Voice of Scorpio Regarding A Foe

Scorpio eagleThis is my pal, Ben talking over the weekend.

“Elsa, she is mean. She’s mean and she’s smart. She’s smart, she’s calculating, she’s cutthroat and she has green eyes that shine like flashlights. Oh but she’s a smart woman, however she is going up against me, of course.”

I laughed.

“Yeah, so she’s in trouble. You know I’ll going to win. I always win.”

“Green eyes that shine like flashlights? That’s pretty good.”

“Well that’s exactly what she has. And they take in light too. They absorb the light rather than shine it out so just imagine that.”

“I don’t think I want to.”

“Exactly. But don’t worry, Elsa. I prevailed. The green-eyed monster has been silenced.”

7 thoughts on “Voice of Scorpio Regarding A Foe”

  1. Chris – don’t. They’re adults, they choose what they got. Maybe they need the energy and lessons that a scorpio is here to gift.


  2. My friend, a Taurean, like me, told me that Taureans can overcome Scorpios. I think she meant in an energetic sense. I do think this is the case due to stamina, and possibly grounding the light.

  3. thats why i always associate darkness to capricorn over scorpio, while many online sources say scorpio overall. pluto shines a light out, but they will dig into the darkness, and go further, further down while others dont brave it (mars co-ruled) and because they go further deep into the deepest trenches, they may come out covered in dirt and muck and gross things. and personally i believe that those who are darker/negative need help. i’m an 8th houser; so maybe i never see pluto as dark. to me its a detective who can stomach the darkness. and they can also make a capricorn smile, feel lighter.(i think that’s the connection anyway)

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