    A year later I hope this woman figured it all out for the sake of all parties involved 🙁

  5. I am an Aries Woman, married to a Virgo man and our relationship is working extremely well. My Virgo partner is very sensitive to my emotional needs and in turn I am likewise to his. Yes he can be a little picky about detail but I find this helpful in helping me grow as a person.
    I am 45 and he is 63 whether this actually makes for a better mix in our personalities I am not sure.
    As for this two timing Wife / Lover, get a grip on yourself girl. You will end up losing everything. It takes not only time to build a relationship it takes a lot patience and dedication.
    I really feel for your husband, certainly not you or your Virgo lover.
    I hope everything has been sorted out now, not just for herself, or her lover but for her husband as well.
    Anyway I am a very happy and contented Aries female and I think my Virgo male is just wonderful. I appreciate the stability of his personality.

  6. Ditto! You need to do some seriuos soul searching.
    I am a Virgo woman married to an Aries man for the last 13 years. We have a wonderful life together. We take our differences in personality and learm from one another. Maybe you should give that a try; Most Virgos are so loyal and respectful of their loved one that cheating is just not an option. Once your husband finds out your marriage will most definetly be over. As he will never trust youy again. As for your Virgo lover; Honey, he’s a man taken you for a ride. Remember he’s Virgo too and he would never commit to you cause he knows he can’t trust you either!
    My heart brakes for your husband. As they say, a Virgo will tell you exactly how they feel. So from this Virgo female to you:

    Stop acting like a two year old and being so selfish. Finished what you started and get busy fixing your marriage before its too late. Also like they say, Aries are bewildered when people in their lives up and leave, cause they cannot always see beyond “ME”.

    Sorry to sound harsh…I truely do wish you luck in finding your way back….peace

  7. I been seein a virgo guy aug 30 th is his b-day it’s been over a month we talk text and he calls after we met we’ve talked almost dailey sence we met he’s funny i understand his since of humor he can be intimidating mood an he’s 6’3 250 fine bald guy we have not had intercoarse at least he has not tried he spent the night holdin me he does not talk in the morning he thinks alot i really like this guy i’ve been single for 2 yrs i’m ready this time i want 2 get married i cooked for him several times and he enjoyed every bite he compliments me alot which is good comin from i wonder if this will work i’m libra sept 28 th he has no kids never married i have a child i miss him when he’s not here he call last nite to tell me how much he appreciate me an for me to call anytime what do u think about me an this virgo guy or will it end soon

  8. Just sounds like you’re being a true aries.
    You may love your husband but sometimes you need a bit of fun. Aries are known for being unfaithful.

    -spoken from a true Aries 🙂

  9. Yea i think she is making bad decisions and making us other Arians look bad. I am dating a Virgo man and he is everything to me. I have been in bad relationships, so I am loyal when I get serious, unlike some Aries. I am also a homebody which my Virgo man loves. I have had enough partying and heartbreak to last me a lifetime. My Virgo man is coming around slowly, but the mystery behind these Virgo men is so sexy. Nothing that I have EVER experienced before

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